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Saturday, 12/08/2012, 06:21 pm

Rory MacDonald Defeats BJ Penn Via Dominant Decision

The Seattle crowd at the Key Arena was electric with anticipation of the fight that most MMA fans declared to be the best match-up of the card. The return of a legend seeking to revitalize his already amazing career, and the greatest test put before a ferocious young competitor from MMA’s new breed of talent. What could have been a main event on it’s own, UFC on FOX 5’s 2nd bout pitted BJ Penn against Rory MacDonald in what was guaranteed to be a scrap.

With both combatants in the cage, Rory MacDonald looks like a man on a mission, looking to plant a flag amongst the great’s in the division, “The Prodigy” locked on to his opponent like an advance missile targeting system. The crowd in Seattle and the millions watching on FOX were about to witness warriors in action. They touch gloves, and it begins.

The round opens with clinch work, back and forth pummeling for position. Rory lands a left hook to the body, and throws a few leg kicks. Rory fakes low and goes high with a kick. Rory controls distance and BJ cant seem to find range. BJ lands an over hand right and shoots for a take down, Rory back up and back to the clinch game. They break and MacDonald brings a barrage of attacks, faking and landing short elbows. BJ lands and clean right hand, and the round ends back in the clinch.

The second round begins and Rory attacks the legs and switches to the head quickly. BJ comes back with clean one-two combo. Rory keeps control with kicks, landing in high volume keeping Penn on the cage. BJ lands a solid right and starts to snake the jab, but Rory stays relentless and forwards his attack. Rory hurts BJ against the cage and lands devastating body shots. BJ is hurt and takes a shin to the chin as Rory goes from high to low, but with the heart of a lion he defends and tries to push forward. After a few more exchanges and the round ends.

The third opens with BJ pushing forward and going for a take down, he almost completes it and they are back on their feet. They clinch back up and it gets broken up by Herb Dean. Rory keeps landing combo’s, and trips attempting a spinning heel kick. After more exchanges, Rory begins to taunt BJ and land more impressive combinations. BJ being a game opponent, stays in there like a champion, taking shots from the bigger stronger MacDonald. The round ends, and they go to decision.

In the end it was the size and power of Rory MacDonald that overwhelmed Penn. With a varied attack and lot’s of fakes, combined with size and strength gave Rory the edge in the entire fight. The judges score the fight 30-26, 30-36, and 30-27 in favor of MacDonald. While talking with Joe Rogan, Rory says he looked up to “The Prodigy” when he was coming up, and calls out Carlos Condit.

BJ stayed in there with a very dominant looking Rory MacDonald, and they went toe-to-toe for all three rounds. Rory makes his mark, and shows why he is elite in the welterweight division, while BJ reminds us all why we love to see him compete, his heart and un-willingness to quit.

For official results from the entire UFC on FOX 5 card click here.

Stay tuned to for more on the fight, and BJ’s future in MMA.


41 Responses to “Rory MacDonald Defeats BJ Penn Via Dominant Decision”

  1. The Situation says:

    What a Joke! Winning the welterweight Championship looks more and more like a Fluke Now.

    • santi360 says:

      bj needs to move back down to light weight. i still think that’s his best weight class

    • Kahele says:

      My Ohana no kea what happen tonight bi you still da best. You showed da world da true local and Hawaiian spirit we not goin give up no matter what. And even though Rory won da fight I think you gain even more fans afta dis fight because you have something he no mo CLASS. He will never get it. One thing I learn tonight even MAhUs can fight if dry get mad lol.

    • The General says:

      Fluke?Really?Bj was beaten by a better fighter tonight to say his past accomplishments were fluke is just dumb.

  2. situation is gay says:

    Situation your biggest accomplishment has been talking trash about a warrior who fights guys way bigger than him. He is up to the challenge. When you ask gsp to go up in wait he says he has to take a year off to put on weight than he asks for 50 milloin just in case he gets beat so bad he cant fight anymore. Win or lose Bj Penn is a warrior. Your most significant moment in life is clowning on a man who challenges himself. So remember this while your working the mcdonalds drive thru.

