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Tuesday, 03/06/2012, 10:01 am

Ronda Rousey Responds To Tate’s Boyfriends Threats | Of Course I can Beat Him

“Of course I can. Who is he? You would have never heard of him if it wasn’t for Miesha. He’s just some dude, he’s not even a legit fighter, he is just some random guy that likes fighting, but it won’t be approved by any athletic commission out there. People don’t want to see a guy and girl beating each other on TV.”

Ronda Rousey took to “The MMA Hour” to discuss many topics, including the twitter threats coming from UFC fighter and Miesha Tate’s boyfriend on the day before her Strikeforce title victory.

If you missed the comments from Caraway check them HERE.

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57 Responses to “Ronda Rousey Responds To Tate’s Boyfriends Threats | Of Course I can Beat Him”

  1. Ronda shite says:

    DONT BE SCARED !!!!!

  2. ramv says:

    Brian Caraway would get smashed by Rousey, he’s not a very good fighter.

    • phace says:

      I think he’d beat her but it wouldn’t help his career or reputation though 😀 … He should have just stayed out of it and told his girl to keep that fight on the feet as much as possible.

    • lol .. no says:

      u ppl thinking ronda would beat caraway are morons.. ronda is just a women.. she needs to know her place and shut the fuck up..

      sorry ronda fans.. but shes just beating up on smaller women.. she would get spanked by caraway..

      • Billy the kid says:

        lol, I could not have said it any better myself. I can’t believe how people are falling for the Ronda Rousey hype!!! She is human people and Bryan Caraway is a man and even if he is as some would day not a very good fighter he would in his own words knock her teeth down her throat and tear her arm off at the shoulder! I watched the Rousey-Tate fight several times and Tate came in with all the wrong game plan. She really thought that she was going to be able to man-handle Rousey and didn’t give respect her strength at all. She should have never pushed the inside fighting. She should have stayed on the outside and picked her apart and taken her into the deeper rounds while busting her face up with jabs and overhand rights. Tate played right into Rousey’s strengths. I’m sure if she had it to do all over again she would fight a very different fight and when they re-match I am sure she will. Now as far a Rousey goes she is the darling of the MMA world right now but believe me she is a one trick pony. Her striking is elementary at best. Go back and look at the fight people. If she were to get into the cage with a fighter with the right game plan she would be exposed for what she is. She is a disrespectful trash talker who with every victory believes her own hype more and more. She came into this fight in good shape and Tate made it easy for her to look invincible. SHE IS NOT PEOPLE! I am sure that her next opponent will see her weaknesses and will expose them. She will have her hands full with a good striker. She will be exposed very soon and the casual fan will be off and onto the next sensation and Ronda Rousey will fall back into obscurity in the MMA world. Believe me MMA fans have a short memory and this one trick pony will merely be a footnote in he history of women’s MMA!

      • K2 says:

        Beating up on smaller women? WTF do the think the men’s devision is? What are any of the fighters natural weight? Do they fight at that weight? STFU.

  3. m says:

    what kind of man calls out a female fighter?

    • Rob says:

      a sad feeble little man

    • Billy the kid says:

      Don’t get it twisted it was her that called him out. He was merely stating the fact that she would not have a chance against a male fighter. It has been blown way out of proportion. He was right when he said he would knock her teeth down her throat! She is riding the wave right now but she needs to know her role and stay fighting women. Any man with any fight training would smash her in a second. She needs to calm down a little and enjoy her victory, it will be short lived!

  4. K2 says:

    If he had to face Rousey, not only would he throw up before hand, but also shit his pants as well. And who wants to grapple with someone who has shit their pants…

  5. the original steve says:

    she would tear his arm off

  6. dante040 says:

    Clearly she doesn’t know he was just on TUF and has a ufc win to his credit

  7. MMACRAVER says:

    What a fucking fool… what is this guy thinking…

    First of all it will never happen… although I wish it would.

    Second of all… If he wins… he is a woman beater… If he loses… he is a little bitch.

    I don’t even like Rousey that much but she would probably snap that nervous little mans arm off.

  8. Lambo says:

    Dudes a pussy ass nut job! Everyone remember on TUF when he was about to have a mental breakdown before his fight. Clown ass mother fucker.

  9. Thurgood Jenkins says: has been using this photo for a while now. Has anyone beside me noticed that she’s wearing a giant pearl necklace?

