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Wednesday, 07/25/2012, 10:07 am

Rory MacDonald Critical Of Penn’s Handling Of VADA Testing | UFC NEWS

“I think he did it just to start [expletive] to get something going. But I was up for it. I was like, ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’ I was ready to prove that I’m not on anything, and maybe motivate other fighters to start doing [VADA], too. But he was the one that offered it and then backed out of it… He started making all these sayings like they (said they) weren’t going to release the tests before the fight, and they never did. He started making up all this stuff, so I don’t really know what’s going on with B.J.’s head right now.”

During yesterday’s UFC 152 pre-fight press conference Rory MacDonald hit on the VADA testing situation originally proposed by his opponent BJ Penn.



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  1. Xaninho says:

    It’s funny that he was all humble when he thought he couldn’t roid up because of the VADA thing. Now that’s off the table he starts running his mouth about hurting BJ more than GSP did…..I think that’s fishy.

    If I put this chain of events together I’d say he knows he can cycle his roids now the VADA deal is off the table, so now he feels comfortable enough to talk trash since he will have the roid edge.

  2. LaWeapon says:

    BJ is the one that backed off the VADA testing.. not R MacDonald.
    He was the one that wanted R MacDonald to submit to this test, when RM accepted, for some reason BJ backed off.
    If someone is fishy in this whole thing it’s BJ. I have a feeling BJ will show up out of shape, will gas out in the 2nd round, and will receive a good beating.

    • Thom says:

      and meanwhile you’ll still be a fat loser.

    • Chris says:

      BJ always wanted the results released after the fight. It was part of the deal he wanted. When they said no, he backed out. He did not back out because Rory accepted.

      • Denis L says:

        Both fighters discussed it on Twitter and agreed to the testing, only to have Penn decide he was no longer interested when VADA insisted that their usual protocols were followed with test results immediately offered up to the commission. These tests would happen in the weeks leading up to the bout.
        BJ wanted the results to only be released after the fight, so both fighters could still get paid..

        Sounds like BJ was scared of testing positive and losing his paycheck!

        • repairman jack says:

          not likely , BJ is one fighter who has clearly never taken roids , BJ stated that he didn’t want to put the fight in jeopardy by releasing the vada results pre-fight , which makes sense as if one fighter fails the test the fight is off which ruins the UFC card and business , BJ offered to cover vada’s expenses so i dont think he’s hiding anything , these guys should be tested once a week from the 8-12 weeks prior to the fight to eliminate the abuse of banned & legal substances

        • allmightysandman says:

          How do you know who has and hasn’t taken PED’s?

          all the bitches…and yes you are bitches…that are hating on Rory, just remember, he was perfectly willing to get tested…it was BJ that changed his mind.

          …and as far as what he said in the press conference (that BJ didn’t even show up to, and should maybe have a talk with DW like Diaz did after he missed his presser) he’s right. why would a guy want to fight a legend that is out of shape and therefore will have all sorts of excuses if he loses? he wants to fight the best BJ there is…why blame him for that?

          I think Rory has this…I’ve always said BJ’s best hope at a title run remains at 155. IMO.

        • Mayor of Deviance says:

          The main event is NOT the only fight on the card. If someone else fails, you lose a fight at the last second and have to cancel. That is the kind of thing the UFC bosses should get pissed at (BJ v RM is awesome, but you can’t have a PPV with just that). To me, BJ is just trying to stay on the good side so he has a safe job forever doing what he loves.

        • JAson says:

          sounds to me like BJ didn’t want to train for 3 months and then have Rory test positive and not get paid. I’m not saying Rory “Serious Back Acne” McDonald is juicing but I think BJ does


      haha…I gave your mom a good beating! i beat the p***y up, up, up… haha… loser.

  3. i hate this guy, i hate his face, i hate his attitude, and i love how he is going to get Knocked the FUCK OUT by Bj, you think BJ is just gonna take that shit from some little dingle berry picker? fuck this kid, BJ is going to come in Cool Calm and SPRING with a huge fucking KO and ANY moment of the fight.
    Dont forget to pick up you’re PED’s later tonight Rory.

  4. Fernando says:

    Bj looking bad now. Hope this is just a ruse

  5. dustin says:

    thom the fat loser comment really hurts from the keyboard guy.
    maybe text that from your cell while on a treadmill and i`ll take you seriously.

  6. ravi says:

    instead of fans speculating, why not just have penn’s camp release a statement explaining everything. post it, moderator.

  7. Dick Diaz says:

    lol we’ll just wait and see in a couple of months who’s the better fighter…

  8. HaVaginaButts says:

    The issue is that BJ wants to fight and doesn’t want to risk it being cancelled.

    In case of a Rory guilty result…. if BJ loses to a roided up Rory, the loss gets wiped out. If BJ beats a roided up Rory, the fight already happened, BJ gets to add it to his record and get paid.

    If the results are released beforehand and Rory is guilty, BJ would have trained for nothing and wouldn’t have gotten paid… or worse yet… is forced to fight a fighter he didn’t rain for. This isn’t complicated.

  9. Dana White says:

    Listen! I’ve already talked to BJ and told him I run the show. Rory is a beast, BJ is pissed. This fight is happening and just show a little respect for my fighters.

  10. Vegas Boy says:

    Thank you Rory for waking the Ole Sleeping Prodigy, Its on now!

  11. GRT 3000 says:

    check this out folks! Marilyn MacDonald in the house!

  12. Abuka says:

    Did anyone see all the pimples and sis growths on Rory’s body? That there, is from a serious hormonal imbalance, which resemble strong use of some type performance enhancing substance.

  13. Troy boy says:

    Y does rory want to pull someone out of retirment, if anybody he should of called out nick diaz, its kind of match that wont move him up in rankings. Thurs enough compition right now.

  14. ganjaneer says:

    Bad fight for bj, rory is bigger, younger, stronger, faster, hungrier. That’s a bad recipe for someone wanting to win a fight. Bj always beats people up for one round then gets his ass kicked. He’s one of my favorite fights but its hard to cheer for the guy when you already know what’s gonna happen in all his fights. He needs to be at 155 where he is forced to be in shape to make weight. He subed hughes a decade ago and ever since then he’s been dicking around at 170 and never has a good result. Has he ever won a fight at 170 beside hughes a couple times? I don’t think he has, move back to 155 and have a go at some of those smaller dudes, see if you could put a nice run together. He cleaned that division out a while back until edgar showed up from mtvs true life and now there’s a bunch of 155ers that would make a hell of a matchup for bj. Id rather see that then him get tired from bigger dudes grinding on him.

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