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Tuesday, 07/24/2012, 02:39 pm

Rory MacDonald Says He Will Hurt BJ Penn

By Evan Stoumbelis
Today the UFC held the press conference for UFC 152, which will take place on September 22nd in Toronto. The event will serve as BJ Penn‘s comeback fight, where he hopes to defeat the up and coming Canadian Rory MacDonald. During the course of the press conference Rory went on record as saying: “He’s upset because Georges whooped him, but I’m going to hurt him (BJ Penn) even worse.”

UFC (@UFC) tweeted the quote by MacDonald.

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103 Responses to “Rory MacDonald Says He Will Hurt BJ Penn”

  1. Ricardo says:

    Fuck em up BJ!!
    Much Love from Dallas Tx!

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I will be interested to see how good Rory really is without as many ROIDS has he had in past. YES i do believe he has access the the very best PED’sin world via GSP as in HGH which we all know is not tested for and designer steroids (UNDETECTABE) via Victor Conte. No doubt whatsoever Rory was JUICED up bigtime in nate Diaz fight. he had worst case of BACNE since Chael Sonnen in first Silva fight. TRISTAR may have the best PED’s in world but the side affects are still visable

      • Q says:

        I agree something fishys going on at tristar

      • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

        Get rid of fitch is a faggot ass pussy rertard. He is accusing fighters of sterioids, PEDS when they never ever once tested positive for it.

        • FU keep fitch says:

          And your punk ass fuckin keyboard warrior mother fucker go suck some more gsp nuts you pussy.Allistair had never tested positive either faggot until…..*he tested positive* fuckin attacking people like you got his cock in your ass everynight bitch at like your faggot ass is fucking married to the guy

        • Greatest ever says:

          I agree this fag is alway on here saying o this guy was on juice this is a cheet SHUT THE FUCK UP WE ALL HATE U U DON’T NO SHIT ABOUT MMA NOR HAVE U EVER BEEN IN A FIGHT SO GO KILL YOURSELF

          AND IM OUT

        • Pot calling the kettle black^^^ says:

          The only difference between you two is your mouth washing with BJ’s baby batter instead of Rory’s.

        • TM says:

          Dude, u r on rood or what? Pls get an education

        • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

          Alistair is completely different story. GSP has been with UFC since like 2004, thats like fucking 8 years in 8 years he never tested positive why the hell whould he now? thats fucking crazy. Alistair didnt test positive for steroids he had elevated testosterone lvls that dont mean he took steroids. Same with Rory he never tested positive for anything so how can you prove that he tested positive. If I told you that you beat your wife without evidence does that mean you really do? You need to think you are dumb faggot ass pussy ass kissing suck up. Get your mouth off of keep fitch’s dick you cock sucker. Think logically you dont know shit about MMA your a disgrace to humanity and life itself.

      • Fuck your an idiot says:

        There you go with your fuckin accusations again… provide some PROOF besides obsessing over his acne it’s getting old.

        • MMFT says:

          it’s not really that idiotic if you think about it…

        • pthance says:

          Actually its a lame metric. I spent till I I was 25 in the military with worse acne and bacne than him and I ate right and worked out multiple times a day. I didn’t Roids and looked worse, so stfu.

      • scotty says:

        He’s actually good points, BAD acne is a big sign for steroid use.. Its something you cant look past from a visual stand point, plus he was throwing Diaz around like a rag doll and not even getting tired.. Not sure rory has that kind of crazy strength.. But cant actually say he is on it because he did pass the test even though there is some very good steroids (HGH) where it is out of system quick.. Plus he is young still… And we all know GSP is on something plus Nate Marquardt tested for shit when he was training at tri star gym.. so i wouldnt put it past rory for possibly doing it.

        • steven says:

          Hgh is not a steroid, please do some research before you make stupid statements. Human growth hormone has absolutly nothing to do with testosterone

        • CanILive says:

          ….i have acne, it sucks… i’m 22 lol i may have tried creatine for a month when i was 18/19, i wish i had a definitive answer to why i have this shit, so please lol quit using the “he has ACNE SO HE TAKES STEROIDS” until you get other proof

        • I'm going to keep this short says:

          Back acne in a young fighter isn’t all that uncommon. Especially in grappling based fighters.
          He’s 22, give him a break. If he were 35, then I’d say something is fishy
          HGH is human growth hormone. Not a stetroid.

        • Jukka says:

          We’re in a steroid epidemic then clearly … you know cause there are students at my college above the age of 20 with acne, so I guess the jigs up.

    • “Roidy” MacDonald? 😉

  2. Holyshitballs says:

    BJ should’ve stayed retired or at least stay at 155lbs weight class….

