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Tuesday, 01/15/2013, 08:00 am

Rousey Dishes on GSP: Success Helped By Looks And Countrymen Not By Fighting Style | UFC NEWS

“I respect Georges St. Pierre as a businessman and an athlete,” Rousey says. “I don’t have anything against him personally. But he’s not the kind of fighter I like watching.”

“He fights to win matches. He doesn’t fight to defeat his opponents.”

“I lost a lot of judo matches because of points fighters. It was extremely frustrating for me. And when I see that same style being played out in a different sport, it brings out the same reaction in me.”

“Everybody keeps coming up to me and saying, ‘Oh, do you think if you didn’t look such a way, people would like you so much?’

“I’m like, ‘Dude, if GSP was butt ugly, you wouldn’t want to know who he is so much.’

“I think he lucked out a lot that he’s Canadian. I love Canadians. They are the coolest, nicest, most patriotic people, and they will support their countrymen no matter what, and I think that’s commendable.

“But if GSP wasn’t really good-looking, and really Canadian, he would be really unknown.”

“I like fighters that go into it to finish it. They’re not afraid to take risks,” by saying, “I’m going to try to do something crazy, and if I end up in a bad position, I know I can handle it.”

“That confidence gets me excited.”

– Ronda Rousey via The Las Vegas Review Journal.


90 Responses to “Rousey Dishes on GSP: Success Helped By Looks And Countrymen Not By Fighting Style | UFC NEWS”

  1. Doug says:

    Shut the hell up what the hell you have 6 fights and your now a expert on any topic!

    • koa says:

      she’s preformed better than GSP. She practically broke all of her opponents arms…FINISHED the fights!

      • Anomie says:

        Funny… First 5 fights of GSP Career were all stoppages. His first decision was against Karo Parisyan in 2004 (When Parisyan was a top fighter).

        GSP’s career he has finished BJ Penn, Matt Hughes x2, Matt Serra, Sean Sherk, Frank Trigg, Jay Heiron…

        In the meantime he destroyed Jon Fitch, almost submitted Dan Hardy, cut open Condit, broken Koscheck’s orbital… Ask them whether they think he was point fighting then…

        • WTF says:

          Ask Jake Shields and Thiago Alves if he was point fighting

        • allmightysandman says:

          well said.

          people forget that he ONLY fghts the top tier guys…of course he doesn’t finish as many of them as guys do as they are climing the proverbial ladder.

          Not every fighter can be as efficient a finisher as AS. (who greases, grabs shorts, grabs fences, etc. but is still unconditionally loved)


        • failblogdotanomie says:

          greasing against an undersized bj, knocking out old man hughes as he went downhill and beating up an assortment of midgets doesnt make him a finisher. he hasnt even come close to finishing a fight in years stop quoting dana white you no knowledge zuffa zombie. your lay and pray champ will be vacating his title soon hopefully to a diaz sub or a hendricks ko

      • al says:

        so did cody mckenzie you dumbass

      • GSP says:

        Your an idiot. if your in to bitch sports ? go for it you pussy. breaking arms is not what mixed martial arts is about. Ronda is just sadistic and I suspect it appeals to subordinates like you. She just wants to Armbar GSPs canadian sausage…

  2. Gabe says:

    I would have to agree with Ronda on this one…GSP hasn’t been exciting in years…even used to hate fighting point fighters and now he is the best point fighter there is.

  3. Dana White says:

    She is absolutely right. GSP is a point fighter. He sucks.

  4. Zack says:

    Gsp fights like a dog with its tale tucked between its legs. I can’t wait until Johnny Hendricks knocks him the ffff out.

    • Kyle Creator says:

      you’re retarded. have you ever seen a dog with his tale between his legs win a fight? Have you ever even seen a dog in a fight. your analogy sucks, go back to school and learn to think.

    • hendoooo says:

      I know where youre coming from but I’m sorry, Hendricks has as much chance as Koscheck did, and we all remember what happened there.

