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Wednesday, 07/10/2013, 12:29 pm

Rousey: ‘Female fighters not giving me props for sports growth’

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Ronda Rousey, apparently, isn’t feeling the love.

Rousey, the UFC bantamweight champion and the face of women’s MMA, spoke with Bleacher Report about not expecting thanks from competitors as the sports grows in the UFC:

“It’s amazing and it really works out fortunately that these girls are a lot better off now,” Rousey said. “It’s great that women can actually make careers now in mixed martial arts and make good money doing what they love to do. But I know they haven’t really given me very many props for it, and that’s cool because I haven’t done it for appreciation. I’ve done it for myself and I have my own selfish motives too.

“I can’t really hate on them too much but it would be nice to hear it without a grain of salt from Alexis Davis for once or after the women’s debut in the UFC, Cat Zingano wasn’t saying, ‘eh…there are a lot of holes in her game.’ At the same time, it’s not something I’m expecting. We are competitors and competitive by nature. I don’t expect them to be bringing me sunshine, lollipops and daisies when all they want to do is smash my face in and take everything I’ve so hard to accomplish. At least they are being real about it.”

What do you think? Should Rousey get a tip of the cap from the rest in her sport?


35 Responses to “Rousey: ‘Female fighters not giving me props for sports growth’”

  1. eric says:

    No rhonda should not get tons of credit, in this modern age it should be expected that women get equal opportunity to men, these girls should expect this, not be greatful because there was a sexist owner of an organization and rhonda kissed his ass to hell (maybe worse) just for an opportunity that should be there anyway?!?!?! No that approach just teaches young girls to get what they want they should degrade themselves for the sake of a “boss” just my opinions thanks

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    I hope somebody KO’s this wench.

  3. doc says:

    And Rousey can thank every female before her for fighting MMA to give her arrogant ass a road to success. She likes to think she is a trailblazer, but she isn’t. She gets marketed that way by the marketing giant that is the UFC.

    Can she whip asses in her division? Hell yes. She takes arms home like she is ordering a fucking pizza. But she gives herself too much credit. She is not the only one who had it “tough” growing up. Get over yourself rousey. Kiss the asses of the women before you who put it all on the line for beans and rice so you can have the platform to excel.

  4. Hawaii Forever says:

    Has she been taking PR lessons from Nick Diaz? That statement she gave made no sense what so ever.

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