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Thursday, 08/02/2012, 01:51 pm

Rousey: I would beat the crap out of Steven Seagal | MMA NEWS

“Would you ever admit it, A, and B, I mean, obviously the guy’s a liar. He told everybody he taught Anderson Silva that kick. I mean, seriously, the guy doesn’t have a very good track record,” said Rousey.

“No, [Steven Seagal is not legit]. “He’s Aikido. I mean, Aikido’s cool, but who in MMA does Aikido? Who has an Aikido background? ‘So and so coming to the cage is a world champion with a background in Aikido.’ You never heard that once. Have you heard that once? That’s for a reason.”

“It’s because Gene LeBell would destroy Steven Seagal again even as old as they are now. If they had like a super master-master division, Gene would still throw it down, man. I’d still put my money on him to this day.”

“I don’t want to give anyone another quote, alright, I’m going to give you another quote. I would beat the crap out of Steven Seagal.”

“If he says anything bad about Gene to my face, I would be forced to do something. I would have to make him crap his pants a second time.”

While a guest on “The MMA Hour” with Ariel Helwani, Strikeforce female champ Ronda Rousey shared exactly what she thinks about Steven Seagal!

Interesting right?


46 Responses to “Rousey: I would beat the crap out of Steven Seagal | MMA NEWS”

  1. ctyn says:

    yawn. so sick of this bitch already.

    • Bd says:

      Is this Steven Seagal ?

        • Axeholes says:

          Street fight with no rules (like someone’s getting an eyeball poked out of their head), or an officiated/regulated cage fight?

          In a cage fight, I’d give the advantage to Ronda, but in a fish-hooking, finger-to-eye popping, throat-biting, hair-pulling street fight, I’ll probably say Segal would win. He’d know better what to do in a self-defense scenario street fight.

          MMA ain’t street fighting. Two totally different animals there.

  2. Zulwali says:

    What she said is the truth, who the fuck is Steven Seagal anyway? yea, we all would remember him from our childhood from all those films but seriously…him just popping up from nowhere and saying shit and not only that, i’m pretty sure all the athlete are super nice to fans or journalist. Steven Seagal is too good for everyone. Ariel shouldnt even bother trying to talk to Steven Seagal…tell ariel helwani to stop sucking on Steven Seagal’s penis.

  3. danielrchargers says:

    i was waiting for the pants shitting comment. haha

  4. Axeholes says:

    When did it become cool for martial artists to just spout off kicking the crap out of random people? Too much trivial shit-talk in public can make certain bad things happen behind the scenes, or in some cases, make certain people disappear.
    She’s starting to let her all her success go to her head. It’s gonna catch up with her sooner or later if she doesn’t cool it with the “I’ll beat the crap out of whoever” statements.
    It also makes her sound like an MMA meatheaded shit-for-brains, and MMA already has enough of a negative societal stigma as it is, many calling MMA barbaric cock-fighting.

    She’s just reinforcing that notion.

  5. Captain Crunch says:

    Chuck Norris would beat all there asses! Just saying……

  6. Brett says:

    Steven Seagal’s weird.

    • DyNaMiTe KiD says:

      No shit… I’m not even this DyNaMiTe KiD that I’m posting under?! His (or hers) name just appeared in the Name* section and his Email address ( is you quessed it, in the Email* section under Leave a Reply. It clearly says “Your email address will not be published” above Name* and Email*… yeah right!

  7. california grown says: get your facts straight:

    the correct source is with spencer lazara

    the interview was not conducted on “The MMA Hour” with brown nosing Ariel Helwani, who has a hard on for old fat washed up actors that he likes to call teacher in Japanese. He is such a pathetic fan boy.

    • Boom says:

      yeah thank you. i dont understand why they dont replace ariel helwani. that guy is absolutely terrible

      • Thurgood Jenkins says:

        Boom, I’ve never been in such agreement with another person’s statement. Ariel Helwani is absolutely terrible. During his Nick Diaz interview, I was praying that he would get Stockton Slapped when Diaz started talking about Helwani starting drama.

        • Helwani or whatever his name is is a god compared to our local mma reporter who not only acts but dresses like Jiminey Cricket. Can you imagine what that’s like to have Jiminey Cricket interviewing Frank Mier Poor Frank almost got a hernia trying to hold back the laughter. I have 2 hernias and was hospitalized trying to hold back the tears.

  8. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    well said

  9. PeterBeater says:

    She would beat the shit out of that fat arrogant asshole. Break his fucking arm off.

  10. maurice says:

    and im guessing next week rousey will want to beat the crap outta brittney spears. bitch is gettin mad annoyin.

  11. Rondo says:

    I beginning to think this bitch thinks she’s the second coming of Christ,shut the fuck up already you annoying fuckin wench!

  12. eww says:

    as annoying as steven seagal can be sometimes,this tranny is a lot worse….i hope this “woman” gets humbled really soon..

  13. Hahaha, you guys are all fuking mean. If you aren’t giving a verbal shit kikin to Seagal, yur givin it to Ronda. If not to Ronda, to Ariel. If not to Ariel, to each other and on every single topic i look at. What’s wrong with you? Give it some thought. Seriously. Yur all fuked up, period.