  3. Thom says:

    wow looks like rory isnt as respectful as i thought he was.. go kill em BJ.

  4. Bob'O says:

    Now he’s talking junk? If Rory want’s to truly be the next GSP, he’s not starting off too well.

    I hope BJ throws a flying knee into his f-ing face. ~Bob’O

  5. Xaninho says:

    That’s just roidrage talking….

  6. Me says:

    Where can i find the press conference?

  7. BJJWhiz says:

    Rory will grease his way to a decision and when they catch him they won’t do shit to him just like GSP

  8. gouldx87 says:

    BJ never should have signed this fight…he’s going to get embarrased again

  9. ace says:

    i thought rory was respectable…now hes going to start talking crap..time to go to war bj

    • BX81 says:

      Yeah no kidding. I thought this kid was respectful. Guess I was wrong. I haven’t seen anything with BJ taking shots at this kid yet so this is straight out of left field. If it’s about the testing then Rory should be honored. He’s in a position to be the the young face of clean fighters while bj heads the older fighters. This is an opportunity to make a stand for a clean sport. I don’t understand why he’s so upset about that. Bj is out sized in this fight but Rory isn’t accounting for BJ’s heart. You can question BJ’s cardio in some fights but never his heart. He’s coming to fight and Rory can count on that, no matter what weight class.

  10. OahuGrown2Cali says:

    No respect. Time for WAR!!! Penn gonna fuck a bitch up!

  11. 808 says:

    I hope you u talk somemore rory.Keep talking we love it bacneman

  12. OC says:

    Fuck Rory!!! Whoop his ASS BJ

  13. MMApersonalJesus says:

    I believe 99% of fighters have taken some kind of chemical to help get them to where they are. Even with supplements, not many people know what is in them, and i’m sure some ingredients will be banned eventually. Taking supplements is not natural, just like PEDs.

    • B-rad says:

      Just like 99 % of your brain is retarded.. The only 1 percent that isnt is that you like MMA!! XD

    • Sean says:

      I agree with about the supplements…people who take them will always say it doesn’t do anything, doesn’t get you stronger, bigger…so then I ask why the hell they pay a ton of money for it.

    • Xaninho says:

      Supplements are not magic steroid-like enhancers.

      I take whey and vitamins next to a proper diet. the whey is nothing more than concentrated protein. If I want to ingest the same amount of protein by eating regular food I’d be eating half the day.

      • Read nutrition facts says:

        Whey protein is a rip off, a big can of tuna gives you more protein than whey powder. And its cheaper and more rich in omegas. Unless you dont like fish you should replace that whey powder with something cheaper and more natural (and healthier). Not busting on you, just offering friendly advice, ive read alot of your posts and agree with you most of the time.

        • Xaninho says:

          Thanks man I’m already eating tuna. I like it, but don’t like it enough to eat alot of it every day. The whey is an easy, well let’s just say it like it is… lazy way to up the amount of protein.

          Tuna contains about 22-24 grams of protein per 100 gram. The whey I use has 22 gram per 28 gram portion. I don’t see myself eating 300 grams of tuna per day lol.

  14. mj says:

    Rory has now put all the pressure on him. He just said he will out do GSP. That weight he just added will be a little much, even with the HGH, NOXplode, pussy juice whatever he is taking. Now he cant just win, he needs a finish. BJ, please KO this fucking canadian peice of shit.

  15. stephen riddle says:

    Come in shape bj and wreck this clown!

  16. DMAC says:

    Idk if Rory has agreed to the testing or not throughout the camp?

  17. MMApersonalJesus says:

    Diaz broke BJ, which was a good thing. It was the first time I saw anyone break BJ. Once you are broken you come back twice as strong. It is obvious BJ does not take PEDs, I’m Canadian and would love to see BJ win.

  18. true mma says:

    Wow Rory now your talking shit. Let your fists doing the talking Rory. Didn’t anyone learn from chael.

  19. Bjj BB says:

    Diaz did not break bj, he out boxed him after he got tired, re watch the fight and see how bj was kicking his ass at 1st till he gassed out and I’m not just backing up bj cuzz ima fan, its the truth, but i do agree on bj coming back stronger and i really hope he does!!

  20. Stone says:

    BJ please knock this guy out!? And BJ stay off the fense bra. Get him BJ!!!

  21. scotty says:

    Rory could have just woken a sleeping giant.. Look what happened when Diego and Florian were saying shit? BJ got really motivated and took it to another level! Hope this does the same!

  22. DBKlein69 says:

    wow bj is in for the beating of his life!!!

  23. DBKlein69 says:

    wow bj is in for the beatdown of his life!!!

  24. henry hill says:

    wow bj is gonna get a brutal beatdown!!!