  5. Piss flaps says:

    You must mean like you take risks ronda,ya know the way you never try taking people to ground with judo throws and arm barring them over and over again!!
    What a stupid comment coming from someone that only has arm bar wins to her name!

  6. Jujitsu Player says:

    I just lost respect for Rousey, she sounds like a retard. If GSP wasn’t good looking he would be unknown, WTF are you talking about. He might not get the same level of endorsements but he would still beat the sh!t out of everybody the UFC puts in front of him. Do yourself a favor and take both the Diaz brothers d!cks out of your mouth

    • Inuk says:

      +1. Diaz brothers came into mind the second she mentioned GSP. WTF is she going to do next call out grown men. So shes also saying she making fame with her “good looks” ??? yeah, just ask Dana or Tate.

  7. Fox says:

    i like ronda but this some of what she said is stupid and ya’ll agreeing with all of that has issues is gsp boring and a point fighter yes he is i’m with her on that and alot of things but to say if he wasnt good looking and canadian he would be unknown is stupid and is why you should keep your mouth shut at times he has 2 losses granted he should of had 3 because he lost to penn the first time but noone cares about how dudes looks he would of been where he is today no matter they all complain about point fighters well then adapt to your oppenents if people are willing to stand in front of him then why not jab them tired of him humping and doing takedown then go work on wrestling if he was able to learn wrestling wihtout doing it in college then everyone could they need to get out of this i need to only work with this one camp mindset go train whereever and with whoever you need to in order to get your game right

  8. hojo says:

    Who let Rhonda out of the kitchen again? Have you not learned from past mistakes? If you let her out of the kitchen, she is going to start thinking that she has an opinion that matters!!! She runs her mouth but ducks the one person (Cyborg) that would hand her ass to her. Now she is running her mouth about male fighters, because she knows she can get away with it. It’s lose/lose for any male fighter to even mention that she should be hit in her loud mouth, and she knows it. Since she started training with the Diaz brothers, she has become just as obnoxious and distasteful as they are. Since GSP can’t fight her, he will do the next best thing, and knock the piss out of her training partner Nick.

    • monty says:

      How did Rousey duck cyborg if she’s the one who called her out?

      • Sasquatch says:

        Well let’s see… first off she started out her WMMA career at 145lb. Then she dropped down to 135lb to fight a smaller girl for a better chance of gaining a belt and claimed she was going to go back up to 145lb to take Cyborg’s belt. After she got the belt for some strange reason she decided the only way she’ll fight Cyborg is at 135lb, a weight class Cyborg has NEVER fought at… well I guess you get the picture.

  9. Randy says:

    GSP weakest chin in the biz.

    • allmightysandman says:

      really? because I seem to remember a grand total of ONE guy putting him down. …and him taking shots from Alves, Koscheck, Penn, Condit (head kick) and still winning those fights….

      The ‘weak chin’ arguement is dumb and most often is just regurgitate by mindless trolls…no offense Randy.

  10. omiwan316 says:

    Disappointing, :(
    As the first female UFC champion (as a champion PERIOD!!) you don’t make cocky comments like this when the talent pool in your division isn’t as stacked as it is in GSP’s. Ronda, I’m looking forward to your next fight and looking forward to your long career but you have yet to even prove yourself standing (you are no Gina Carrano) and your making comments like you knock ppl out. If all your gonna do is wrestle your opponents to the ground and arm bar them then I don’t really need to see your fights because that by itself seeing it over and over again won’t make an exciting enough fight for me to wanna watch. From what I’ve seen (with the exception of Tito Ortiz) every UFC champion has enough courtesy in there arsenal to respect all champions in there own organization whether they find them exciting or not. And yes GSP in some regard may in fact be a point fighter; but he’s not a point fighter that doesn’t do damage. Have you been looking at the faces of the other fighters he’s been taking on, can you honestly say he doesn’t do damage with his point fighting elements? (Cause their faces are messed up) A smart fighter will always win over a fighters who take chances, only because the fighters who take chances have to because they are losing the fight. You making a comments like that not only shows your inexperience but your immaturity as a martial artists, good luck against Cyborg if that ever happens (I hope it does and I will root for you to win) – feel free to take all the chances you want in that fight because if all your bringing is an arm bar to a standup fight you may have some issues and may be forced to take a chance or two…. or three.

