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Saturday, 08/04/2012, 09:57 pm

Rory MacDonald Out Of UFC 152 With Injury, Penn Seeks Slot In Rio | UFC NEWS

The UFC injury train has steam rolled through once again, this time hitting close to home, as Rory MacDonald has reportedly been forced out of his scheduled bout with BJ Penn due to a significant cut along his eyebrow that required 38 stitches.

The two welterweight fighters had a date in Toronto on the upcoming UFC 152 main card.

The MacDonald-Penn bout was to serve as the first ever VADA endorsed fight and the two athletes had agreed on undergoing random drug testing throughout the course of the final 8-weeks of training.

In an exclusive interview with BJPENN.COM, BJ Penn expressed his disappointment and shock over the news, but wanted to release the following statement:

“I am sorry to hear about the injury to Rory, this is a fight that got me out of retirement and one that I was looking forward to. I would like to wish Rory a speedy and healthy recovery and request a postponement of our fight to the Rio card.

To Rory, let’s stay with VADA and continue through with the program from now until we fight!”


61 Responses to “Rory MacDonald Out Of UFC 152 With Injury, Penn Seeks Slot In Rio | UFC NEWS”

  1. danielrchargers says:

    ha. Rorys gotta get off that cycle.

  2. lolziez says:

    i call BS. fool shot up, thinkin BJ wasnt gonna do the VADA test and now hes fucked

  3. Inho says:

    lol at Rory wanting BJ to wait for ufc 154 in montreal….. This fight in Rio would be awesome and its only fair this way!

  4. Ryan says:

    You guys are both fucking idiots. Go look at Ariel Helwani’s twitter, there’s a picture of Rory’s cut. Stop sucking BJ off

    • Chris says:

      Cut is not that bad. Wouldn’t want to fight with it, but still not that bad.

    • Yo says:

      Lmao….its ok bro you can cry,we love you.

    • BJ is KING says:

      you’re an idiot if you think that cut takes 2 months to heal, ive been stabbed in the left deltoid and it took <2 months to heal, rory probably just realised he wont be able to cycle off properly and now hes afraid because his roid haze has worn off, he now knows properly what he has gotten himself into and thats a scrap with one of the best P4P fighters ever

  5. Inho Lee says:

    Lol at Rory wanting BJ to wait until the 154 event in montreal….. its only fair that the fight would be moved to the next card in Rio….. silly Rory

  6. BJJWhiz says:

    Dude i bet u he cut himself so he wouldn’t get caught with steroids and get fired from the UFC and if he didn’t do VADA everyone would know that he’s a 100% roider. That’s why he cut himself that fake!

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I 100% agree Rory ROIDER found his way out. You think for one minute he wouldn’t do a headbutt to get out of TESTING POSITIVE for ROIDS. Only way Rory can save face IMO is to go in TOMORROW and supply WADA samples (BLOOD) anyone can pass a PISS test with masking agents. 90% of all MMA fighters are on some type of PED’s and I have no doubt TRISTAR/GSP has access the the VERY BEST CUTTING EDGE NON-DETECTABLES-Victor Conte PED’s. Rory showed the world has much of a JUICER he is by showing up to Nate Diaz fight with the all time worst ROID BACNE ever. Even worse than CHEAT Sonnen’s FREAKING HORRIBLE HORRIBLE BACNE in first Silva fight and we all read WHY he had the TESTOSTERONE LEVEL of 17 men.

  7. Chris says:

    As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t matter whether this was a legitimate pull-out or not. He has invited suspicion at the most basic level that cannot be easily forgotten.

  8. Not surprised, could be a cover up injury…

  9. Pancho says:

    LOL. Good one Rory

  10. yeah freakin right says:

    rory was scared to go through with vada – SOOOOO PREDICTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RORY ROIDS MACDONALD!!!!!!!! JUST LIKE HIS IDOL GREASE ST PIERRE!!!!!!

  11. Quitcrying says:

    Haha what a dumb ass. You should be training with gear to help prevent cuts. Who was the training partner he pissed off? Maybe someone left a filing cabinet open and gsp yelled for rory and he comically ran into the open drawer and he got cut!

  12. Yo says:

    So Penn made a vigina on diegos head while Rory shows us his before the fight?

  13. ernesto hoost says:

    he probably tried to do a huge roid cycle before he started testing and it went straight to his eyebrow muscle and his eyebrow muscle couldnt take it and it tore open

  14. kapuakela says:

    nice cover up fag, this is a bj penn website so if ur gonna dog his supporters go blow urself on rorys site. how convient roids!!!

  15. Mike says:

    I doubt its that the cut won’t heal in time, its that you can’t train with 30+ stitches over your eye. Doh!

  16. The real cat smasher says:


  17. NiggerDick says:

    Either way, fake injury or not. Bj needs the time to get in shape, pudgy bastard was going to get whooped. He should use the extra time to actually get into shape for once. Rory is no fucking joke, penn never takes anything serious, except for ass whippings.