    • The Situation says:

      Your GAY you idiot! BJ sucks at welterweight! Everybody knows that! Look at what he did to his Sorry Ass Record Now. 16-9-2 Is not GREATNESS! And he wonders why he is never in the conversation anymore as one of the Best of All Time LOL!

      • situation is gay says:

        Your right his record is not great. Whats your record? Oh wait you dont fight. I train MMA but i dont fight. I respect the people i train with because win or lose they have the guts to get in their and stick with it. I know you don’t fight because if you did you would show respect for the people who do. I never disrespected rory because or GSP. They are great fighters. I just pointed out the fact they are willing to fight smaller opponents but when asked to challenge themselves they make excuses. Thats why when people talk about them they may say ” he was the greatest welterweight” but you never hear he was the greatest ever. I believe Anderson Silva will hold that title soon.

        • The Situation says:

          Your the biggest idiot on this forum! Keep sucking BJ’s dick. Everyone else on here knows what I’m talking about, but you. You dumb MORON!

  3. santi360 says:

    bj is a warrior. but he still got his butt kicked. yes I am a rory fan. but i won’t deny that bj is tough. i just think his time is done. move back down to light wieght.

  4. ku says:

    One more run at 55 pls

  5. Tough guys... says:

    calling other posters names is lame, fact is BJ lost again. Calling him a warrior every times he loses is old. He should be fighting at LW, not being a “warrior” and losing to guys he cannot beat. But yeah, sure, have fun idolizing him for long past accomplishments. He’s half of the fighter he used to be.

  6. CombatRusseBanned says:

    So long BJ and thank’s for every thing
    Unfortunatly you didn’t evolve enough your game, but you didn’t have to! You were the champ
    Have a good life and stay out of this shark business that is fighting where a 200 pounnds roided man fights a 155 pounder. (And his partner GSP doesn’t wanna go up 5 pounds to fight the master Anderson)
    Anyway, thanks and so long

  7. The Situation says:

    Look, I use to love watching BJ fight. It’s just been pathetic to watch him lately. It’s ridiculous. Look at the trainers and coaches that he has in his corner. The only advice they could give him is go out there and SCRAP. WTF is that! Honestly guys, even if BJ went back down to LW, he would get probably killed by Benson Henderson. That guy is a Total Beast! This is turning into a sad story ending from one of the all time legends of the sport.

  8. The Situation says:

    That IT Factor that BJ use to have is Long Gone. It’s time to move on, we have Benson Henderson to watch now! That guy is a total Beast! There is no way in hell BJ would beat that guy! 5-10 years ago BJ was the MAN, not anymore.

    • Situation Hater says:

      Obviously the Situaion has no respect for the sport. Probably never been in any kind of combat or combat sport. BJ is not only one of the best ever, but truly a great competitor.

  9. Justin says:

    I’m still behind you 100% BJ!

  10. Bjj BB says:

    bj only lost three times in his natural weight class, all his other losses come from the bigger guys, how many fighters can say that? Bj is the true meaning of a “real fighter” it dont matter how big they are, he just wants to fight, how many natural 155 pound guys like bj do you know can go up and fight a guy thats a natural 210 pound guy and not get knocked out? How many champions can say they really tested themselves with the best? every1 is fighting and training to drop weight and beat up the lil guys to be great while bj moves up in weight! SO! b4 any of you wanna be real mma fans talk shit, learn about having a fighters heart and how hard it is to do what bj penn does! theres a reason y people love and support him even when he losses, bj penn is simply a warrior and the G.O.A.T. You can’t look at his record when it comes to him lossing to bigger stronger guys, look at what he is doing for the sport and how he goes beyond any other fighter to really challenge himself! BJ PENN GETS ALL THE RESPECT IN THE WORLD FOR BEING A REAL, TRUE FIGHTER!!

  11. The General says:

    I’m with you Justin I’ll back BJ no matter what.Thank you BJ you gave it everything that kid was just too much this time.