    I challenge you all to go put down five reasons why Dan Miller should not be in the UFC. Or why fags should not be allowed to play team sports or speak on television, or teach in school. Put yur hate to good use. Problem is you’re all too young to know better about anything yet. STFU please, before i wail on my keyboard in jumping spinning rounds and reverse rounds that would make Pi Mai run for cover, and make all of you have a ‘shit your pants’ party in uni-sen. Or don’t. Idc. I’m just doin what you’re doin. Letting my brain fart in public for fun, cause i’m bored and have nothing better to do atm. Night night.

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      Challenging someone to list five reasons why Dan Miller should not be in the UFC is essentially inviting a poster to make the same type of statement that you had just railed against. The same goes for the topics regarding homosexuals. It invites debate, the same type of thing that has appeared in this thread. Any newsworthy topic creates disparate positions, in turn differing opinions. If there were not differing opinions, and thus no debate, the hell would people talk about? How everyone is so “mean”? You’re just mean shayne. Mean, mean, mean.

      • Uh huh hahahaha!! Muwahahahaaa!.!

        Naw, I’m just sayin if yur gonna be mean, be mean to someone who deserves it or will get the most use from it. Be mean to a gay man so that he will go away and think about his ways and never come stickin his dick in yur face again publicly or otherwise for fear of being treated meanly. Or to a Dan Miller who (very nice guy that he is and otherwise undeserving of meanness) really needs to be taught to not show up to the octagon unprepared with zero cardio, and who knows without what else, it never lasts long enough to know if he can even swing. I realized he coached a season of the Ultimate Fighter, and, by that, must know something about fighting; but, COME ON, HE CAN’T FIGHT HIS WAY OUT OF A WET PAPER BAG WITH A HOLE IN THE BOTTOM OF IT!

        Just for shits and giggles, dress him up in a pink tu-tu and white tights and give him a card to walk around the ring between rounds.

        And I am not mean. I just don’t like falsehood. And, when i see a man walking around pretending he’s a woman, i get pissed off, especially when he’s telling people publicly that i need to be tolerant of his ways and join his gay parades and let him teach my kids in school and support his marriages with my tax dollars. when he does that, i feel i should have the right to a response and even that is being taken away from me. So now i got gays following me around the grocery store and i gotta get all mean and tell them to fuk right off or lose their balls and all i wanted was to go there, get my shopping done and go home. But no, i gotta get all mean to get my point across. FAWWWWWK AWWWWWFFFFF!!!

        Thats all hehe.

  14. Joseph says:

    This hoe needs to stfu already!

  15. GRT 3000 says:

    This bitch needs to where a T-Shirt that says – I WANT TO BE SUPER FAMOUS! we read yah Rhonda and fack off at the same time.

  16. Tincat says:

    1. I’m a fan of Rhonda’s
    2. I’m a fan of Steven Seagals.

    I’m a fan of Rhonda for her ability in the ring, he tough talk attitude, and those brief moments when she shows how smart and mature she can be.

    It’s a shame that she’s falling into the ‘pit trap’ of success, where people can troll her into making statements like this.

    That guy clearly misrepresented what Steven Seagal said in his interview with Ariel. He was baiting her, and she fell for it, and comes off looking like a jackass.

    MMA media like this drums up cheap ratings, but hurts the sport in the end. I’m disappointed in not only MMAINTERVIEWS but in for it’s poor journalism here.

    Is Steven Seagal a force in mma? No of course not, nor does he pretend to be. He is a life long martial artist turned actor, who used to teach Aikido for a living, and continued to practice the arts throughout his life.

    He’s just a guy, he’s made friends with Anderson and Lyota, and for whatever reason they are giving him credit for helping them out in some training.

    Steven is not an MMA coach, and doesn’t pretend to be. He was respectful and polite all through his interview with Ariel, and only fell for Ariels bait so far as to say that “IF” Gene was spreading those disgusting stories about him to people, “IF” that was the case, then thats not right, and those are the actions of someone who is mentally disturbed.

    And guess what… if Gene was…then it is!, why the hell are you relaying snippits of terrible interviews, in terrible fashion, and ruining your site?

  17. Mike says:

    Shut up Rousey you bull dike slut!

  18. Xaninho says:

    Says the woman with the moose knuckle…

  19. HIIIPower716 says:

    why is she always taliking shit trying to prove herself like she didn’t break mad bitches arms…just stfu we all know your the baddest bitch out here lmao

  20. MartelW says:

    Rousey must be juicing or on her period right now. As of late she’s been going talking about beating random celebrities up.

  21. i can beat any woman says:

    so sick of this bitch already … anytime a man hits a woman = jail turn the tables = slap on the wrist. cmon fellas we all dated a psycho bitch at one point they can dish it out but cant eat it 99% of the time

  22. Where can I find this interviw? I’ve searches the MMA hour with Ariel and Ronda for 20 minutwa. Why not just link us to the interview???

  23. Jujitsu Player says:

    She’s dead on though Aikido is bull shit! I did it and the instructor was like no don’t attack me like that do it with your other hand….I swear. IMO it’s useless in MMA but good if you want to put someone in a thumb lock or sprain their wrist…

  24. Rhonda T says:

    She has No Class. She is a HATER and an arrogant disrespectful spoiled brat. She is getting all High on her life that she is talking crap about Seagal for no reason…did he attack her..NO. She is the HATER yet crys on her facebook that so many people hate her. You just disrespected Seagal for No reason and spreading rumors you know nothing about. Now you have a new hater…me!!!

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