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Tuesday, 06/19/2012, 11:31 am

Rory MacDonald Opens Up As Betting Favorite Over BJ Penn | UFC NEWS

According to young welterweight star, Rory MacDonald, has opened up as the oddsmakers favorite over two-division UFC champion BJ Penn.

The two welterweight fighters are expected to square off at UFC 152 this September in Canada.

Is the smart money on the young up-and-comer or will Penn prove the doubters wrong?

Sound off Penn Nation!!

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53 Responses to “Rory MacDonald Opens Up As Betting Favorite Over BJ Penn | UFC NEWS”

  1. Rondo says:

    Looks like those of you. Betting on BJ, may be in for a little extra dough!

  2. MMA FAN says:

    so hard to bet, because who knows what BJ has been doing during the time of not fighting. Rory is fighting like a beast these days.

  3. Kalaeboi! says:

    Praying for a hungry, in shape, hard trained BJ for sure……I always support BJ, this is gonna be a tough fight for da bruddah, but he can get the W of course…. Its up to Bj not Rory who wins this…. Teach this kid a lesson in ol school Hawaiian beat down!!!!!!!! The fight already started for BJ in the gym……. Push it brah! Like when u were with the Marinovich Bros. Go out there and show these Haoles whats up! Fuk Tri star!

  4. ravi says:

    rory macdonald’s strategy will prob be the same as gsp. gsp said he wanted to attack bj’s core b/c flexible ppl supposedly have weak cores. avoid striking, use his weight to lay and pray, put his knee on bj’s stomach to tire him out, then eek out a decision. this could be a boring fight, hopefully bj will KO the loser in the 1st round.

  5. Thomas says:

    Oh, no! I must have been under a rock or something. Thought it was RMD’s way of standing on a legend by talking about this wish. But it’s gonna happen and BJ is in for a surprise!

    It’s going to hurt my BJ Penn heart :(

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  6. Clay says:

    I think the odds speak for themselves. Thats about right

  7. Bugsypugsly says:

    BJ has a lot of experience under his “belt.” This new kid has a lot to prove, but so does BJ with his last defeat to Diaz. I think that is where the speculation and doubt come from. However, BJ will come back well-trained with his head in the game. Then he can retire on top, but why stop now?

  8. John M says:

    It makes sense to me why these betting odds would favor Rory after his last fight with Diaz. Now don’t get me wrong I am a huge fucking BJ fan and granted the fact that BJ waited until he got this opportunity to fight Rory definitely says something about his motivation. I got BJ with a KO on this one.

  9. Cobraasshh yo teet says:

    Im going to call the winner Rory by better Cardio! /truth

    sorry guys, i had to say it.

    bj looked phenomenal in that first round against nick diaz, but man that is a hard pace to keep up, especially with a guy like nick.

    • penn and diaz fan says:

      i honestly think were it not for the body shots, bj would have kept the pace from round 1 all the way to round three… i have bj winning against rory though, he has serious reason to train hard on this one against little mister tri star

      • Chris Normal says:

        Am I the only one that thinks BJ got really hurt with knees to the head attempting a takedown on the cage? He seemed to be controlling the fight and then you hear from his corner “take him down”; When BJ reaches for the takedown he gets popped in the head twice with 2 knees. It was game over after that.
        Only could bear to watch the fight once so dont know if I was just seeing ish or what.

      • I like this web site so much, bookmarked. “I don’t care what is written about me so long as it isn’t true.” by Dorothy Parker.

  10. Hostile Hunter says:

    +1 Penn by K.o.

  11. Xaninho says:

    My money is on BJ, especially if the crazy, blood licking BJ is back.

  12. Robert E. says:

    I really think Rory is going to put a hurtin on BJ that he will never forget. I think after Rory is done with BJ he will truly b retired

  13. Schweez says:

    I love BJ he is one of my all time favorite fighters. That man is a warrior. One of the greatest fighters of all time. I gotta put favorites aside a go with RMD he is a whole new breed of athlete he completely dominates every one he faces he’s got pretty damn good standup great wrestling phenomenal takedown defense. The only way I see BJ winning this fight is a quick knockout like the Hughes fight. No matter what BJ says he doesn’t have that same fire he used to that wanted to compete and see who’s the baddest. You can tell by the way he talks listen to Tyson back in his prime that was a man with confidence in his abilities you must have that or you’ve already lost the battle within yourself.

  14. tuff gong says:

    Bjs gunna kick Roys ass! Rory hasn’t faught any real fighters til now. The only real challenge was condit and Rory lost. I Dnt count Nate diaz fight, he walks around at least 40 more lbs than him. Bj all the way.808 pride!!!

  15. B-rad says:

    if penn shows up like the penn that ruled 155 a few years ago then he will stop rory. If its the penn that showed up against diaz well he might just get murked

  16. huntmike says:

    Bj is losing this fight. In fact BJ will get FINISHED by the third round. We all know he will not be trained enough for this, nor will he be trained properly. Rory does not have the same skills but he is smart enough and good enough to get BJ tired and chip away at him. 3 round comes and Penn is tired and usless from trying to fend of a much bigger athlete who is trained by some of the BEST in the MMA industry.

