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Tuesday, 05/21/2013, 09:57 am

Rory MacDonald Dismisses St. Pierre Fight, But Hints at ‘Arrangements’ with GSP


UFC welterweight fighter Rory MacDonald spoke with The MMA Hour Monday about his friendship with current welterweight champion, Georges St. Pierre.

As has lately been the case with MacDonald (14-1), given his steady rise to being ranked the UFC’s 3rd contender in the 170-lb division, he was asked what he would do if offered a fight against friend and teammate, Georges St. Pierre.  As has been MacDonald’s typical answer, he responded that they would not; except that in Monday’s interview, the answer seemed a little more open-ended.

MacDonald shot down the fight, but then immediately hinted at the what the future could hold for the two Tri-Star fighters.

“We’re not fighting.  Me and Georges are friends, we’re training partners.  We’ll have our own arrangements and figure it all out when the time comes.  Its not going to come to us fighting.  Friends, teammates, you know?  We’re here to help each other.”

When asked what he meant about his and Georges “arrangements,” MacDonald said that we’ll simply have to wait until the time comes.

“We’ll just figure it out.  I’m not there yet.  I’m more focused on Jake [Ellenberger] than anything, I’m taking it one step at a time.  I’m sure at one point I’ll be champ in this division, that is my goal.  I’m not just here to be No. 3 guy or No. 4 or whatever I’m ranked.  Eventually I’ll get there.”

Indeed, MacDonald will have to face Jake Ellenberger as the main event fight of UFC on FOX 8 on July 27.  Ellenberger (29-6) is coming off a first-round knockout of Nate Marquardt, the last fight on an 8-1 run that has brought the 170-lb fighter one spot below MacDonald in the welterweight rankings.  In the stacked division, an impressive victory for either fighter could bring them next in line for a shot at St. Pierre.


22 Responses to “Rory MacDonald Dismisses St. Pierre Fight, But Hints at ‘Arrangements’ with GSP”

  1. scotty says:

    Well there is only a few options that can happen here if it came down to it..

    1. GSP moves up to Middleweight but i dont see that happening
    2. Rory moves up to Middleweight..
    3. GSP retires if he beats Hendricks and Vacates the belt
    4. They grow some balls and just fight!

    Only option for Rory if they decide not to fight.. These probably didnt think Rory would be moving up the ranks so quickly..

  2. strows says:

    So Rory is going to be the little big brother that knocks down any upcoming treats to GSP. Rory should not be allowed fight top contenders if he doesn’t plan on making a run for the belt.

  3. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    GSP is retiring.

  4. josh says:

    BJ Penn posted this on his facebook page and I asked him why he’s still mad… So he banned me. Hah!

  5. The Smoking Gun says:

    Is Rory McDonald doing Don Draper impersonations now?

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