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Friday, 09/21/2012, 10:53 am

Rousey On Cyborg: She Hasn't Won A Fight In Two Years, Is A Fraud That Doesn't Deserve A Shot | MMA NEWS

“I just don’t understand where her sense of entitlement is coming from. She hasn’t fought in like two years — and won a fight that’s really counted. If this happened to a man — think about this — if this was the men’s division, and it was someone who hadn’t recorded a win in two years, then had their title stripped from them because they were caught cheating, would you expect them to come back from their suspension and be like, ‘ I want the biggest title fight out there, with all the considerations that I want. And, if not given to me, it’s because they’re running from me.’ You know? I just don’t see where she thinks she deserves to get every single thing that she wants, when she’s pretty much been exposed as a fraud.”

While a recent guest on “MMA Uncensored Live” Strikeforce bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey, makes some very good points in regards to Cyborg and the superfight she keeps clamoring for.

Anyone thing she makes a valid argument?


40 Responses to “Rousey On Cyborg: She Hasn't Won A Fight In Two Years, Is A Fraud That Doesn't Deserve A Shot | MMA NEWS”

  1. What? says:

    True. But I also think that rousey doesn’t have a lot of decent challengers out there as well soooo…

    • Steve says:

      If I were the manager of either fighter I would not let them change their ideal weight class for the fight… I think The best option of the fight happening is if Cyborg comes back and wins the 145 belt, then she could almost certainly get the fight at 145, if not at a non-title catchweight of 140, which I see as the most likely fight for both fighters to agree to.

  2. Dennis says:

    hmmm weird..she keeps goin back an forth..callin out cycborg..then sayin she doesnt deserve the fight etc…make up ur mind dammitt lol either u want the fight or u dont..shes bein jus like jones contradicting herself

    • Coffee409 says:

      You clearly miss the point… She’s not saying she won’t fight Cyborg. She’s saying she won’t do it on Cyborg’s terms, a much different situation.

      • darnell says:

        I really think that she is affraid of cyborg. She already said that she won`t move up at all in weight, and if Cyborg can`t come down to hers then the fight won`t happen. Then she needs to stop talking sh#t and go on with her life. Because Cyborg said that the fight will not happen if she has to go down to that weight when she already fight at her natrual weight. Rousey won`t even come up five pounds, when she started she was fighting in that weight.

      • Dennis says:

        no u miss the point as rousey has been talking crap for along time an as it goes on she changes it all the time..first was for cyborg has be clean then they would fight..then a few weeks later its cyborg has to drop to 135..then now shes saying that cyborg don’t deserve the fight now to me that’s making more demands an changing it so the fight wont happen, now cyborg tried compromising a catch weight but rousey wont take it…if she really wanted to prove who the best is she would fight at the catch weight but no shes just finding ways to make it seem like she wants to fight but on terms that wont happen so coffee409 your the one who missed it i just going by what I’ve read on rousey over the last few months u can check it yourself rousey changes her responses an leads to where shes basically not willing to fight cyborg but will take smack to save face

        • Factchecker says:

          Rousey has the best claim for top female fighter. As much of a bitch as she is at points, she is just as dominant as cyborg and rousey never got caught juicing. No reason for her to allow cyborg to dictate any portion of negotiations. Maybe she wants cyborg at 135 to insure she is clean.

  3. Xaninho says:

    She’s right. Cyborg lost the right to bargain. As I understand it there is no 145 division anymore, so if Cyborg ever wants to own a strikeforce belt she’ll have to come down to 135 anyway. The whole weightdiscussion is pointless.

  4. bahaha says:

    SMH…this bitch dont know wtf she wants..she wanted cyborg so bad back in the day when she was hounding for a title shot, now she has a title, suddenly she dont want anything to do with fighting cyborg… she talks shit and acts like she wants to fight, then contradicts herself by sayin cyborg doesnt deserve yada yada…bitch stfu and fight if you think ur the best then beat the best..whether cyborg took peds or not, she was and prob still is concidered one of the best and people will never truly look at rousey as the best until she has beaten them all.. the shit talkin and poor PR will only last so long. infact its already on the decline as we speak cause she sounds like a JBJ now, all diva n shit.. you train with the Diaz bros, grow some balls bitch and dont be scared homie!