  10. Ronda is a bad ass chick. Very marketable and can back up the smack talk!

    • stupid fans says:

      yeah to bad everyones just a big baby… they wouldnt know what talent was if it hit them in the face with a bat! its obvious rousey is the best womans MMA’ist at the moment, so whats the problem everyone? what did rousey do to you? make you lose money cause your dumb ass put bets on tate? i hope soo… it will teach you a good lesson…

  11. The Diaz bros like it in the butt says:

    Does anybody else think it’s ironic and a little bit of a Napolean complex that team alpha male is filled with extras from the Lord of the Rings movies

    • stupid fans says:

      does any one even care? cause i dont, those extra’s made hundreds of thousands of dollars being on lord of the rings… you just jealous or someshit? because last time i checked being any what of a movie star IS AWESOME… but yeah its obvious your jealous… 😀

  12. Ryan says:

    This bitch is sooooo annoying

    • stupid fans says:

      so is meisha. roflolololololololooolol but hey i guess your just fucking deaf? and only have listened to one of them? but who won that fight again? oh yeah rousey did by brutal arm bar… your just mad cause kunt miesha lost, well fuck she shouldnt of talked so much shit, she couldnt of backed up that shit talking if her life depended on it… HAHAHAHAHA YES ROUSEY IS CHAMP, AND ALL IM HEARING IS A WATERFALL FROM THE FANS!! oh wait thats not a waterfall THATS JUST EVERYONES CRYING!!! 😀 go rousey go rousey go rousey

  13. Popp24 says:

    Ronda Rousey is extremely annoying. Go away! Kaufman is going to whip that ass next fight.

  14. bob says:

    Umm Carraway didn’t call out Rousey. It was the other way around. He responded. If he didn’t, he’d still be labelled a pussy. Do I think Rousey will beat him? Probably. Do I think he said anything wrong or “sexist”(according to Rousey)? NO! He treated her like he would treat any fighter calling him out. That’s equality not sexism.
    Rousey is very athletic, excellent grappler, has nothing on her feet. Only reason she looks so good is because the division is so lacklustre.

  15. Nick says:

    Rousey would fuck him up. Nuff said

  16. Paul says:

    A man would simply be too strong for a woman. I highly doubt that she would even have enough strength to force him into a submittable position. Let alone take him down. Relatively untrained men regularly beat trained women in mixed martial arts gyms around the world. Ive seen it happen. I have seen a semi professional female fighter dominated by a nobody who was trash talking her. She called him out and he accepted. He even allowed her to hit him in the face and chest several times. She couldn’t take him down even with attempts at trips and sweeps. I am willing to admit that there weights werent the same but it would of been 10 or 15kgs. Im not sure of the gap between these two peoples weights. Its simply a matter of physically superior genetics alot of the time. Through physical adaptation over the duration of our species evolution, males grew to be physically superior. Muscle density and ligament and tendon strength are all superior to a females. there is nothing sexist or archaic about scientific fact. The strength difference and level of athletic ability between a relatively fit man and a supremely fit woman is still phenomenal and the gap is not able to be closed simply by training. i think this lady fighter has underestimated her targets ability. and has placed too much confidence in her own ability to beat him. i would love to see it happen. i would put a grand on the man, at least. safe as houses. money made all day long.

  17. Sam says:

    Carraway would demoralize this woman. she is a dumb bitch for calling him out. the only thing this woman should be doing in the same ring as carraway is letting us all know what round it is. or if she was handing him some sort of beverage or sandwich. plus how the fuck are they going to fight in an octagon that fits in this bitchs kitchen ??? and moreover how is this bitch gona wash the dishes wearing those gloves??? seems like a farce to me

  18. FrankB says:

    anyone who thinks this rousey woman would win, needs to report to a hospital immediately and have your head checked. actually first google image bryan carraway and then google image rousey. if you still honestly believe that girl would win. go straight to the ER. its extremely sad that this woman thinks she can win and even goes as far to say of course i can beat him. omg. please please please please UFC let this shit happen. for all mankind please mr carraway put this stupid little girl in her place. for all mankind break her fucking jaw. i would love to do it myself but i dont think anyone would like it. and if this girl thinks she can beat carraway she probably would even think about fighting me. little does she know i would kick her fucking ass. and make her look stupid. and i know at least 20 or 30 other random dudes that would aswel. carraway please, show this woman what she wants. equality. go to her gym and spar with her and lay her out. thats exactly wat i would do. next day after she runs her mouth. drive to her gym or fly there watever. go in and say lets go in the ring right now. leave 15 minutes later laughing. as i listen to snoop dogg. bitches aint shit but hos and tricks. hollerrrrrr

  19. jax says:

    go do the dishes carraway . and be handy with the toilet wipes for tate you human toilet

  20. ricardo says:


  21. Xaninho says:

    She’s a weightclass above him…he’s too small.

  22. Burke says:

    Funny how the media twists the story to make Rousey seem the victim. It was Ronda Rousey who made a comment about Carraway. If she didn’t wish for a true response in earnest by another athlete then she shouldn’t have commented. Bryan Carraway said nothing after his girlfriend had lost to Rousey, yet he is portrayed as an aggressor? Rousey ran her mouth, and now i hope that she gets it shut by Carraway. I actually hope it gets wired shut for 6 weeks. If you catch my drift.
    i cant find the quote but she said first that she would beat him up. and kick his ass if i remember correctly. she got what she deserved. and now she thinks she told him and he made a fool of himself. and it seems everyone does also. its like, uh no, he was right. what he said was completely fair. she started it, he told the truth. she said what she believed he said what he believed. whats wrong with that? and the people claiming sexism and that women can compete with men in elite sports. well then why dont we all just pool together in all sports??? in the olympics, in everything. ill tell you why, because women would lose..every single time. no women would make the teams over men. remember the outrage over that woman winning in the running cos she was transgendered???? yeh well point proven. they got dominated by a women with high levels of testosterone. and they didnt like it. just imagine if a fully trained fit strong real 100% man raced them. they would fucking cry.

