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Tuesday, 02/14/2012, 04:42 pm

Ronda Rousey Thinks Testing For Marijuana Is A Violation Of Privacy

“The athletic commissions testing for marijuana is an invasion of privacy,” Rousey said. “I don’t think that’s constitutional at all. There’s no real reason that they should be able to test and make the athletes conform to their political ideas,” .

“They have just as much of right to say that ‘you know what? We don’t believe that athletes should be promiscuous so we’re going to start testing for genital herpes and genital warts.”

“‘We’re going to start testing women for birth control because we don’t think you be having premarital sex. They don’t have a right to do it. It has nothing to do with sports.”

“Anyone who is stupid enough to say that smoking weed enhances your performance has never fought or never smoked weed. It actually lowers your testosterone. It doesn’t help you in anyway at all.”

Strikeforce female fighter, Ronda Rousey took to to discuss the topic still on the tongue of many MMA fans, the Nick Diaz test failure. Below is a clip of the audio.


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41 Responses to “Ronda Rousey Thinks Testing For Marijuana Is A Violation Of Privacy”

  1. stone cold says:

    marijuana is not a PED. it makes u weaker and more lazy lol

  2. magoo says:

    Whats with all the cat chat lately?

  3. stone cold says:

    extra hungry and sleepy too. we know nick tokes that good shit

  4. Skander says:

    Damn right !!

  5. blahblahblah says:

    Marijuana is illegal in the state they were competing in with or without his script card. Her analogies don’t even apply to the situation.

    • ZONG says:

      all i here from you is blahblahblah. go hug a tree and u better not jaywalk across the street to do it!!!

    • your mom says:

      I am so sick of this marijuana is illegal in nevada bullshit. Did you vote to make it illegal, or anyone else here. No, nobody had a choice. It’s time we let the people speak and put laws into effect that the people agree with. As far as I know, most people want to legalize big funky buds but the pharmaceutical companies don’t want this so they can keep selling all these low life pill popping pieces of shit valium and oxycodone and whatever else they designed to get people hooked on, just a bunch of chemically engineered drugs that are legal because the pharmaceutical companies line the politicians pockets. Marijuana is safe people, and as far as i’m concerned if you can beat someone’s ass when your high then your a bad ass mother f’er.

      • MJ says:

        Its time we let the people speak and put laws into affect that the people agree with? The people have always had the right to speak and elect officials that agree with them or put into law through ballot measures, and you say as far as you know most people want to legalize it, because you and all your friends are stoners, the fact is even a state as liberal as Oregon where i live it still gets voted down, so I wouldn’t say your oppinion is in the majority. She says she thinks it is invasion of privacy and unconstitutional, she is wrong and ignorant on many levels, first off they ban things that you and I can take over the counter, so it is obviously a privilage and not a right to be liscenced by the commission. Personally what people do behind closed doors is private, and I wish law enforcement would focus on bigger things, but that is a political argument, and what Diaz did is what would happen to you or I if our employer tested us and we failed to obey the policy they had in place, its all on him, he should have had more discipline, so if he would have won he would have blown a shot at GSP

        • Nick says:

          What could they do if you had a card for medicanle marijuana

        • Jason N says:

          They problem with that argument is that we basiclly have a two party system. If you have a specific stance that goes against the parties principle, you would never be nominated by either party. Our political system is flawed. Even if the officials wanted it legalized, it would be political siucide to support it.

    • ry tay says:

      you just didn’t understand her analogies you dumb shit

    • Tom Ryan says:

      Fair faith and credit clause requires other states to respect the statuses set by other states. an drug test showed trace amounts in Diaz’s urine, meaning he smoked OUT OF STATE. That being said, having employment conditoned upon a mandatory drug test is Unconstitutional as no person shall be compelled to turn over evidence against themselves.

      Don’t get me wrong, I believe in personal responsibilty — it’s your body do what you want. I do not think “fighters” who take steroids or other methods of cheating should be allowed to fight, but weedsmoke?! C’mon

      Nobody who puffed twice and passed to the left has ever benefitted from it in a fight. That’s like saying if you drink a bottle of wine before a fight you have an unfair advantage because you’re relaxed enough not to overreact, or that movements aren’t properly inhibited from the standard decision making processes.

