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Thursday, 09/01/2011, 09:52 am

Rousey Returns Against Budd In November

Top female MMA prospect, Ronda Rousey has booked her latest gig inside the cage and it comes in the form of Canadian prospect Julia Budd.

Strikeforce officials announced the matchup this afternoon but did not commit to an exact date or location. However they did say the contest will likely take place on a yet-to-be-announced November card.

Rousey made her Strikeforce debut during last month’s Challengers show where she bested Sarah D’Alelio in the very first round. The Olympic Bronze medalist is undefeated in MMA with three wins under her belt.

Budd is a three-fight Strikeforce veteran with a Muay Thai background. She was last seen in action with a decision victory over Germaine de Randamie. The Canadian Martial Artist is 2-1 in the Strikeforce cage.


4 Responses to “Rousey Returns Against Budd In November”

  1. monks says:

    hummm!! ” wonder if she uses peds lol” joking

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Julia Budd is without a doubt on STEROIDS. oh she may cycle off to paa the piss tests but there is no doubt that beheameth been ROIDING. i can see it in her eyes. first thing ROIDS do to a woman is give them innies. Her tits are all shriveled up. Why do think all woman bodybuilders get boob jobs. I think ist absolutely discusting for a woman to do roids. she is now half man half woman just like Christine Cyborg. Dana whit is probably embarressed seeing Budd on aZuffa card. Dana wants rid of womans MMA ASAP. After Showtime contract ends strikeforce will be NO MORE and womans MMA will no longer be a part of Zuffa. Julia Budd is a perfect example of how bad random steroid testing is needed in MMA. she reminds me of one of those ROIDED out WWE girls

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