  12. John says:

    We still love you BJ, i would love to see you at 155 one last run. But your the man, if you decide to retire im ok with it. So many good memories.

    Always a fan!

  13. smitty says:

    why does everybody keep saying he got beat by the bigger guy?????bj chose to fight at that weight, now when he loses people make excuses for him, its his fans that ruin it for him. he just goes in there and fights. then his fans make him out to be something he isnt……that was classic what his corner told him….”just go out there and scrap”…

    • FILHARMONIC says:

      Because he did get beat by a BIGGER guy! And you’re right, BJ did choose to fight at that weight… that just shows you that he challenges himself, unlike other fighters, GSP. BJ is still the best, heart of a true warrior. He will forever will be Champion.

  14. Jr says:

    Yeah big deal Ronald Mcdonald won. Since Mcdonald is all a big deal and move up in weight class. BJ did just to fight Mcdonald. Let see Rory do that unless he not that confident in his ability.


    I think BJ PENN should drop down to 145 and see if he can be the first 3 division champion. That’s one way to be remembered as the greatest ever.. Kenny Florian made the cut and he’s taller than BJ.

  16. squalortopia says:

    Ain’t no shame in being a *noble* mortal. Sometimes even a dragon needs to realize, be *bigger than their dungeon*…remove it–the WW’s, these *years,* a career….

    Where’s the gain in making smaller men feel bigger, to be, to grow bigger; when there’s only one way to make a big man, feel small; become smaller. In my own limited perspective, you can lose your whole life that way…losing what little remains, on variables so existentially beyond your human biology. A *natural limit* was just exploited/exposed, trying to move an essentially immovable object, for what gain? If I’m going to go down, I’d rather exploit the only variables I can control–me. It takes even more honor, it’s actually even easier, believe it or not; to work within your own natural limits, and expose the best that *you* can be, coulda, woulda, shoulda. To win against an elite WW of this “modern” strength *&* height advantage, takes more than just gumption; it takes luck, and *too many variables* you can’t control anymore. Sometimes it takes the waste of a lifetime, to develop new pride. The goal isn’t to think small, dream big; it’s too make big, feel smaller…but by trying to comeback doing things which have never been seen before, but *only within,* you *natural limits.* It ain’t no shame, to wanna know what only *you* can do best. Make small men (thine self included, *right now*) feel big, or make big men, feel small, think small…a rare glimmer of what you could have been, if only…be that rare gem, to be *emulated;* not chased.

    In my own limited perspective, much, much, more limited…but, I *can* relate. It’s as though, I could eclipse 10 years in a single breath, right here if I wanted to, but I can’t. I may have nothing “left,” but I know that were I to die tomorrow, I would have made my human contribution. No bigger variables than me to get in the way, it was and always will be/”feel” like the absolute best utterance, that this man could give. I would not want to die, without that being known. And that’s something know amount of gloating, who floats that way, but scum? Childish things, to cling to…when more important things, like a son dying hiking.

    Time is precious. Ben Henderson, an ENFP, if I were a betting man; but it’s unimportant. I’d wish to catch up with, but for all the right reasons, beyond fighting. There’s still always Shawn Michaels…just because every doorway feels close to you now, *doesn’t* mean it was the best you can be, just that you wasted a little more of your energy, and need/could use a lot more. For an ENFP with manic, absent-minded energy, he has a penchant for remaining in control. Wants to be the best ever too, apparently; but knew it would always have to begin and end, in *the best possible version* of himself. In chasing the biggest welterweights he can find, BJ makes them feel bigger than they are, all the while losing the best possible version of self, never fully realized. The best possible version of himself will have to come from a part of himself he never knew existed yet, only in himself. Within those natural limits, lurks something potentially, existentially, specially *noble mortal.*