  11. ted danson says:

    i know what she means because he is a points scorer but st pierre vs condit was a brilliant fight in my opinion. not all his fights are boring and to say that he is only known because he is a good looking guy and canadian is just silly. he is the welterweight champion ffs.
    she should spend less time sitting on nick diaz’s face as it is making her have silly thoughts

  12. Wildorchid says:

    Funny thing is she never fought davis, bazzler or coenen, the specialists of ground fighting in her division..
    GSP has fought countless striking, wrestling and submission specialists, and beat them all…

    ronda doesn’t even impress me, and she was given a token fight in the ufc, with a token co main event to boost her sales like she did it

    finally she talked all that shit on miesha getting her ass out and did it herself…

    this is your first female champ, nice!

  13. Kona Girl says:

    The worst part of this whole thing is that she thinks GSP is good looking….

  14. Credible Hulk says:

    Hypocrite much Ms Rousey?

    GSP has been at the top of his game for a long time now, and for a reason. He’s a well rounded fighter, Rousey isn’t. Some may even say that the only reason she’s in the UFC is because she’s pretty and Dana has the hots for her.

    Ive tracked down all of Rouseys fights online, and I must say – she’s a boring fighter. And she certainly hasn’t fought any of the bigger names in global MMA. Sure she bends a few arms here and there, some might even say she’s a one trick pony. I get the feeling that Rousey is either jealous or GSP has turned her down.

  15. Gould says:

    This cunt doesn’t realize that if she wasnt hot that women wouldnt be in the UFC. She has no big wins in her career and has never fought anyone the calibre of fighter that GSP is defeating. Also 95% of GSP fans are men who couldnt care less wether he looked like brad pitt or quazimodo.

  16. Nando says:

    Or maybe he’s relevant because he’s a champion. It’s also really ironic for her to say that because women’s mma was completely irrelevant until she stepped into the picture & guaranteed it’s not because of the armbars.

  17. jseptx says:

    Come on folks points fighter or not its said time and time again one punch or kick can change a fight!!!

  18. The Rock says:

    I have finger blasted her in several public places and I had a s h i t in Vince Mcmahons bed with her only last week. IF YOU SMELLLLL WHAT MY FINGERSSSS HAVE FINGERED !!!!

  19. girls ufc says:

    i think she wants to fight gsp, make it happen dana!

  20. INeverAskedForThis says:

    GSP is an incredibly technical fighter, and a lot more entertaining than ‘trane ufc’ people think. Real fans who take the time to understand the sport will find GSP’s style pretty amazing in it’s own way. And GSP vs Condit was a war. Ronda is Chael Sonnen’ing and our reaction is the people even say crap like this in the first place. Also, GSP didn’t get his success from looking good, because the target demographic for these fights are males between around 16-35. And the majority of males (I think) are heterosexual…

    Don’t try to strip GSP of his hard-earned success Ronda. He is the champion for a reason, and that is the fact that GSP is best in his division, and a strong argument can be made that he is also the best MMA fighter out there right now.

  21. Sasquatch says:

    I’m really starting to dislike this fart faced biatch… like GSP being Canadian and good looking helped him win all those fights (smh). She talks about taking risks, why doesn’t she practice what she preaches and try striking with one of her opponents, you know mix it up a bit instead of being such a one trick pony. Paper Champ Rousey needs to respect real Champs who have fought there way to gold… unlike herself who had it handed to her at a press conference by a fat bald dude who has a crush on her.

    • allmightysandman says:


      well said. she gets handed a belt and has the nuts to hack on real champs…she’s sounding less classy all the time and the diaz sisters influence is rubbing off on her.

