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Saturday, 01/11/2014, 10:13 am

Ronda Rousey: “Who’s Matt Brown?” Ronda and McMann respond to Brown’s sexist comments. | UFC News

Recently, UFC Welterweight Matt Brown has been under some scrutiny after a few comments he made on his podcast regarding the fairer gender’s involvement in the sport of MMA.

Basically, they don’t belong, and unless they’re fighting topless, Brown isn’t interested.

Not surprisingly, this hasn’t set well with many of the women involved in the sport. Not excluding UFC Women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey. However, it seems that the women’s champ needed a bit of clarification asking,

“Wait… Who’s Matt Brown?”

Rousey is set to defend her 135-pound title at the upcoming UFC 170 event against the undefeated Olympian Sara McMann, who told ESPN Radio that the comments made by Brown didn’t affect her. She simply had a suggestion for Brown saying that he should pull a Dennis Hallman and fight in a speedo!

“I want to make it absolutely clear … I do not care if somebody wants to be a fan or not. Don’t pay $60 then. Nobody’s taking their top off. I don’t even know him. Why would I give a crap what he thinks about my fight? You know what, Matt Brown fight in a Speedo.”

Brown has been doing rather well in the promotion at 170lbs. He is currently on a six fight winning streak while finishing five of those opponents. However, he has recently been on the bench due to a back injury. Hopefully, by the time he returns all of this will have blown over, but just to be safe Brown has released an official apology for his comments.


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  1. Lucas says:

    Matt Brown is B level fighter, he would get ko easily against Condit, Hendriks, Lombard, Woodley…

  2. Solid says:

    Like I always say, it’s his opinion. If you don’t like it go cry out a river. Jeeze.

  3. disqus_63gIGAaIhA says:

    This is just some blown out of proportion bull shit, people are criticizing him like they have never said some stupid shit before.

  4. Diago says:

    He doesn’t like Woman’s MMA, but he does like woman and booby’s.
    KILL HIM!!!

    All you feminists and white knights need to go grow the fuck up.
    These weaklings can’t even digest a little joke, ya’ll are pathetic.

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