    Though it does not “mean” much, I’m proud of him either way. I wish this guy the best, but know it hurts, knowing he feels worse. I can only imagine, that we are all only human in here (even “haters,” just skidding; don’t place your bed on a pendulum, looking for the “annihilation” at any cost “feeling” to come to an end, I’d want to live for more than just that. …without any *reasonable alternatives,* built-in; life would suck regally. Remove the ceiling on your dungeon, 170 & see what remains). Through all the bravado through the years; the humanity has always been as effervescent as an old, familiar son forever running across the rainbow, as translucent in the rain…. Never far from perfect, from someone with something to be proud of. It’s the real reason why, his fans have always loved him, *not* some meticulous stranger. Appreciate this guy, for when the humanity was *always* ‘real’…the hear ’tis *great.*

    Nothing to be ashamed of, in this growing emblem inside that feels like sprite. 155, retire, or buffer; but, even so, was it really just reducing *his* best potential contribution. To take on all comers, more just because…or to be the best possible, ‘you’ could be. To die, knowing the best that *I* can be, most capable of. Not fighting someone else’s war, 1.5 classes bigger, but *not* above. There’s a not unotable difference to me. The best possible ever of you, that you were capable of. How this water fountain ends, if he wants to leave it running, based on the faulty premise that we want to see the smallest BJ try to overcome, or discover the best BJ ever known, even if it means learning to kick a little…hi-ya! Any-who, all I do, only up to him. I’m still proud of him, the hear ’tis good. I feel slightly better now, because I felt “bad” for human suffering all the way around. It doesn’t always have to be an eventual lose-lose proposition. There’s no moving backwards, in a “best thing that ever happened to him” propsition. It either is, or it isn’t. The will is that way, a smarter will wishes to recover though, and show the best *last of me.*

    No price on *self*-belief, when haters gonna gloat in a pond. Peace, aloha, and all that materializes in your true values, will reveal you. Legacy is less important, than the man I wanted to “feel” inside growing up, before there were any barometers, any yardsticks…I wanna feel, ? Bigger, or *proud-er.* Hurt can be good too, not being taken advantage of. The *best* BJ, not the “wisest.” Only he knows for certain, but there was never any shame in trying. I wish him the best, and can sleep better now. A *noble mortal,* either way, it ain’t so bad. Like I say, proud to be a fan, a nice handshake at the end…sincere. It ain’t no shame, it’s exceedingly brave when a fighter can do that. Smaller, but *prouder.*

    See, I think it’s easier to live with that, than be “taken advantage of,” though by *choice*? I’d like to think he’s wiser than that, though I’ll always wish for *his* personal “best.”

  17. Fred says:

    BJ was a head of his time back in the day but he didn’t improve along with the sport. I mean he needs to get more well rounded. He isn’t going to get better at Wrestling or throwing leg kicks/high kicks without a better Wrestling/Muay Thai coach. They brought in the best jiujitsu guy in the world but Bj doesn’t need work there. C’mon BJ train smarter go train on the mainland. This “Just Scrap” mentality isn’t going to cut it. One more win before you retire BJ lets go!

  18. Hilo Mike says:

    For all you haters, find someone else that will come up from 155 and pick a fight with someone who walks around at a lean 190+ and over a 6 inch reach advantage and 3 inches taller…and 10 years younger. Everyone else in the UFC pusses out with such challenges. Yes, I’d like to see BJ go back to 155, but if you really think about it, there’s no one like him in the sport. He truly is inspirational, not many left with that much heart. Piss off to all you jerks that come on here with crappy attitudes, I’ll guarantee you could not do better. Find another 155 pounder that could have done better. Shit, I’ll be BJ would accept a fight with Anderson before GSP would because he’s a fighter first and foremost. Damn, I’m fired up!

  19. yi-wonrtion says:

    Youre not the regular blog writer, man. You surely have something important to add to the World Wide Web. Such a wonderful blog. I will come back again for more.

  20. Wendy says:


    Did you train Fart Sniffing Defense?
    It looks like you sniffed a stinky last night.

    There is no legacy, brah. Time to change the diapers and be a motivational speaker, brah.

    • F U Wendy says:

      You aint gotta be a bitch about it brah! Let’s see you do what he do…. I suggest you shut your face and quit talkin shit cause I can tell you right now, you aint got the balls to get in there and do what he does, you disrespectful fck.

