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Wednesday, 02/12/2014, 07:21 pm

Ronda Rousey Responds to Jon Jones’ Criticism, Says She Is Owed Help

Jon Jones recently accused the UFC of favoring Ronda Rousey in her career endeavors.

During Wednesday’s media call for UFC 170, Ronda Rousey responded to Jon Jones and his claims. 5thRound’s Tom Ngo transcribed the following:

“I don’t know exactly what [Jones] said, but I work really, really hard,” Rousey stated. “I might be getting some help from the UFC now, and I appreciate all their support, but to get to this point there were a lot of spots where I didn’t have any help at all… I feel like I’m owed a little bit of help, God dammit. I had to do so much of it alone in the beginning. This is nice. I’m not going to complain about it. They can help me all they want.”

Ronda Rousey is not lying when she said she did a lot for herself without any help. Before even entering the sport of mixed martial arts, Rousey made a name for herself as one of the best judo-practitioners in the world. After finally deciding to make the transition into a MMA, she became the Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight Champion in less than a year.

After Strikeforce was purchased by Zuffa, Ronda Rousey made her UFC debut by main-eventing UFC 157 where she successfully defended her championship against Liz Carmouche.

Do you think the UFC is favoring Ronda Rousey? If so, do you think she has earned it? Tweet us and share your thoughts in the comment section below!

By Jon Kirschner | Twitter: @MMAKirschner


0 Responses to “Ronda Rousey Responds to Jon Jones’ Criticism, Says She Is Owed Help”

  1. magoo says:

    Good on Jones I agree, the UFCs been jamming this bitch and woman’s mma down our throats from day one, they even handed her the belt! Think about it DosAnjos and Khabib are on the prelims and Carmouche and who ever the hell she’s fighting are on the main card….what’s up wit that?

  2. badgermeyer says:

    Turn down a main event fight that caused the entire event to be cancelled, cost your employer millions…this could be one of the reasons. Perhaps should reflect on that b/4 opening his yapper. What seems more realistic though is that they’re pushing Rousey more to build up women’s MMA more to a level where men’s MMA is at.

  3. seminalcacti says:

    I will never pay for an UFC event Ronda is fighting in. I will never buy any movie tickets to films she’s in. I will never support her sponsors. Who the fuck has metro PCS anyways. fuck Ronda the classless, unsportsmanlike bitch. fuck her lame as acting. fuck her sponsors.

    • Doc says:

      I like how she talks shit about women posing almost naked… then she does the same thing. I agree with you. But, I will still watch her fights. I’ll never watch her crap movies. Hell, I don’t even watch Gina Carano’s crap movies, and she is sexy.

      And yeah, who the fuck has metro pcs? Talk about bottom of the barrel…

  4. adam says:

    JBJ sounds like a female. Ironic. Dude is set. Of course ufc is hyping her cause they wanna bring women in the fold. JBJ so unlikable.

  5. wideglide says:

    When Jones stops turning down fights and accomplishes half as much as Rhonda has he can complain until then shut the fuck up, she is world class and deserves everything she has got she did not come from a family of professional athletes( both his brothers are NFL players) what kind of champion whines about a girl doing better than him? stop being a bitch jones.

    • Revel8tions says:

      Your an idiot! Jones like him or not has beaten more legends of MMA
      than Rhonda will ever fight! Get real and yes she has been given an easy road. Why do you think there was the RHonda/ TATE 2 fight. Perfect opponent for her. She has been hand fed opponents. Really strong ground fighters? Who has she fought that was a really good ground fighter? She will be exposed in her next fight. I can’t wait.

    • Revel8tions says:

      lol your serious?! JBJ has beat a who’s who of former champs and sent a few more running. I can’t stand JBJ as a person but he has fought way more talented fighters than Rousey. Let’s not forget Rousey is in the UFC not Invicta. Invicta is where all the womens MMA talent is at.

  6. Mark says:

    She’s the only champion from another org to just be handed a belt upon her arrival in the UFC, anyone else had to fight for it. Were there any others?

  7. The Bored Guy says:

    I think she deserves extra marketing and any special bonuses. She was a Olympian so yea. Plus you’re building a women’s division so you got to market it with the toughest chick at the moment.
    Jones just wants everything to be about him. He doesn’t care that when he speaks he is putting down fighters. But we saw what happened to Jones after all the stuff he talked about Gustafsson and had to be helped out of the octagon. Thought he would of learned his lesson on not talking and thinking the worlds about him.

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