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Monday, 10/08/2012, 12:52 pm

Rory MacDonald wants more short notice fights in 2013; talks VADA testing for fight with Penn | UFC News

By: Chris Taylor

The biggest fight in Rory MacDonald’s young career is set to go down December 8 at UFC on FOX 5 in Seattle, when he takes on UFC legend BJ Penn.

The fight with “The Prodigy” was originally slated to take place back in September at UFC 152 in Toronto. However, MacDonald suffered a deep cut to his forehead during training which resulted in the match being postponed until the December event.

Having not set foot inside the octagon since April seems to be messing with Rory’s head, as the 23 year-old Canadian says that he doesn’t need time to prepare for a fight like “everyone else” (via MMA Fighting):

“I like to fight and I want to make it a point next year to take fights on shorter notice,” he said. “It just works better for me and my mind set. I feel like lately I’ve been trying to do what everyone else does, and I’m not everybody else. Some people need eight weeks to get ready for a fight and I really don’t think I do because of the way I look at my skills. I just need to be healthy. As long as I’m healthy I can fight at the drop of a pin. If you tell me, ‘Rory, gofight that guy,’ I’ll go do it. I don’t need that time. I just need to be healthy.”

The bout with Penn will be the first fight in UFC history to have VADA (Volunteer Anti-Doping Agency) testing, as both fighters have agreed to go through the expanded drug testing. MacDonald talked about the VADA testing and why he doesn’t care what his opponent is on:

“I would fight anybody who’s on testosterone or whatever,” he said. “It does not bother me at all.”

“Everybody’s looking for an edge in athletics, and if people would just realize the biggest edge is up here,” he says, pointing to his head, “they could show their best side. That’s all I need. Yeah protein helps, but at the end of the day if you’re a fighter and ready to fight at this very second, it’s all up here. And if you feel you need testosterone to make you better, you’re not going to be as good. I really don’t think in such a high skill level sport, that strength is going to be the biggest issue. if you rely on strength in the sport, you’re going to be weeded out. There’s going to be someone that’s more technical than you or stronger than you. So in this sport I really feel it’s better to have more skills than strength. If you can have both, great. But you don’t need to do that stuff. It’s unhealthy, it’s stupid.”

UFC on FOX 5 is set to take place on December 8 at the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington. The event is headlined by a lightweight championship bout between champ Benson Henderson and #1 contender Nate Diaz.




25 Responses to “Rory MacDonald wants more short notice fights in 2013; talks VADA testing for fight with Penn | UFC News”

  1. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Hey its RORY ROIDER with his Clark Kent want a be costume. I think its funnyer than hell ROIDY was too afraid to call out Koscheck, Fitch, Ellenberger, Pierce, Kampamnn, Sihar. Instead he calls a retired Lightweight 10 years his senior.

    Gee I’m sure (GREASER – PED boy GSP had nothing to do with that)


    • Get Jones to Hw (forever) says:

      I agree with GSP being a drug taker,.that guy has pills for breakfast (literally Ive seen it.) But if rory passes these very thorough tests and was willing to take them then ill give him the benefit of doubt for now. I used to get back-ne until I was about 21 and I wasn’t on drugs….

    • retard101 says:

      retard… another kid posting on the internet. How do you know he use roids if his never been caught with it?

      • Jay says:

        Easy a lot of people are out of shape losers who think anyone who is athletic with a decent build must be a steroid user. Some people are just naturally gifted, if you combine that with something called hard work you can achieve some interesting things.

        • Get Jones to Hw (forever) says:

          I’ve seen a doco and was very interested to see what he eats as nutrition is something important to me. When I saw what he eats for breakfast it became clear to me that he’s s drug taker. Maybe not steroids but he has a cocktail of pills morning noon and night. Hardly “natural.” Also I do more physical sports than anyone i know and at 6’3 215 lbs I would like to see you say that to my face. Plus I have a double degree so Im hardly stupid. Idiot.

        • Kill yourself says:

          HAHA you are a joke mate, you have NO evidence at all to support these ridiculous claims and he has never failed a test. Take your negativity elsewhere you fool you have no idea how hard guys like this work and the nutrition they have. Also saying you’ve “seen a doco” and assuming from that pills he takes are PEDs is like saying you saw someone smoking weed when it was most likely a rolled cigarette. Kill yourself.