  22. ronda's a dumb ho says:

    she is a dumb cunt she will never be on gsp’s level

  23. Josh says:

    GSP could be butt ugly and he’d still be a huge star, because he’s the champion and dominates all his opponents. And just because someone doesn’t finish fights as often, it doesn’t mean they’re a point fighter. Know the difference.

  24. Gee says:

    Hang up that washing you stupid hoe.

  25. lol women says:

    she just talks through her hat like all fukin women lol let her do her thing she obviously envies gsp lolz starts talking like this once she hops in ufc smh

  26. lol women part2 says:


  27. trolool says:

    lol ronda, you’re fighting bums and GSP is fighting guys that can fucking kill him. there is a difference. there is no danger for you in your fights, majority of girls suck dick and you’re so much better than them that they’re not a threat

  28. Kyle Creator says:

    the main reason he is relevant because he is the champ. those other things help but don’t forget that.

    Frankie Edgar wasn’t on nearly as many peoples’ radar until he beat BJ penn twice and got the belt. GSP is relevant because he has been the champ for YEARS and has cleaned out his division more than once.

  29. rob says:

    gsp is one of the greatest fighters of all time. what works works, doesn’t matter what she thinks of it. the armbar the first 3 times were pretty cool, but now? she should mix up her finishes if she is gonna say someone else is boring.

  30. michael says:

    Rousey.. seriously? she probably needs to get more hype cos the ufc made the unusual decision to put her in the main even instead of machida and hendo… ridiculous right? dana probably said get out there and talk smack so people will tune and not just watch the replay to see if one of her pecs pops out 😉

  31. lol says:

    GSP is going to kill dias!! “your p*** head friend”

  32. mikayla says:

    Said by the woman who got the title given to her. Funny how in every other weight division the fighters had to earn the titles. They didn’t go into a new weight class being created and get the championship handed to them on a silver plater. Yes she has won her very few fights, but let’s see how many fights she’s won when she’s had as many as GSP. I think she needs to look in the mirror about everything she’s talking about.

  33. Crunk Bandicoot says:

    once again, ronda takes a question about someone else and turns it to be about her and her life.

  34. Michael Mantion says:

    who the fuck is “Rousey Dishes” and that bitch in the picture is hot she should blow me.

  35. Irony says:

    Does Ronda realize that nobody would give a shit about women’s MMA if the women weren’t good looking? The pot is calling the kettle black.

    If she wants to talk shit about women MMA or Judo, that’s fine. But women’s MMA is not on the same skill level of the men, so until she can submit Carlos Condit and Jake Shields, I have a hard time taking her seriously.

  36. RouseyisaBimbo says:

    Georges bank account says you are wrong. He measures his opponents, finds a weakness, and then capitalizes. He was criticized for using his superior wrestling….then he was criticized for using his superior boxing (Koscheck). No different that Anderson Silva…he REFUSES to engage and waits for someone to make a mistake and then takes them out. Look at the Meia fight where both refused to commit and then circled for round after round. It is no different. I hope the next Spider opponent refuses to engage…then you will see 5 rounds of circling. Maybe just maybe not taking risks = staying champ and earning millions???

  37. HelpMeRhonda says:

    When GSP finally did become more aggressive against Condit, look what happened to his face.

  38. 757 says:

    Wow….no class and still new to the UFC . Really no class at all. As for GSP he is the most dominant welterweight champ ever!! Ask Matt Hughs, BJ Penn, Matt Serra, and a host of other who he either beat up, smashed or stopped. Come on people give up some credit. I like Nick Diaz but you can go ask him too after the fight. GSP is going to smash him too. Rousey is trashy and no class….back to the trailer park for you Rhonda. Ha Ha insulting the most dominant welterweight in the division ever with just six fights. Pull up the guys record of who he beat. Shut up Rousey with your six fights.