    • Right. Never takes anything serious. That’s why he only fights the best of the best.

      I like Rory instantly when I first saw him fight Che Mills and pumped him up to everyone. However, like others have said, the timing of this makes it suspicious. Either way, to save face, he should still do the VADA testing. It’s not like it will hurt his cut either way,

  18. GET RID OF 6:1 TRT BULLSHIT says:

    Roidy MacSteroids

    Roidhead Macne

    SteRory MacJuiceHead

    OveRoreem MacCheater

    Prory-Active (Proacrtive)

    SteRory MacPEDs

    TRoryT MacHGH

    JuiceRory MacPussy

    CheateRory MacNeedles

    AlistaiRory MacOveroid

    TestosteRory MacTeraphy

    ShamRory MacFrank

    MarquaRory MacNate

    BaRorynett MacJosh

    ChRoryis MacLeben

    CaRorywin MacShane

    BRoryck MacLesnar

  19. Clay says:

    Wow I wonder why rory would pull out of such a big fight and a big payday. And a chance to really boost his career. A cut like that? Lol

  20. nakano says:

    Alright. things happen…. let see this stitched up cut, and how it happened.

  21. Trevor says:

    This is an awesome thing for BJ. BJ was recently out of shape, and has taken while off from training. This will give him more time to get back in shape.

  22. bb says:

    in the picture of rorys cut above the eyebrow u can see the acne

  23. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Rory ROIDER knows his team has everything needed to pass any ROID test so if he doesn’t go in anyway and have the Vada testing done then its 100% for sure he is more worried about Vada testing than the BASIC testing done by athletic commission. Everyone knows most all the estimated 90% of MMA fighters know how to beat the very weak athletic commission testing. Whats even more of a joke is the athletic commission allow 6 to 1 ratio which is an insanely high testostrone level and they don’t even test fighters to see if they have synthetic testosterone in their systems so basically ANY fighter can be on TRT as long as they taper down and have their own testing done right up to the fights. What that allows fighters like Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt to do is train with massively high levels which allows fighters to pak on massive strength in a very short time as well as heal at 10 times natural rate. Nate “THE CHEAT” proved that was exactly what he was doing leading up to the Story fight. The otehr thing most people don’t realize is he supplied 3-5 elavated samples the previous 3 months before the Story fight add taht to the FACT he was BUSTED dead to rights for testing positive for DECA-Nandrolone in 2005. That is why Dana FIRED his cheating ass. But of course all idiots were saying he didn’t do anything more wrong than CHEAT Sonnen.

  24. Wrestlingdoesntrule says:

    His cut and those stitches look suspicious.
    I am a Doctor and I would venture to say that a good make up artist could recreate that, snap a photo at the right angle and there you have it, a perfectly looking FAKE gash.
    If Rory wants to save face he should definitely submit to VADA as Mr. Penn has suggested. My guess is that he will not.

  25. Read nutrition facts says:

    Very suspicious, this article was posted at 1 am.. All of the articles pertaining to this were posted at 1 am eastern time. Thats one late sparring session.. Maybe he got ina bar fight and said sparring session.

  26. Xaninho says:

    What a surprise! (this is sarcasm, for the dumbasses)

    Pizzaback gets injured, 2 days after enrolling with VADA…I said it before and I’ll say it again: Pizzaback is on something.

  27. 757 says:

    Rory probably is doing roids and BJ called out correctly. A cut over the eye is a bad place and the guy can’t train properly with that. It won’t heal in time so the reason he isn’t fighting is legit. On the other hand is a cocky arrogant prick, and I was looking forward to him getting busted or beat by BJ. Either way he has to feel the pain for now. I dud who has the name Get rid of fitch would get off that. Fitch has put up some boring fights, but he was also a top contender and was a tough dude for a long time. Just because Dana says he is boring doesn’t mean you have to dick ride him and get on the hate Fitch train…just saying. Anyway ups to BJ for calling this fool out after he was speaking about BJ out of turn..

  28. EP says:

    THIS ROID HEADED PUNK is trying everything he can to get out of the VADA testing, bc he cant cycle out yet. I know he got cut, but either way he should still submit his test results. He wont though. Watch. Either way, kid needs to stop being a pussy and step up to the plate… dont call out living legends and then bitch out bc ur about to get busted for roiding up. It doesnt matter where this fight is Toronto, Rio, Montreal … Penn is going to smash this kid badly. WAR PRODIGY TEAM PENN all day every day

  29. Yo says:

    Remember when his fans said hes da future?….hahahahah ,peaceeee

  30. Kong says:

    Im a long time bj fan and I want bj to win this fight. With that being said I read some of these comments and some of them are ridiculous. Some of you are saying rory cut himself on purpose. First of all I would like to see one of you go out and give yourself almost forty stitches in the head on purpose, that’s just dumb to say. As far as roids because of back acne I would like u to google back acne take a look at some picks and tell me if some of these 100 pound acne sufferers are on steroids. I mean maybe he is maybe he isn’t but he has never tested pos so give him the benefit of doubt. He is still young and some people are more prone to acne than others. With that being said i hope these two still fight and hope bj wins.

