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Wednesday, 04/25/2012, 07:00 am

Rory MacDonald | "I think I could beat anybody in the division right now,"

“I think I could beat anybody in the division right now,” MacDonald told Sid Seixeiro on Sportsnet 590

“I’ve evolved so much, added so many tools to my game,” MacDonald said. “I feel like I’ve put so many things in my game that I can be aggressive but technical at the same time.”

“It takes experience (to learn how to stay calm),” MacDonald explained. “I’ve lost control in one of my fights before (but) basically (I) try to keep composed and try not to make mistakes and keep my technique.”

“A lot of people think it’s better to go into berserker mode, but it’s not actually. I’m a pretty exciting fighter without going into berserker mode.”

“(Waterboy) wasn’t fitting for my character when I step into the Octagon,” MacDonald said. “I found it weird, people I didn’t know calling me Waterboy.”

“It’s about principle,” MacDonald said. “You can’t dance with the devil. I didn’t get into (mixed martial arts) for money … I’m not taking a fight against Georges. We’re training partners and help each other get better … I stick to my principles. I believe in friendship. I have to think more tomorrow and 10 years from now.”

“I’ve got to heal my elbow up and see how I feel in two weeks. I don’t want to fight too soon so I’ll be injured when I fight … I definitely want to make an appearance on Canadian soil,”

Rory MacDonald comments on Sportsnet 590’s The Fan on Tuesday.

MacDonald coming off a dominant display at UFC 145 defeating Che Mills in the second round. MacDonald comments on how he has developed as a fighter and is adamant he wont fight Georges St Pierre.


62 Responses to “Rory MacDonald | "I think I could beat anybody in the division right now,"”

  1. Guamy says:

    Please let Kos Smash this kid. Good Job Rory you wrestle fucked a guy with no wrestling.
    id like to see him fight damien maia

  2. Marek says:

    Rory has koschecks number all day !

    • diek says:

      Supported! It is only a matter of time. Like he said in the post fight interview, he just needs some more experience. And there is nothing wrong with that.

  3. Cody says:

    The UFC is trying to hype this guy so fucking much it just becomes annoying let him fight someone worth a damn

    • danielrchargers says:


      • edo says:

        Man what’s with all the hate… Do you guys like fights going to decision? These guy combined have 31 fights, and only 4 of those fights have gone to decision. So stop calling them lame because all you want to see in a fight is people winging for the fences, educate yourself about this sport. It’s not only stand-up but there’s a ground component to the sport. So stop bitch.

      • damien says:

        How u gonna dis rory or jon jones two the best in the game u dont kno shit rory is a feuture champ words from gsp and jon jones is jon jones no one will be able to stop him in the light heavy class he runs through everyone like nothin u watch when he kicks dans ass

      • diek says:

        Another internet warrior with nothing but hate and bullshit. When he fought Diaz he tossed him around like a rag doll, no one had done that to Nate up to that point. His fight will Carlos was outstanding, despite him loosing. And again, he pounded the shit out of his opponent on Sat night. The glass is half full, leave the negative bullshit behind.

      • Donnybrook says:

        And Daniel charges forward to the front of the retard pack… smh.

  4. McCombski says:

    I like rory but i wann see him fight someone in the top ten. I think that Martin Kampan would be a great fight for rory. Some one with good hands and a solid ground game. That last fight was kinda bs i think dana is giving him stepping stones to try and make a super fight between him and gsp. and i know gsp and rory say they wont fight each other but we will see about that. He would hype it up the same way as bones and rashad Give rory someone in the top ten and then i give him a litte more respect. Kampman, Alvaras, hendricks (after kos beats him) but some one a step up in commpetion by quit a bit then we can start talking about him being the next champ

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      He was getting bested in the stand up for a little while before Rory took Che down. 170 has a bunch of wrestlers and he might have a problems if he can’t take them down. Him and Wonderboy should to share notes.

    • Sean says:

      he just said he wont fight his training partner and friend. who do you think he is? jon jones?

  5. OZLO says:

    Hype him up, wtf are these fuck tards at BJ Penn smoking, he smashed Che Mills, 3 timed Nate Diaz, and was whooping Condits ass before that fight was stopped pre-maturely with 30 secs left. Rory is a warrior and will fight anybody, u motherfuckers just mad that when a Canadian will retire from WW division, another will take over.

    • danielrchargers says:

      got caught standing with Che so took down a fairly older man from England ( older men from England have 0% wrestling experience.)
      Tossed around a man half his size.
      And ran out of gas in the Condit fight so it looked like he had been TKO’ed (understandable pre-mature stoppage)
      in another term, he is a neutralizer, finds what you’re worst at and takes it there. i call that smart as shit, but very lame at the same time because i dislike him…..

