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Tuesday, 03/20/2012, 10:43 am

Rousey Eyes New Challengers In Kaufman, McMann & “Cyborg”

“There’s already that story background between me and Sarah Kaufman, and how everyone thinks she should have got the title shot and this fight needs to happen. And whenever Cris Cyborg comes back, that fight would be great to happen, and then there’s other girls like Sara McMann, who is an Olympic medalist in wrestling, would be the only new person coming in that would be easy to build up a fight. After that, that’s a good amount of time that would go by and there would be a lot more opportunities coming up around then. I’m not worried… [Cyborg is] the one that has fewer options. She’s the one that just got popped for steroids and has an empty division,” said Rousey. “I think the smartest idea for her would be to be like, ‘Look, I’m off steroids. I proved that I’m off and I can cut down to a lower division. I’m going to have to cut down to a lower division anyways cause who the hell am I going to fight at 145?”… I just do whatever I’ve got to do. If people want to see [the rematch against Miesha Tate], then I’ll do it, but I wouldn’t feel bad about beating her up again. I’m not going to go out of my way if it’s not in the best interest of my career at that moment.”

In a recent interview with, newly crowned Strikeforce champion, Ronda Rousey discussed her options for future challengers.

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16 Responses to “Rousey Eyes New Challengers In Kaufman, McMann & “Cyborg””

  1. hrmm says:

    If I was Rousey, I wouldn’t be calling out Cyborg. If that fight does happen, then she might just get her wish in wanting to fight a dude… cause that b***** is straight up ruthless. I don’t see anyone in the women’s division in beating that ‘roid freak.

    • Ly-er says:

      Iono, so far from what I can remember of cyborg fights, has anyone ever gone for a ‘sub’ yet on her?? Cause majority of the fights shes in, aren’t her opponents just trying to block her barrage of punches until finally being KOed/TKOed. If Rhonda can take an arm or leg, I wonder how good Cyborg’s ‘sub defense’ is!

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      hrmm said it all nothing more to say. No friggen way that ROID FREAK Cyborg should be allowed in cage against any R E A L G I R L. Cyborg is a straight up “IT” and shoudl only be allowed to fight men. EVERYONE that has ever seen “IT” perform in cage knew damn well “IT” was a ROIDED OUT FREAK. We didn’t need any friggen test from an athletic commiosn telling us she-IT IS ROIDED out. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it is a duck. In this case a “DUCK” is a ROIDED OUT FREAK that belongs in a circus. Any athletic commiosn that ever sactions another fight for that FREAK Cyborg should just shut their doors ands throw in towel for incompency

  2. Dog chapman says:

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzz……….. Womans mma=jersy shore bcuz only dumb asses watch nd its boaring with ppl who think thy can fight

  3. Dana white says:

    Jones is out ufc 145 snookie vs cyborg

  4. jizz says:

    Cyborg is animal… I don’t think Ronda can take her



  6. Meximelt says:


  7. D says:

    LOL Ronda can run her mouth all she wants about Cyborg while she is on suspension when Cyborg comes back and if they ACTUALLY fight shes going to fuck Ronda up!

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      shows alot about your charactor to actually talk about a ROIDED OUT FREAK like Cyborg as being an actual hero of yours. That “CYBORG” is what left of what was apreviously a woman and now is something thatw as created in a lab and is more man that n woman. so you think ist fair for a woman to fight man. I doubt any LEGIT athleti commison will ever saction anotehr fight for that FREAKOID Cyborg all her Positive ROID test did was tell EVERYONE what they already knew. ANYONE can pass a steroid test when they know when they are going to be tested. anyone like cyborg taht has been BUSTED should be able to be randomaly tested at anytime the rest of “ITS” career

      • kman says:

        Could not have sead it better. When Cyborg has to come off the roids and starts looking like a woman, if that is even posible considering all the roids she has takein that has made her look like……. Well I dont realley know what she looks like. But any way when the roids are gone and she starts to loose all that musel. Rousey can Dispatch her. Not saying it will be a cake walk. But when she no longer has that knockout power due to no steroids. She will have lost the onley thing she has, and I think Rousey can take her

  8. Thomas Gard says:

    I like her gumption.. Rouseys still largely untested but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have it in her to pound on cyborg and i think she would easily dispatch connen, kauffman and tate.. her onlyproblems with cyborg is her striking, i think hes have no problem taking cyborg down at all

  9. Greg Geraldo says:

    Cyborg would take it to any man, largely due to her having a penis…but I wonder how a year off of the roids would do to her physically.

  10. Danny says:

    Let’s be honest here. steroids or not, Cyborg would murder rousey.

  11. Judge_Dreadz says:

    u guys r fuckin dumb roids or not cyborg would fuck Rousey up! She’ll fuck up all 3 of em Tate Kaufmann and Rousey @ the same time.Cyborg my have got bopped but one thing is certain she can definitely fight.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Tito ortiz said that Cyborg picked him up while he had a full triangle locked on Cyborg and she power bombed him. do you think in amillion years a NATURAL GIRL can power bomb a 240lb mma fighter? She is a ROIDED OUT FREAl taht belongs in a circus. Mark my words Dana white will not allow that BEAST back in womans MMA. NO WAY. Cyborg may as well retire. Bellator is not going to take a ROIDED out FREAK that was casted off by Zuffa

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