  5. Dana is Greedy says:

    Sounds like Ronda is backpeddling..Funny she doesn’t seem to be as confindent as she usally sounds about fighting Cyborg…

  6. rob says:

    She is absolutely right. Cyborg should scratch and crawl her way back up.

  7. duncan says:

    she should jsut fight anyone. its a paycheck right?

  8. Ken says:

    I’m with Rousey, she needs to earn it…clean this time and not amped up on roids.

    Rhonda, I have a 7 years old following you very closely. She started Judo two month ago and got her first stripe yesterday!!

  9. I’m with Rousey and Cyberoid needs to earn it clean not amped on roids.

  10. Wonka the Troll says:

    Im pretty sure Cyroid had a sex change so just let her beat a couple of men first and then have the fight. Rousey needs to fight somebody and test herself not to just try for an armbar in the first 6 seconds of the fight. Tate would destroy Rousey if not for the armbar.

  11. She is scared cause she will get killed

  12. All about hype says:

    It’s all promo, smack talk to generate interest. Rousey ain’t scared, she knows if she can get Cyborg to drop to 135, it will be the biggest women’s MMA fight to date. Cyborg is trying to run to Invicta, and Rousey is just luring Cyborg to stay.

  13. TYSON says:

    Fuck Rousey man straight up I was a HUGE fan of her before and she turned into a media whore and before she started sucking the Diaz brothers cocks and bald bozo’s (DanaWhite) cock (even though bald bozo is inside her pussy as well) Just because she trained with the Diaz bros she suddenly turned into this ghetto street girl talking SHIT putting up a FAKE gimmick.
    And regarding the Cyborg issue – Cyborg will FUCK her shit up and she knows it and reason why I wont hate on Cyborg for the drug thing is because EVERYONE pro athlete out there is doped up including Rousey herself its obvious. Y’all need to wake up and see outside the box.

  14. Mike Rivers says:

    Comparing men’s MMA to women’s MMA is just stupid. I’m pretty sure she knows that she fights in a division that has an extremely shallow talent pool, whereas in men’s MMA every division is just about stacked. The only real competitive fight for her is Cyborg. Anything else would just be another armbar exhibition.

  15. Guss says:

    She’s hanging around Jones to much. Ducking? From all her smack talk about Cyborg, you’d think whether Cyborg deserves a title shot or not, Roussey would just want to do an ol fashion ass whooping on her. Or in her case, an arm snapping. Stop talking shit and fight already. You used to be a sweet girl when you first started. Guess all the attention, fame, and money got to your head to.

  16. Onyx says:

    Yeh make the bitch earn her way to a title shot. Not just come back and demand a title shot like a boss.. just saying.

  17. Trey says:

    I hope people know cyborg is going to knock her out I like rousey but its true

  18. Winwin says:

    Sound Skerred to me?

  19. ASE says:

    I’m pretty sure Gina Carano would knock Rousys head Off so in my Eyes I know Rousey. Is Not ready for Cyborg!

  20. Mike Beltran is The Sh@$iest ref ever says:

    Last strikeforce card had 145lb women fighters… Just saying

  21. Kjtrlt says:

    Think she’s getting a bit carried away with herself there. Only had a few fights, she’s good, but gotta be careful not to oversell herself.

  22. Xaninho says:

    tell cyborg to come down to 135…no compromise

  23. Dave says:

    Let’s start out by calling her by her real name is is Cris Justino not Cris Cyborg. Cyborg is a 1980s fictional black male comic book “superhero” and Chris Justino is far from “super” as she proved when she stooped to steroids to artificially build her body. Why would someone with an artificial body EVER be taken off suspension in a competition where it gives her an advantage?

  24. 757 says:

    Rousey is backing up …she is acting scared now. Cyborg knocks her ass into next week when they fight for sure!

  25. Ddddddd says:

    If Rhonda got her a$$ kicked she’d probably
    be cool

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