  23. JOHN says:

    i have been hit in the face by a female boxer when i was not looking at a bar. i turned and laughed and told her boyfriend to control her or i was gonna knock her on her ass. i imagine carraway v rousey would be fairly similar. she wouldnt have the strength to take him down or submit so it would be standing. hes strikes would turn her into a weeping schoolgirl. i think it would become apparent to her fairly quickly why men and women are not permitted to compete in the same league. because it is unfair. she is stupid and she started it, carraway is doing wat any normal man would do. addresses a threat and does it without bias or without prejudice that she is a woman. she should keep her mouth shut if she doesnt like it. or prove that she can. it would come down to her accepting the fight not carraway. he would do it tomorrow. she on the other hand behind the scenes would never dream of fighting a professional male fighter.

  24. Xaninho says:

    People saying Carraway merely responded to Rousey are right, but c’mon he should have be smarter and say something classier. To diss a woman he could have said something else than I will choke you out and break your arm.

  25. Harry says:

    Why?? Shes a fighter, hes a fighter. thats wat they do, thats wat they aim to do. as athletes within a sport of combat thats the aim. to hurt the other. she said ill hurt you, he said no, ill hurt you. completely fair. people crucifying carraway are just bored or are just taking the easy stance. which in itself is sexist. making a woman the victim in every situation does not imply empathy, it rather implies discrimination and prejudice. Why cant they just take the situation on its merits. both parties should be made to address the comments, whether or not they would legitimately be willing to fight or not. i already know carraway would, however, i believe rousey would not. and anyhow its irrelevent they cant and will never be allowed to. because why? gaming commisions etc and regulatory commisions would deem it unfair. because of difference in gender. is that not masogonistic and wrong??? more wrong than anything carraway or rousey have said? i think in rouseys mind it would be yes. so lets just leave it shall we.

  26. Garry says:

    I just her to take me down and do what she will with me. She is a sexy bad mouthed bitch

  27. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Caraway was better than this on TUF. He dropped down to her level and shouldn’t respond to her trivial bullshit.

  28. Hyparxis says:

    Sam is another woman hating douche who can’t get laid, hence the resentment. I bet Rousey would whoop the shit out of you and make you get HER a beer. Does your mother know you talk about women this way? I bet she would be so proud of her little woman hater.

    FYI, The only people who hate on women are gay males and other women… which are you?

    (Team Alpha hates on women….. things that make you go “hmmmm”)

  29. Sam says:

    i dont hate women i just find them inferior. i enjoy them aesthetically. and i enjoy going to bed with them immensely. but its similar to a relationship that i have with..say a computer, i can use it to get off (porn) and then get it to go shopping for me (internet shopping). same with a bitch. she can do me right in the bedroom and the kitchen. but thems the only two places that she be my equal. in any other area i handle my own and she should shut her trap. harsh as it may be. i am being honest. and many males would attest to those same statements. p.s. while ive got your attention, what is the best ham to put in a sandwich?? adelphi? smoked? honey leg?? let me know doll. preciate it 😉

  30. John says:

    Of course caraway would beat her. Hell, I bet most of you would beat her too. This is all getting too ridiculous. She barely beat a 135lb girl…she’s not beating any normal sized dude with any training and fighting experience. You kids are way too easily impressed. I understand she’s the flavor of the month, but come on. This ranks right up there with the kids that were posting that Gsp could beat most heavyweights. Hahaha!

    And yes, before you respond with ” she’d beat your ass”,I’m 6’3″, 217 lbs, brown belt in bjj, black belt in TKD and i’m an instructor at Gracie barre. I have confidence because I’ve earned it.

    Enough with the crazy rousey talk. She’s good for her weight class, but let’s not get carried away.

  31. Sam says:

    yes quite disrespectful, and i do apologise. my mother was not best please with what i had written. she did however agree that a woman competing with a man within and physical based event was laughable. and furthermore she believes that in martial arts a woman could never hope to be equal and hence the rules that are in place to prevent such a thing. does anyone recall the olympic running event in which the transgendered women was accused of cheating due to not being a woman and that was the source of her domination?? that just proves the point. women cannot compete against men physically due to genetics. its purely scientific. my comments were meant to be purely satirical. and even though im sure they were hurtful we can all have a laugh because we know that they are not true. i actually laugh about this with many of my guy mates and then go home to our girlfriends whom we treat with the utmost respect. i would never dream of hitting or disrespecting a woman in truth. and i have actually gone out of my way when i was young to beat on men who have done. so technically im a fucking angel. what we say and what we do are two different things. i hope that Ronda Rousey doesnt have to find that out the hard way, dont you?

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