        • O.o says:

          I’ll say that to your fucking face kid ask for Eric West….. Wolfpack MMA Dothan AL…. I fight at 185 and 205 but i hang at 210 give or take and would love to “welcome” you here just be sure to sign the waiver for your trial “lesson” Dont forget to mention your user name from here though,just for our reconrds ; )

      • Get Jones to Hw (forever) says:

        Lance armstrong never tested positive either. Regard 101 Regard^^^

    • brandon says:

      what we have here is another bj fan bitter about gsp beating bj’s ass so bad that he had to throw in the towel. most of you bj lovers say bj is the greatest of all time, so whats wrong with rory fighting him. rory will probably beat bj’s ass even worse than gsp did, bj will probably gas out after rnd 1 and give up at the end of 2. everyone saying rory is on steroids just knows that there going to need an excuse when he beats penn

    • EP says:

      @Get Rid of Fitch (FOREVER) …. i got to say man, we are on the same f*cking page,… almost every time i read your comments, i am on same page on you. gotta love it. you def know the deal and get it unlike a lot of these piker mma fans. GreaSP St Pierre, Roidy Mac, and Tristar are a bunch of dirty greasing cheating lay n prey point fighters, not real warriors and fighters like Penn, Shogun, Diaz bros, and the list goes on etc etc … And i think we both know that BJ is going to absolutely destroy Rory and finish him in round 1 or 2 via KTFO or RNC. Rory is so out of BJ’s league its so sad to see these clowns comments about how Penn is going to get killed and Rory is going to ruin him. Lmao … He and a lot of people are in for a rude awakening and reality check come DEC 8th…. BJ = LEGEND RORY = NOBODY PERIOD.

      • So GSP has put too much grease on in every fight? He had it wiped off once and still won so nice excuse. That’s the guys job that puts it on before they enter the cage. The fighters don’t do it themselves. Why is Rory definitely on steroids tell me that. You can’t.

    • Dude Penn was the one that started talking smack Not Rory yet here you are again with those made up excuses like always. Rory’s a greaser now?? LOL. You even say greaser on every GSP thing too over one incident as if he accomplished all of these things where he had too much grease on which every fighter uses. Silva had too much on and had it wiped off during the Chael fight but you don’t see me making excuses about it because Silva won fair and square. What is your strange deal with all the popular fighters? It’s really bizarre. I’ve never seen anyone do that on every popular fighter like you. Rory had a face gash yet you say Roids. When was that ever proven? You are a excuse making liar above all on every post.

  2. Kender says:

    War BJ.
    Can’t wait for this fight or the whole card this time.

  3. Irishfan says:

    Obviously believes all his own hype which mostly comes from his fellow Canadians. Won’t win him many fans, everyone loves to see someone like him get put well and truly in his place

    • gouldx87 says:

      your saying Canadians are giving rory hype lol it doesnt have anything to do with pretty much everyone saying he is the future of the division or anything its just all Canadian Hear say cause thats what we do here in canada EH

  4. 405 says:

    I’m so stoked for this fight! Should be a great one.

  5. jay808 says:

    backne! of course he’d be clean now, he’s had a whole cycle to be clean. if the signs are there, then it’s probably true.

  6. He wants more short notice steroids.

  7. grandpoobah says:

    Its kinda funny he wants fights on shorter notice, but couldn’t make the original fight date for this upcoming fight.

  8. Tossers says:

    No one calling him on his poor attempt of dad fashion? Stick to MMA shorts and a singlet Rory.

  9. Josiah Tawo says:

    i’m a bj penn fan but i gotta say, bj has got to catch rory in the first round or he’s in trouble.

  10. Mitch says:

    Rory wants more short notice fights, but he gets cut and wants to push his fihgt back two and half more months. His cut can heal in 8-10 weeks and he can still train with the cut. Maybe he just needed more time for ‘other’ things to pass throuhg his blood stream.

  11. Xaninho says:

    He only says he wants fights on shorter notice because people are catching on to his PED cycling. He isn’t really going to do it.

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