  39. Unpro says:

    totally disagreed on this. GSP’s not gonne be called Rush if he did not use to go berserk, took risks, and finished most of his opponents early in his career. he became a smart fighter after he got KO’ed by Serra. someday you’ll know how to fight the smart way when someone throws you the armbar.

  40. Leonardo says:

    GSP is a champion… a champion who studies his opponents and dominate the fight. Maybe he doesn’t finish his fights… but DOMINATE the whole fight. Making tons of damage. Anybody can remember the face of Thiago Alves?. Looks like Mr Potato Head. And why taking risks when you are winning?… this is no WWE this is UFC… one mistake and you gonna be Knocked Out or Submitted.

  41. special k says:

    Nice one. Thats the complete opposite of martial arts theory miss hot pants, you dont get it. Appreciate the oppinion, but when i want sewing tips Ill ask….

  42. Rousey is a joke says:

    Ha, pot calling kettle black. stfu Ronda, you stupid one trick pony. Wow what a silly b*tch.

  43. Orvin M says:

    Rousey is just pissed that GSP, the unofficial face of MMA, didn’t completely support women’s MMA. Not only is rousey degrading herself by actually thinking of this crap but she’s also degrading MMA fans if she thinks the majority of us base our support of a fighter on looks and patriotism. All she’s talking about is the fact that GSP isn’t finishing fights or doing anything exciting, but how about the fact he’s dominating top tier fighters with ease, and even more so the fact that nobody can come close to dominating or finishing him? I’m sure a little more experience will change her mind.

  44. pedro says:

    so why didn’t cody mckenzie get the same recognition as ronda rousey?? dumb shit

  45. Gio says:

    The catch is exciting or not GSP has ability to win fights. Thats all there is to it. Forget about the points, he is always the dominant one in the cage. This is not a ballet. Fighter does not have to look cool or act cute. This is combat sport which is about fighting. They dont have to be liked, as long as they can win and as long as they are dominant and better fighters than the other guy thats it. GSP may not finish opponents but you can not point out any person in welterweight division he can not dominate (leaving out Nick Diaz, Yess I am big Diaz Brother’s fan).

  46. Dana White says:

    I can’t wait until Anderson Silva retired GSP.

  47. French Mike says:

    ronda wants to get boned by gsp….

  48. Sasquatch says:

    Six fight’s and she feels like she’s relevant… GSP has over double the finishes she has fights (13) so she should show some respect. She’s not doing herself any favors by talking out of her @ss.

  49. John says:

    Guess Ronda is still butthurt about GSP not being a big fan of watching woman fight.

    It’s hilarious to here her of all people talk about looks making you popular…HAHA…pot meet kettle Ronda! That’s the real difference between 135 division being in the UFC and not the 145. Maybe if Gina had still been on top looking pretty, but hell no they weren’t going with Cyborg as their go to poster girl.

  50. yeahrightman says:

    My respect for rousey just went up 10 fold. I agree completelyexcept i think gsp is a weird looking dude as well as being a boring fighter.

  51. Orion18 says:

    “It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winnings winning” I love seeing GSP’s FIGHTS you learn a lot, same way I loved Fitch vs Silva!

  52. Purrshhh says:

    He fucked her than didn’t call her that’s why she’s chirping haha Diaz is a lil bitch same with hendricks

  53. CrocHunter says:

    And no one would want to watch her if she was not Dana’s pet. Fuck her and the UFC for trying to force her on the public. Her PPV is going to Bomb!

  54. jake says:

    that’s funny, he don’t fight to finish opponents, ya because whenthe fights over his opponents have status in the hospital and are usually off for extended amounts of time. Go ask josh koscheck if he lost his fight because he was merely out pointed. Sure he wins decisions but he demolishes his opponents while doing so. Ya that’s not winning a fight

  55. Common Sense says:

    In a way she has a point. There are very few fighters in the UFC who got where they are using more than just fighting. And I believe she was saying, if GSP wasn’t as nice as he is and looked worst than he does now, then he wouldn’t be a popular. Nothing there taking from his accomplishments. And all these retarded @$$ women jokes. Go say it to a women’s face, you’ll probably get your @$$ handed to you. People are also forgetting that Ronda is an Olympic tier fighter, and probably could beat a few guys in the UFC by first round submissions. And those who say she’s a one trick pony. Well, that trick still works, and I’m sure she fan find plenty of ways to pull it off.

