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Friday, 02/15/2013, 10:25 am

Ronda Rousey Trains With Gegard Mousasi | Video | MMA News


UFC Women’s Bantamweight Ronda Rousey is seen here training some ground work with top light-heavyweight contender, Gegard Mousasi.

Aside from having the disadvantage of weighing about 100 pounds less than Mousasi, the judo wizard, Rousey holds her own and shows the tenacity that makes her a star in the cage.

See if your heart drops like mine did when one of the trainers first asks Rousey if she is ok, then tells her to stop if her knee hurts to which she responds with “I’m fine”. In the wake of the first ever women’s fight in the UFC at UFC 157 (which also serves as a main event with a title on the line), hearing things like that could make your heart skip a beat.

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6 Responses to “Ronda Rousey Trains With Gegard Mousasi | Video | MMA News”

  1. thedude says:

    This is old, why are u acting like she did it this week and “risked” injury?

  2. Your Mom's face says:

    Think Dominick Cruz, he’s been out forever. Serious threat of an injury or not, the thought of a champion being injured is scary. Sorry it ruined your clearly busy day…

  3. The natural says:

    I don’t get this man Rhonda what does she think she think she’s getting out of goin against someone twice her size while he can only half ass it in there like this helps her in anyway like if u wanna train with someone stronger then u then find someone stronger then u that can go at full speed if u wanna find someone faster then u find someone faster then u that can go full speed she really just looks like a stupid sore looser who doesn’t like defeat like get a grip on reality she oviously has to many yes men around her.

    • Advent says:

      First off, punctuation is your friend. When you drone on and on about how someone else is stupid, or a loser (there’s only 1 ‘o’ in that), and you can’t even properly articulate your opinion, no one listens to you becaus you sound dumb as shit.

      Oh no, a professional athlete who doesn’t like losing?! How dare she!! What have you done with your life in comparison? Just sit around and judge others anonymously, and with very poor grammar?

      Gtfo here, clown.

  4. magoo says:

    Jesus H Christ when the fukc will the hype to this bitch end? Ronda this and Ronda that what happened with mma people? Is this woman the centre of it all? Good grief! Please Liz KHTFO!!!!!!

  5. Zack says:

    This reminds me of most Anderson silva fights

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