  25. Raven Manny says:

    Rory is a HUGE faggot!! Maybe even bigger of a pussy than GSP… What amazes me is how the kid knows he’s on the juice and still has the nerve to pretend he’s not.

    He’s only fooling the TUF crowd.. But the hardcore knows exactly what this kids up to.

    And of you don’t. Then your a naive idiot!

  26. domp says:

    rory reminds me of sloth from the goonies, fix your eyes bro, or bj will do it for you. try not to hump his leg dana will hate you long time for it

  27. anthony says:

    Porsonally I think bj would be bad ass at 145 but iv only been I’m too MMA since 2009 so I don’t know much lol but bj has to do somthing bad ass too win and I do think rory is on somthing jiucy to flip diaz around lol…..and the supplement talk does that mean I should stop taking muscle pharm and stick to the good ol fish and chicken diet?????

  28. A.James says:

    I don’t know if this dude is on something or not but the way he rag dolled Diaz can be seen regularly in a Judo competition or a freestyle wrestling comp.

  29. lolziez says:

    this is exactly what BJ needs to hear, cause thats the shit that fires him up!! WAR BJ!!!!

  30. TM says:

    Talk is fucken cheep!!

  31. joe says:

    Hope BJ wins. So far, he keeps on tarnishing his legacy. Am from Hilo too and I support him, however, his past decisions have been far from convincing. Not sure what to expect anymore …retire, not retiring, etc… please make up ur mind and stick to it

  32. suzanne says:

    II love u bj

  33. 808 says:

    What we have here is Rory’s first attempt at hyping a fight. But a cocky persona is uncharacteristic for him as Rory comes off as socially awkward. Young guy probably grew up a loner with his only ‘friends’ coming from the gym.

  34. Shawn says:

    Go get um BJ ..he’s no gsp go smash him make him eat his tweets

  35. StopandThink says:

    I love BJ and want him to win but it really does not look good when some of his fans start up on the whole roid crap. We have seen a true champ like Anderson Silva beat roided up fighters like Irwin and Sonnen and he never complained. All you fans who quickly defend the possibility of Bj loosing with that lame theory need to shut your mouths and let BJ take care of business.

  36. joe mac says:

    too short of a time frame for BJ to get into the type of shape he would need to beat Rory. Plus, with BJ dropping out of the VADA testing shows he’s more interested in the paycheck than winning on an equal playing ground. Really disappointed with how all of this is playing out. The 28-30 year old BJ is the best BJ we’ll will have ever seen. kinda sad.

  37. maurice says:

    i really dont know how this fight will go. i know for sure macdonald wont land a single takedown for atleast the first 7 mins. after that idk wat will happen. it all depends on wat bj shows up. all these years later and bj cardio is STILL the only thing holding him back from greatness.

  38. Macc Niemann says:

    Whoop that ass BJ,,go out like a champ. Fan 4 life right here….WAR BJ!!

  39. maurice says:

    @JOE MAC yo r u a bj penn fan or what man? im so tired of all these so called “hardcore penn fans” doubting bj against every damn body. if this is ur guy then back him. have some faith in ur guy man. its a shame when bj winning easily everyone on board, when he starts having tough fights his “fans” doubt him. its not like penn is losing a step or this and that. its still the same story, his cardio. win, lose or draw, at some point in this fight it will be evident who the better fighter is, which is bj. ppl forget that since his move to ww, bj was winning each fight until failing because his cardio. yes his cardio is still questionable, but his skills arent. i dont care how bad bj cardio looks, he’s still one of the most skilled fighters in all of mma. bj knows exactly what he’s up against, and he will come prepared. ppl forget this is bj last hoorah at ww, he aint just going to lay down for some kid who thinks he’s the georges safe pierre. bj by first round rnc.

  40. Mike b says:

    I will be upset if bj losses of the best fighters to ever live.destroy this mutherfucker bj.

  41. Quitcrying says:

    I dunno if I buy into bj’s chances of winning. His last win was against a Matt hughes who lost to Josh k after. Every fight bj has everyone hopes for the bj of old to come out and he never does. I’ll cheer on Penn but let’s not all kid ourselves here. Rory is that younger breed of fighter who was meant to take down the older pieces and make way for the new generation.

  42. Xaninwhore says:

    I believe Rory when he said he’s going to hurt BJ, I can’t even watch this fight. It’s disheartening to see one of your favorite fighters go down from a younger fighter.

  43. Common Sense says:

    Before everyone tries to smear Rory’s name and brand him as a roid head, take a look at his age. He just turned 23 a few days ago. Going by your logic every 22yr old with acne is on roids??!!

