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Tuesday, 01/14/2014, 06:22 am

Rousey / Cormier Talk Pro Wrestling, Origin of ‘Rowdy’

Fight Hub TV caught up with Ronda Rousey and Daniel Cormier, who both compete at next month’s UFC 170 event, and Rousey explained the origin of her nickname “Rowdy”, and Cormier decides he wants to change his nickname.

“You like [Rowdy] Roddy Piper?,” Cormier asked Rousey.

“Of course. Obviously. That’s where I got the name [Rowdy] from,” Rousey replied.

“Really? Nice. Nice. I wanna be Macho Man [Randy Savage] then. I didn’t even know that was allowed… [that] we could just take wrestling names,” Cormier joked.

Rousey then brought up her appreciation for World Wrestling Entertainment(WWE) wrestler C.M. Punk, and Cormier agreed that he enjoyed his last match as well.

C.M. Punk is a huge fan of MMA, and appears at many UFC events, MMA analyst Karyn Bryant added.

“Did you see when him and Brock [Lesnar] fought at Wrestlemania? They were doing jiu-jitsu,” Cormier said. “C.M. Punk threw up a triangle, then Brock did a kimura… Then C.M. Punk did in omoplata… then he threw an armbar, it was like a two-minute grappling sequence.”

Rousey and Cormier agreed that exposure gained by the showing of jiu-jitsu technique in professional wrestling matches is beneficial to the mainstream acceptance of competitive grappling.

“That fanbase is becoming much more educated because of them,” Rousey said.


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