      • primalmasher says:

        at least he didn’t lay on him like some other canuck that we all know. you americans can NEVER look at the logical side of things. you always go for the american and that’s how it will always be. that’s why canadians and brazilians, even the japanese have better fans! we don’t critique based on nationality, records or simpleton MMA math, we look at the fighters and what they bring to the f’in table! not at how much of an oil monger they are!

        that is the difference, but you will NEVER understand so enjoy that ignorance brotato.

        • Really? says:

          Not all Americans are like that…just the stupid dumbfuck casual fans are…I do agree with you that the Americans seem to go for the American fighter in most cases

        • CoCiO says:

          And BR/CA fans aren’t the same way? Or any other country for that matter?..It’s a sport, that is a given..

  6. GIL says:

    I didnt know droppin heavy ground and pound and murdering a gus face was wrestle fucking but anyway how bout rory fight thiago alves or maybe nick diaz if he’s willing and able to come back soon or kampman , top 3 i would like to se rory fight

    • primalmasher says:

      I honestly didn’t know that dropping bombs on someones coconut was lay n pray either!

      but that would be sweet for rory to take out both diaz brothers, talk about hitting two stoned birds with one cookie!

      • diek says:

        “dropping bombs on someones coconut” hilarious! I don’t know which fight these numpties were watching, I guess after 4-5 bud lights some people go into a stupor.

        • Sean says:

          the one where for 1 and a half rounds he made ches face looked like ground beef. but hey go pop open a case of moonshine with the good ole boys andd have a hollerin good time ye hear

  7. TheThrashKing says:

    I love this guy, Rory, but man…I think he has a really weak chin. Che hurt him in that first round and if KOS lands a punch it’ll be night night for MacDonald. Although I believe Rory is by far WAY more talented.

  8. mezzanoche says:

    This kid has talent, but he is starting to get on my last nerve with this “I am the be all end all of the MMA world shit”. He is young, and he still has some higher caliber competition to face before making all these statements. Give him Fitch or the winner of the Kos fight, fuck it. He is the best in the world, time to prove it against the best in the world. Time to stop with all the bullshit hype man shit. Let the fights determine if you can beat anyone on the planet. Talk is cheap baby…even parrots can talk.

  9. saiasaka says:

    I want to see him fight Nick Diaz; that would be a great fight with Nick to avenge Nate loss…

  10. DMAC says:

    At least smash a real 170 before talking that talk. Mills I’m sorry was like watching a Lyon toy with a hyena, dude had no business in that fight.

    Props though to Rory for talking like a champ, gotta keep people interested in you. Joe needs to give him a step up in competition ASAP!

  11. GIL says:

    KOS is garbage all you have to do is jab him to disrupt that right hand besides his wrestling thats all he has , he no stand up artist his footwork is garbage he’s a top ten gate keeper

  12. RORY says:


  13. slacker says:

    Would have liked to seen him stand more with Mills. He was tagging Rory. But the thing is, Rory is very well – rounded, so he might just turn out to be the great fighter everyone is touting him to be. I am not fully convinced yet though. I think his next 3 or 4 fights will tell a lot. I would like to see him against someone like Mike Pierce or Diego Sanchez next. If he wins decisively, then a top 10 guy.

  14. dana black says:


  15. Wimp wailer says:

    I need more popcorn

  16. Dick Diaz says:

    if koscheck beats hendricks; that might be the fight to make…

  17. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I can’t say I remember any of Rory’s previous fights but he made a fan out of me. I’d like to see him fight Ellenberger or Condit. I think he can beat both of them.

    How about a UFC Specialty match?

    Rory and GSP vs Kos and Fitch… Since they won’t fight their teammates.

  18. The King says:

    This kid sucks

  19. Me says:

    GSP , Nick Diaz , Maybe Condit, Fitch( u know what i mean) & ERICK SILVA(the next champion) are better than Rory right now. May be in future

  20. Donnybrook says:

    Looks like there’s a bunch of jealous motherfuckers spreading some unwarranted hate here on… truth is this kid is a fucking wrecking machine!… can’t wait to see who he smashes next.

  21. Lol says:

    I can kick everyones ass on here and i know my mma. Rory can easily beat anyone in that division bc i said so faggots

  22. Martin Ek says:

    Actually the Che fight was the first one I catched with Rory aswell, but to me he seemed hellawa solid. Hard to tell from one fight (I know) but I will trust my gut on this one, and wish him the best of luck in his future fights. Not that he’ll need it. 😛

  23. Mark says:

    some people here are too serious ahahhahaha

  24. bigvince says:

    i wann see rory fight nick diaz

  25. zach says:

    Some people hate on newer fans way to much. I think mma needs all the fans it can get so stop telling everyone to switch to wwe. Everyone is entitled an opinion no matter how dumb.

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