    Sad to say it but Penn gets smashed. He has had enough WW fights recently for Rory and his camp to watch. Penn has NO cardio at 170 and he is slower than hewas 3 years ago, his punching power does not carry to WW like it used to (unless ge fights washed up Hughes again).

    Rory is 22 years old, well trained, and has enuogh experience already to smear Penn across the canvas. That is what is going to happen and you all know this.

    3 months of losing weight? Seriously Penn? He never learns and that is going to be his ultimate undoing.

    Sad to say and sadder to see it.

  17. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Rory is gonna rag doll Penn.

  18. chon 209 says:

    bj come down to stockton (lodi) and train, forget all that bs in the past, if you can do it with jens and matt you can do it with nick. the diaz boys would get you in the best shape of your life, and i would bet the house on you, if not then plan for a second retirement cuz ronald pimple mcdonald is no joke and I dont see what your camp can do to get you ready… plus they got time nick is out for another 8 months or so and nates waiting for bendo to beat edger again so make it happen just give them a call dont hold a grudge its all in the past just like you said with greasy-sp

  19. WrestlingRules says:

    I hope Rory ass-slams BJ WWE style.

  20. 808 says:

    Yah buddy bet on bj!!!!!

  21. B-rad says:

    i think lebron james will go back to the cavs before BJ penn goes and trains with nick diaz. nick acted like a complete jackass after that fight which is the same as saying nick was comepletly normal that night, fights a great fight, then acts like an idiot lol

  22. chris says:

    BJ is my favorite fighter of all time, but no doubt he is the underdog in this one. Although I fail to see how BJ is done. The worst thing he ever did was lose to Frankie the hamster twice. He beat up Fitch for two rounds, and he was beating Diaz early, Nick is known for coming back and outworking people, no shame in losing a FIGHT to Diaz. At least he didn’t run like Condit, and he had balls. I feel like BJ needs to come out hard and look for a TD early, try to get that TKO or RNC. Not saying he’s weak there but we’ve only seen Rory Mac on bottom once, and he got stopped.

  23. Twayne says:

    Lets Go Champ! Smash this fukkah from tri-star!! PENN FTKILL!!


  24. Micah Taylor says:

    I got bj on this one, this is like a rocky story, his back is against the wall but everyone is counting bj out but the old bj will be back

    • PipeDream says:

      Rory is going to play safe and try to use his size for 3 rounds and do the boring GSP style fighting. There is no doubt that Rory is going to use GSP’s strategy down to every last detail. The only difference is that in the third round Penn is going to get TKOed.

      He has not been in shape since the Diaz fight. There is no way in HELL he is going to be able to be in any kind of fighting shape coming from 185-190 pounds of fat in three months. He will have NO cardio AT ALL.

      Penn took a fight he is guaranteed to lose, and lose BADLY. This will not be like the Diaz fight at all. Penn is going to get beat down, and beat into retirement. He won’t show his face for months after this.

      • Chris says:

        what evidence do you have to support your claim of rory using this strategy? do you train with him, do you coach him, do you know him personally? you’re merely speculating and like others said rory mac has never used that strategy before and gsp always uses that same tactic except usually he can actually take his opponent down early bj he couldn’t

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  25. UFCFREAK says:

    rory plays it safe?? hes finished every single one of his professional fights except for nate diaz who he managed to rag dolled around the octagon. rory will absolutely go for the finish against BJ. Im a fan of BJ just like anybody who truly is a martial arts fan should be, but this is no walk in the park for either fighter. The obvious advantages, rory is a huge WW and BJ barely makes 170. I like seeing BJ at LW and would had rather seen him come back since he never returned after his loss to frankie “point fighter” edgar but that division is way over stacked. I cant say ill be wanting one fighter more to win over the other as im a fan of both just as much. odds, are in rory’s favor but as the saying goes, anything can happen in a fight

  26. marc stock says:

    I’m sure BJ penn is not stupid and trains as hard as any other fighter and is probably as confused as anybody why he can’t last more than one round anymore.There is more to stamina than just training in the gym.He needs to double check everything he’s doing outside the gym.Could be something extremely simple to fix.
    BJ penn and Anderson silva are the only two fighters i’ve seen whose martial arts resemble proper old skool fighters like kaiso so doshin, toshsitsugu takamatsu and yip man.If BJ penn has the stamina he’ll win, he’s a better martial artist.

  27. benny says:

    I’m a born and raised hawaiian from B.I.G ISLAND and i don’t care what the odds is!!!!! No forget people the fight can end with ONE BIG right hand from BJ PENN… know what the question is?????Can mcdonald take a PUNCH………..BIG ISLAND BOYS ALL DAY EVERY DAY ……808 STATE

  28. Vtx76 says:

    Funny how people want to automatically count BJ out….I’d never bet against him….Depends on how bad he wants it..He is already one of the best of all time and really has nothing left to prove to anyone..All these lame ass lay and pray fighters should take notes. BJ fears no one and is ready to scrap with anyone.

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