    • EP says:

      Shut up Kong. Go cry about it on Roid heads webage or GreaSP

    • Yo says:

      yea put my career and all that money and my image on da line,shit ill cut myself lol

    • BJ is KING says:

      Seriously? We are talking about his career, potential money and fame, so of course everyone here would cut themselves. I would cop a punch to the head if it gave me 2 months extra for a university project. I wont give him the benefit of the doubt because nobody gave Alistair Overeem the benefit of the doubt (favourite fighter since BJ) and he was found out. Alot of the assumptions that come from forums/websites are spot on, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this new allegation made by many people was true as well. Rory needs to take a book out of GSP and don’t talk rubbish (or at least close his mouth)

  31. Pachenko says:

    Fighters Only has the picture up and a comment about

  32. Scotty says:

    Even seems BJ is suspicious about this injury.. As he tells Rory in his statement top continue with VADA til they fight! Lets see if Rory accepts BJ proposal? If he says NO then im going to say Rory did the cut himself but a headbutt or something..

  33. lyndonwhitlock says:

    Penn now is your chance to get in shape. Take the opportunity to train well. Turn the down into muscle and get that cardio up. Or else get stomped in the third.

  34. Dee says:

    NO PEDS no healing. What I do not like about MMA is that guys are training like their in an actual fights. That’s the wrong way to train. This is why they’re so many injuries in MMA. You’re suppose to spar to perfect your technique, timing, coordination, not to kill each other. This is stupid. If I was training for a 5 hr marathon, I wouldn’t run the 5 hrs everyday. That’s nonsense. I would be too injured to compete.

    • Bruce says:

      You’re an idiot aren’t you. You have to train hard if you want to be the best. I give it my all when sparring and in every aspect of my training. Also I think you would want to run 5 hours just to see how you’re cardio is for that 5 hour marathon you’re going to compete in. Did you ever play sports in school? Shit my coach would bench us if we didn’t give it our all in full contact practice.

  35. CrazyCanuck says:

    Im feel dumb,I am dumb.

  36. Ruckus says:

    Fight Rory in Montreal!!!

  37. Brend0magic says:

    It’s official, Rory’s on roids.

  38. Zack says:

    Wow what pussy. And why does rory think he needs to wait until November to fight. He is 100% without a doubt a juicer and I hope him and greaserst.pierre get caught and kicked out of the UFC. Gsp takes roids and still fights like a bitch. this is just unbelievable.

    • Scotty says:

      U think the UFC would kick GSP out? They already know he greased and did nothing about it even the commission let it go! He is to much of an asset to the business, he brings in ALOT of money.. There is no way they would cut GSP, shit they didnt cut Chael after his TRT incident and fraud.. The bigger name, the more the protect them.. Rory a different story, he isnt a big name yet, and he wants to fight in Canada cause their testing is shit!

  39. Rory fan says:

    Hes not guilty,i trust cheaters,i hate evidence,obama is good.

  40. DMAC says:

    “To Rory, let’s stay with VADA and continue through with the program from now until we fight!”

    He won’t do this I guarantee! I think BJ knows for a fact Rory is on roids. If he’s not wiling to continue testing to help the sport he’s guilty as hell. If he does go through with the testing all the way up till they have a new fight date then were all dumb shits…

  41. Jacob lee says:

    Haha maybe the “next gsp” is scared

  42. Bob'O says:

    Why wouldn’t Rory be wearing head gear? This makes no sense. Don’t know what happened, but it looks very suspicious.

    I love BJ’s response. He’s mind fucking the kid.

    Nope, Sorry Rory. You had your chance to fight in Canada but for whatever reason, because of your own actions, one way or another, you’re not now.

    So, BJ should not accept a fight in Montreal, but only down in Brazil where the climate gives him the advantage anyway.

    We will all see if Rory steps up and keeps his word by still doing the testing! ~Bob’O

  43. PDM says:

    That sucks-was looking forward to this fight on the Toronto card. Hope BJ stays on the card against a suitable replacement.

    BTW-seems like Rory is always pulling out of fights. 123, 140, and now this one.

  44. oh snap says:

    Can you imagine Rory holding the title? He’d hold the title hostage!!!!!!!!!!!! and be considered the best fighter in the world – the “David Beckham” of MMA. Wait! The song is be sang. so is this injury bullshit. MAN UP great fighters of Jackson Camp. All these ROIDS to LAY and PRAY!!!! and FOOLS call these guys from Jackson Camp the best?????? more like the best excuses and the best roids money can buy.

    WAR PENN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Educated says:



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