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Tuesday, 02/28/2012, 03:39 pm

Ronda Rousey’s Biggest Fear In A Fight? It Rhymes With Hamill And Ends With Toe

So what is Ronda Rousey’s biggest fear? I think’s its best if she explains…

“I am really scared of getting camel toe on national television. That just scares the crap out of me. If you notice, I’m constantly pulling my pants down when I fight, because those are some tight little spandex shorts. I just have this phobia that I’m going to get camel toe when I fight, and I’m constantly pulling my pants down. That’s really the only thing I’m scared of: [Laughs.] Broadcasted camel toe.”

Now outside of this silly comment (although it obviously got your attention), this interview conducted by was actually pretty good.

Ronda Rousey fights Miesha Tate for the Strikeforce bantamweight title this Saturday from Columbus Ohio’s Nationwide Arena.


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