  44. Dee says:

    Rory has already started training for this fight and BJ just finished partying in Vegas. I hope BJ come out and really train for this fight and not like the other fights. I really hope he’s running way more than just 2 miles.

  45. EP says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW lay off the crack pipe Rory and GreaSP’s nuts. He should try watching the 1st fight (ufc 58) with BJ v Gsp when rory was still in diapers… BJ beat the fuck out of him and broke Gsps face and sent him to hospital to get surgery and left octagon without a scratch and lost a split decision (worst decision ever in UFC/MMA history in my opinion).. on paper, but every real fan and fighter knows BJ won that fight. This fkn idiotic punk just landed himself a Death Sentence. BJ please make this kid pay for calling out a legend and for disrespecting you like that. FUCK RORY’S bitch ass. TEAM PRODIGY ALL DAY EVERY DAY. #BJPENN #GOAT #LIVINGLEGEND

  46. OakCliffTopdog says:

    @Ricardo – Represent Penn Nation from Dallas Tx! I have a feeling Penn is going to floor him in the first with a quick TKO finish and then walk off into the sunset!

  47. James Wolfe says:

    Fist off, I hope BJ is in camp and getting in tip top shape, because you might want to take a look at what Rory did to Diaz, and the first 2 rounds of the Condit fight… This guy if for real no doubt about it! That being said I am a big BJ fan from Canada.

    I can’t stand the separatist, racist GSP. BJ destroyed him in the first round of the first fight they had but not much done after that. Again, cardio, conditioning was a factor…BJ should have won that first fight…

    Please BJ, show up with the hunger and fitness you had for Sanchez, Shierk, Florian fights or you will be in deep, deep trouble.

    I will always be a fan BJ but you better be ready because this guy is the real deal.

  48. sykoMMA says:

    As a BJ fan I admit he lacks the drive to win this fight

  49. John says:

    Well Rory seemed to grow a pair overnight because i don’t think he is much of a fighter. I mean when he fought Che mills he got hit once and absoulutly shit himself and rushed for a takedown. Also i think he is a quitter and he quit against condit I mean to me i think he could have survived but he quit. Also i find it a bit funny that he fought Guymon who is now a LW and Diaz who is a LW and now called out the best fighter of all time who is a LW.

    Seriously Rory stop trying to act tough BJ is the fighter and your just a steroid Junkie shit talker

  50. if rory lets go of the peds he has no chance at bj.. everyone knows whats up rory and gsp.. ped ped ped, and lets just see if he takes some greaseing lessons from gsp on the day of the fight..

  51. Gefco says:

    Bj is just playing with his mind about the testing. He did show up to the presser cause he didnt want to show rory how good he looked because he’s training hard he’ll let rory be surprised at the next presser how focus and how hard he’s training and in shape he is. Rory thinks he’s not training and last time he saw bj he was out of shape rude awakeing son. Bj putting shot in his head bj won’t lose this time it’s not cause of rory or gsp it’s their trainer faraz zahaib bj wants to beat.

  52. Mike says:

    All you idiots claiming everyone is on steroids are just keyboard warriors that have no idea what your talking about. You are accusing people that have never tested positive for any kind of PED’s of doing steroids just because they have acne. I am a roofer and sometimes when I get too hot my back breaks out real bad and I don’t do any kind of supplements much less steroids. Rory is a great fighter and until he test positive he should not be accused of taking PED’s.

  53. Knuckle Sammy says:

    You mongoloids will be pretty damn quiet after this fight. BJ Pudge is going to get seriously hurt during this scrap. Rory will do far more damage then what GSP and Frankie Edgar combined did. BJ should have retired and stayed retired years ago. Too stupid to realize when to stay down.

  54. Xaninho says:

    And you are on BJ’s site because…?

    • Knuckle Sammy says:

      It’s actually a really good site for MMA news (I follow via twitter). Obviously BJ has nothing to contribute. Just collects a check for having his name on it.

  55. halfway says:

    Not sure what it is about Rory but I don’t like him as a fighter much. Nothing special, just take down, batter up a bit. He was very impressive against Nate though. Even though its all speculation, the roid issue is interesting. He literally was a scrawny little kid and out of nowhere he was huge and throwing people around.

    Roids and the Jackson affiliated fighters isn’t new. Some have been busted for them and it automatically implicates the rest of them. People get mad about the accusations but they’re warranted.

  56. wormy38 says:

    would love to see bj go train somewhere besides home.he needs to be pushed more.when hes fired up and in shape hes better than anyone at 155 or 170.sanchez,florian,hughes,etc

  57. lamer says:

    i wouldnt be surprised if all these haters were just hilo boys that caught konks from bj back in the day

  58. Brett says:

    You know what funny hes never beaten anyone in the top 10 haha!

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