  6. Broman says:

    “A Fuckin tool”

  7. jdog says:

    First of all it is constitutional, as an employer and an employee people can and ARE affected by people smoking pot PERIOD. I actually lost a friend because another driver was high from pot, and if you are a fighter like I am then fighting is YOUR JOB so if they can test you at a work place why can’t they test you before you get a license??? I do NOT think pot will help anyone gain any unfair advantage and it probably shouldn’t be tested for, but this is your job and every other person in America can be tested for it so why not fighters? Nick Diaz KNEW he would be tested, and I guess his cleansing agent (if he tried to use one) didn’t do the job this time. It happens deal with it. Testing for pot is NOT new

  8. Steve says:

    i guess she thinks joe rogan “has never fought or never smoked weed” he came out in an interview today with Ariel stating how he did think it was performance enhancing. but thats not the point he said. athletes know the criteria they have to meet. and whether it is fair or not, they have to meet it.

    (dont tell me joe has never fought. taekwando national champ, kickboxing experience, brown belt in jiu jitsu)

    did anyone else used to like this chick before, but find her unbearable now? thats where i am at. hope Tate whoops that ass

  9. Nick "Mount Everest" Diaz says:

    Rousey bangin I

    cuz im soooooooo hiiiiiiigh

    thats y my nuts keep comin outta her upper v*g*na

  10. Pijan says:

    As much as I like fighting, and I like weed. And as much as I like Diaz and wanted to see the rematch. And although I don’t think it’s a PED, I know it isn’t, I used to train and smoke every day, every night. And although it probably shouldn’t be tested for, it is. Diaz knew this, obviously, it was his job to either quit or get it out of his system, which, he didn’t do. He’ll be back soon enough, and he’ll beat Condits ass, or maybe GSP who knows. Hopefully he’s not in his prime or in the mix of a title shot next time he decides to pull this shit.

  11. K2 says:

    The more I hear her talk the more I <33333 Rousey. Let's roll baby! (just don't break my arm)

  12. Mick says:

    shes right, and shes awesome

  13. ry tay says:

    i love this chick

  14. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Last time I checked birth control and genital warts weren’t illegal. Invasion of privacy? You are doing blood work to check for illegal substances! Rhonda you can’t have it both ways. While you seem to be all about the outing of Cyborg on steroids, you also want to keep the use of an illegal drug secret which is illegal anywhere else but CA. Even there it isn’t really legal you have to have a medical license for it and we missed the opportunity to legalize here. Sadly we could use the tax revenue from legalization of weed. Now that I think about it, it might be legal in Oakland, CA.

  15. Sheek says:

    OMFG..this bitch is totally fucking Nick Diaz…You can tell! Had this been anyone else caught with marijuana she wouldn’t have shit to say. She is so annoying,talked shit about GSP and following it praised Nick Diaz,yeah pretty obvious what’s going on. I know you ppl are agreeing with her because you’re either a pot smoker or a Diaz fan. This bitch gives no fuck about the situation. It’s all about Nick Diaz. She is madly in love with the guy. No matter what is going on or what the situation is,if Nick Diaz is involved she is going to agree with him.

  16. guamy says:

    UFC has no prob with smoking weed, they knew Diaz smoked before they hired him. so all you peeps that are trying to relate it to your boring ass 9-5 jobs are wrong. if your employer hired you knowing you smoke why should the GOVT. give a shit about smoking weed. the reason that its illegal is because they cannot tax it or prevent people from growing it if it was legal. so if your employer knows you smoke its leagal in your state, and it does not enhance performance then why are they testing for it? use your fucking brains man. STOP listening to your fucking TV and regurgitating BS that you hear on CNN and FOX. ask yourself why is an athletics commision testing for drugs that are not performance enhancing?

  17. Huntdaddy says:

    I have no problem with weed heads and back in my day, I was firing up the j like everyone else. But if you sign with the UFC, the contract says ‘no weed’, then you have to pay the price if you piss dirty. If smoking weed is so goddamn important, then stay outta the UFC and get blazed to your heart’s content….signing with the UFC is not a right but a privilege that has stipulations.

    I guess a lot of you either don’t have jobs or have never been on an interview…..because then you would know that a large percentage of employers do pre-employment drug testing.

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