  21. CombatRusse says:

    BJ unfortunately didn’t evolve enough.
    And he should have no regret after this fight.
    In all his previous fights, he always won the first round (against Fitch and Diaz), and was very competitive against Edgard.
    But in this fight he was unfortunatly dominated by McDonalds (whom I hate)
    My hopes now are for Hendricks, who will hopefully destroy Tristar products GSP and McDonalds.
    I hope that BJ will retire. And If he comes to France for a seminar, he has a lot of fans here.
    Aloha man :)

  22. DMAC says:

    Once again JD and them failed BJ. I didn’t get to hear what their advice was in between rds due to commercials but from what Joe said it was a bunch of BS. I was upset after I heard that because once again his team dont know shit. I’m not goin to go on because its the same old song and dance with BJ. No cardio, hasn’t evolved, needs Marv and them and his Team completely sucks. As long as he’s still surrounding himself with people that have no clue how to produce talent you will get the same results no matter what weight class it is..

  23. Milagro says:

    There are lots of fighters fighting above their natural weight class. Frankie who bj fought also I could name guys like rashad Brian stann mark Munoz … Etc… Bj is great but not by far the only fighter to fight guys out of his natural weight class… Also I’m curious if bj can’t make the cut from natural walk around weight of about 178 ‘ish to 155? If he can I’d love him to cut down again to the light weights !

  24. Kealoha says:

    This is tough because I always support BJ. But I feel that BJ is letting us all down. I don’t care what anyone says but BJ hasn’t done anything to better himself. Hawaii folks don’t understand that Hawaii fighters always hurt themselves because they don’t leave Hawaii. BJ brought in Jay, Josh, Pat, etc but no disrespect to those guys but where are they in the rankings of MMA? Besides that, Pat Healy and Josh Thomson are 155lbs guys. Did BJ forget he was fighting a huge welterweight? BJ doesn’t train with guys or create a team of people that are higher ranked. BJ was offered to join Cesar Gracie team and why didn’t he go? He only did this all to himself. I thought he was friends with Matt Hughes. Why didn’t he bring in Matt to help him or go train with Matt Huges and the guys at Hit Squad? BJ corner man was sporting sunglasses in his corner? Did he think he was at the beach? BJ went into that fight by himself. This is why mainland fighters constantly grow because they train all over the place. BJ said “why eat chicken salads and train to make 155lbs at 33 years old”. Sorry BJ but at 33 years old if you want to be a champ then you have to do what it takes to become a champ even if it means eating chicken salad. It comes down to BJ lacking the motivation to be at the correct weight class which is 155lbs. To be a champion you have to train like a champion. Sorry Hawaii but the mentality of “just bang” doesn’t work in the MMA BUSINESS. Hawaii is the best place to live no doubt about that. We do have the best of everything except when it comes to trying to pursue a high level spot in MMA.

  25. Bjj BB says:

    The only difference between bj and guys like rory is, they year round train, where bj only goes hard at training when he has a fight. It dont matter how good you are with skills, theres always room to get better, stronger and faster but you have to train everyday as if your fighting every weekend. Bj is old school where every1 back then was really only training when they had a fight, now you cant get away with, thats why bj needs to train year round, every man that has a family goes to work for 8 hours a day, with no family or wife around, its just him and his co workers. THATS LIFE! now why bj can’t hit the gym and sharpen his skills everyday for at least 8 hours? got me! at the end of the day mma is about bettering your mind, body and skills, to do so you have to eat,sleep and breath it everyday and not just when you have a fight 6 to 10 weeks from the day you start training. And thats where bj penn went wrong, and i agree with you KEALOHA, he needs to hire people that are not family or friends when hes training for a fight. ITS HEART BREAKING TO WATCH BJ LOSE BUT ITS ALSO HARD TO NOT SEE WHAT HE IS DOING WRONG. IM STILL AND WILL ALWAYS BE A BJ PENN FAN!!

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