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Wednesday, 05/02/2012, 07:18 am

Ross Pearson Arrested On Suspicion Of DUI In Las Vegas | UFC NEWS

By: David Park

UFC featherweight Ross “The Real Deal” Pearson was arrested this past weekend in Las Vegas on suspicion of driving under the influence. This according to, according to the report Ross was pulled over around 4AM early Sunday morning when police noticed his car swerving on the road. When police approached the vehicle, they observed signs Ross had been drinking and they administered a field sobriety test.

According to law enforcement, Ross performed “miserably” on the test and was placed under arrest on suspicion of DUI. Pearson was in Las Vegas acting as a coach for team Cruz on The Ultimate Fighter.


28 Responses to “Ross Pearson Arrested On Suspicion Of DUI In Las Vegas | UFC NEWS”

  1. Jimmy fingerz says:

    Wow, got’em

  2. Turkeykneck fun chav says:

    what a dickhead, clearly fame got to him and now he thinks he can do wtf he wants.

    • Semtex says:

      So you don’t know or never heard of anyone EVER that is NOT famous, driving under the influence? Seriously? The only option here is Ross Pearson being a big dickhead that thinks he is better then people?…What a display of douchebaggery on your part…

    • brett says:

      Not sure I got all of that from the article? Youre a bigger dickhead for that comment you posted!

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Who cares if Ross had a few too many beers down at local pub doesn’t mesan he’s a bad guy. Ross strikes me as one of those guys who is just tough as hell and works really hard in gym. Ross has turned himself into a true journyman fighter and now he is fighting at 145 against guys his own size. Worse things a fighter can do in this world than have a few too many drinks after brutal day of training. UFC will stand behind Ross just wait see.

      • KIDD433 says:

        Ya no shit.Theres nothing wrong with having a few beers after a long days work.Ive never heard of someone getting arrested for “SUSPICION” of DUI either.The cops probably did that to fuck with him for getting “CHEECKY” with them.

  3. The MOP says:

    People get DUI’s all the time no need to talk bad about the dude a lot of people have drove drunk before

    • Jesse says:

      Yeah I agree people make mistakes. Let’s just see what the man is going thru……

    • Shawn says:

      Yes they do. But it’s no excuse. People kill people all the time too, should we be giving them a break too? We’ve all gone through a lot of shit in life, and a lot of us don’t resort to crime, drugs, or alcohol. This guy has so much going for him, why be stupid and chance to throw it all away? For what? Nothing in life is worth you messing your life over. Nothing. But it’s all up to you in how you conduct yourself. So you mess up, no one to blame but yourself.

  4. Jimmy fingerz says:

    Im driving and texting drunk right now

  5. nico says:

    field sobriety test? the rest of the world uses breathalizers, not black magic like a ‘field sobriety test” fyi…..the only reason the FST is being kept as it’s an awesome enabler of abuse by cops

    • Semtex says:

      I agree, any drunk dude can pass that test. Breathalyzers definitely do not fail that much

    • Omnipotent says:

      not sure if you know, but Law Enforcement are REQUIRED BY LAW to do a field sobriety test before they can even attempt to breathalyze you. Not to mention, the only agency allowed to carry the breathalyzer is the State Highway Patrol.

      You should read more.

      • Bd says:

        Thats not true they use their discretion if they want to breathalyze someone on the scene they can…they do it all the time at the scene of an accident if they think the driver is impaired… But anyways people make mistakes even UFC fighters hopefully he gets thru his ok

      • MIke Neal says:

        As a law enforcement oficer I can assure you that you are mistaken

  6. Jb says:

    Wow apprabtley people don’t make mistakes in the UFC.hes just like everyone else just more media coverage

  7. jrog says:

    this incident was not because of fame or the ufc however Danna better get a hold on the out of cage behavior of his guys because the UFC and even MMA as a whole is suffering miserably. These guys have a dream job and get paid well for it. With that comes a responsibility to the organization as well as the fans to be professionals. Serious action is needed expecialy in the substance use/abuse department. I want champs like BJ Penn, Matt Huges and Randy Cotour who you dont have to wonder after the fight if they will pass their drug tests or tear up a bar the next day

    • Grego Graham says:

      BHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA RANDY COUTURE was juicing for his whole career, just becasue you have a doctors note its OK right… MMA Fans ill tell ya

    • joshuah says:

      Matt Hughes got in a fight @ a bar not 2 years ago, your whole post is silly

      Glad they picked Koch, would have kinda been a black eye.

      Not that big of a deal tho, it sucks, Guy made a mistake, I hate the WebMD MMA fans that decide nick diaz has issues with large groups of people and Ross must be having issues in his personal life.

      Guy partied too hard & tried to drive home. He’s from the UK they pride themselves on their drinking.

  8. Grego Graham says:

    why the fuck does anyone need to drive in LAS

  9. MIke Neal says:

    LIsten people these post are just purley for the readers entertainment, and if you are a true MMA and UFC fan then it is just interesting to hear my lord calm down!!!!!! Its part of being Famous with comes with the territory.

  10. km says:

    Great article!!!! always interesting to hear

  11. Sue says:

    A mistake he will regret

  12. Luceile says:

    FST kind of suck. I can’t walk in a straight line, even when I’m sober. Drive sober all you want but if you don’t have good balance and you aren’t very coordinated, you’re kind of screwed.

  13. Allude says:

    I think this is a great article. I’ve noticed this guy writing always does a great job. And as for the DUI, people always make mistakes and just because he is famous doesn’t mean he isn’t human. Everyone makes mistakes!

  14. joshuah says:

    People blaming the FST lol Guy is a VERY COORDINATED pro athlete, with great balance. If he couldn’t pass it, he was under the influence … every1 is lucky in this situation, no1 got injured.

    I like ross, this is nothing but a fine big deal.

  15. Monkey juice says:

    I got a DUI once…it’s fuckin sweet.

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