  56. funny ish says:

    this is some funny stuff. All you hemen running your mouths like yall tuff. This woman got legit skills and points out something that has been legitimately talked about yet for some reason because she is a woman she has no right to express her opinion. I’d rather watch a one trick horse that finishes fights than a fighter with the skills to finish winning by points. Stop hating just cause she’d womp on yall and yall can’t stand the thought. Typical heman, afraid of a woman so it’s not about her expressing her opinion it’s “she ridin the Diaz brothers” yall need to get fixed and stop spreading your idiocy to future generations.

  57. no onejust says:

    GSP might not be the most exciting fighter in the world to watch but he is by far a point fighter. Every time an apponent swings at him, He strikes right back, if they miss he makes them pay for it, if they land he makes sure he answeres it right back. Thats just fighting smart.

  58. Retards says:

    That people defending rousey are either some feminists or some really whipped little fags. If u can say that u rather watch a one round with a stupid submission than a five round of action then ure just a retard passing fan that shouldn’t even be sticking ur nose trying to comment. Fighting is not all about finishes but about the skills and endurance that u can show. And all this crap she’s saying about if gsp weren’t good looking blah blah. .. Guys like Anderson silva. Jon jones. Cain. Big nog. Wanderlei. Tim Sylvia. Etc. all these guys aren’t great looking but we all know who these guys are. It’s their skills and set them apart. A guy like gsp didn’t need to be good looking to be popular. His record and skills are how WE the actual true fans know him. Rousey is just mad because she misunderstood something he said about women fighting so she’s now trying to make him look bad.

  59. What a dumb ho says:

    It’s so stupid that SHE says that because the only reason that she became so famous it’s because she’s hot. And that’s no secret. It’s been said before by many people in the media. Nobody cares about two lesbo looking girls fighting. But when they are hot, it’s kinda nice to watch. That’s about It. It’s like watching girls wrestling in oil.

  60. He´s good looking duh says:

    Yeah right… this bitch is the 1st person in the world to think about the looking of a mma fighter. Bitch you´re hot but damn, shut the fuck up!

  61. Feng Wei says:

    Haters gona hate. Gsp may not be a good finisher but he does beat up him opponent. ask Carlos Condit. i didnt love this sport because of all your bitchin, i love this sport cause of Martial Arts. Now shut your face keyboard warriors

  62. Rhodders says:

    I respect everyone as a fighter but who is she to come into the ufc without any fights or ufc wins yet and then to slate one of the most dominant fighters in his divsion :S GSP has proven himself time and time again He has finished top level competion and just cause every fight doesn get finished doesnt mean he wasnt looking for a finish we all have good days and bad days…
    P.S. this is the fight game it doesnt matter what you look like you it matters what you can do.

  63. 757 says:

    GSP is the champ. She is brand new. She should be a little respectful……Feng Wei^^^ I’m glad you are a MMA fan. Now you should go be a fan of school. Keyboard warriors? Actually a nice thread of comment and discussion was happening until you broke out the old keyboard warrior comment. Feng Wei…Fu&* Y*&.

  64. Thom says:

    Rousey the hypocrit spews her BS once again. fuck she’s annoying. I don’t like GSP at all but he’s a legit fucking fighter defeating and dominating legit opponents. Rousey can’t say the same, AT ALL. Meanwhile the only reason SHE’s in the UFC is because she ”looks good” and armbarred 5 cans. This is the reason I say women arent ready for the UFC when your biggest (and only) star fighter is this stupid.

  65. Enzo says:

    Honda Housey? Who???

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