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Thursday, 01/09/2014, 08:54 am

Ronda Rousey: ‘Tate Handshake Gesture Just For The Camera’s’

Even after her recent third round armbar defeat of Miesha Tate, Ronda Rousey is still finding ways to keep their rivalry alive. At a recent media presser, Rousey was asked about the purposey ignored handshake that was offered her by Tate at the conclusion of their match.

“I really think that if me and her fought alone in her gym if there weren’t people there watching, she wouldn’t have offered her hand to me,” Rousey said on Wednesday during UFC 170 Media Day. “Her actions were entirely influenced by being watched. My actions were all despite being watched.”

Somehow, Ronda believes that because she followed her gut instinct by not accepting Tate’s handshake, she stayed true to herself and true to her camp.

“It’s not a fakeable moment and it was entirely the right thing to do because I didn’t think about it,” Rousey said. “It was immediate. It was just like, ‘nope.’ Maybe if I took the time to think about it I would have changed my mind, but then it would have been the wrong decision, because it would have meant that my first inclination, I mean, I had that for a reason.”

Rousey made it clear that she does not feel that her reaction was inappropriate.
“I stood my ground in a very difficult situation where I would be extremely criticized for doing so.”

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  1. Toadus says:

    Classic Rousey…so Miesha (who has been an all round good sport through this whole thing) only offered to shake hands for the cameras…right. Once again Rousey finds a way to publicly embarrass herself without knowing it. She rationalizes her boorish behavior by accusatory, unproveable hypotheticals aimed at the woman she hates. A woman, by the way, who is 100x hotter than she is. Girls will be girls.

    Miesha lost the fight, and once again was a class act, even in defeat.

    I would argue that Rousey, who was at the moment being booed heartily by the crowd, was only gracious to Tate in the post fight interview with Joe for the same reason: to save some face. It was clear who the crowd was rooting for.

    The fit-throwing champion is hopelessly classless. This season of TUFF proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt. I pray that whoever takes her belt doesn’t do it with a boring armbar, but instead KHTFO with a high kick to the melon.

    • Part Time MMA Fan says:

      Well said my friend. Well said.

    • UsernameAlreadyExists101 says:

      Yeah, and Miesha telling a gas station attendant that “she’s the customer and she can do whatever she wants”, then putting up the phone number to the station in order for her fans to harass the attendant is just perfectly reasonable, right?

      • Miesha's Fake Boob says:

        You nailed it. Don’t forget how Miesha and her boyfriend got in Ronda’s face being rude and trash talking. Where else in our society is it acceptable for a man to get that close to a woman and talk shit? If it happened at the supermarket, some other man would probably punch him in the face. She was absolutely playing to the cameras, on the show, before and after the fight etc. Also, since when does being a customer give you the right to do whatever you want? Can I go to the local McDonalds and peckerslap someone just because I want to?

    • sh0gun says:

      definently dont think meisha looks better… meisha looks like a man without makeup.. tate played everything deviously during tuf, and only acted a classact after the fight to make herself look better..
      and it seems that she wont get knocked out, with the current level of people playing.

    • Daniel Lostinmymind Kimble says:

      Like in Strikeforce when she called Rousey a little girl playing with women, and she didnt deserve to fight her? Or last week when she posted a gas stations phone number and encouraged her fans to call and harass her? Yeah, thats class, alright. Low class bitch with mid level talent. And there is no way Meisha is hotter than Rousey. I did not see Espn asking Tate to be on the cover of their best bodies issue, did you??

      • sal says:

        Meisha Tate was just voted in the Maxim top 100 hottest-2014 magazine. I also think that Maxim magazine specializes in hot women. ESPN magazine’s specialty is sports, but they do have women pic’s in the magazine.

        • Xaninho says:

          She’s not voted yet. She’s on the list people can vote on. Together with the likes of for instance Mariah Carey and Jessica Simpson. Have you seen those two lately?

          So being on the Maxims top 100 voting list doesn’t mean Tate’s hot. She’s just one of the celebrity women people can vote on.

    • Ken L says:

      “HIgh kick to the melon”….ROFLMAO!!!!

    • Xaninho says:

      100x hotter? Tate’s basically a nose with fake boobs. And that’s not really an issue I guess, her fucked up, arrogant and sneaky personality is. And the fact she gets her ass beat by everyone.

  2. Brett Martin says:

    I guess I’m the only one who thinks Meisha on the show was a complete fake? Meisha knew what buttons to push and she pushed too many. Who cares if Rousey does not want to shake Meisha’s hand? I sure as hell don’t, I just want to see these fighters fight at their best ability, and wreak havoc on their opponent. I could care less about all the other drama that goes on. You want to watch UFC for drama then you are watching the wrong sport. Do everyone a favor and stop watching the UFC and start watching fake wrestling.

    • Desiree D says:

      I’ve been saying this all along. Ronda is an amazing champ. She’s awesome, honest, and is 100% real, unlike Meisha. Having met both of them at the Expo, last year, Ronda actually made convo with me and gave me something free, and Meisha was just all business didn’t even talk to me. I also tried to get a pic with Meisha before at a Ufc 157, and she told me she would take a picture with me, then kept ignoring me every time she passed by, as I would get her attention.

      • PeoplethatknewRRbeforeshewasfa says:

        You all crack me up..if she was SOOO HONEST…why do you think she has so many HATERS not in your area of FANS..but the people that ACTUALLY KNOW and KNEW HER BEFORE SHE BECAME FAMOUS…SMH….Freedom of speech I guess…

  3. Hershey Maxwell Barber says:

    I mean I’m not what Rousey means by she disrespected my family or what that’s all about, but I guess if someone did that to me too, I probably wouldn’t shake their hand.

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