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Thursday, 12/20/2012, 11:44 am

Ronda Rousey Explains Her Determination To Win Over Dana White | UFC NEWS

“It was a goal of mine from the very beginning actually. I just refused to be ignored pretty much. I said to myself, ‘What would work?’ I just thought, ‘I’m going to make myself so impossible to ignore and make myself into something that they didn’t even know that they needed. Before I became a pro I was saying that, so when I was training for my pro debut at King of the Cage is when I first said it on camera. I said, ‘This guy is going to love me and there’s nothing he can do about it.’ I was so sure. You know, I never doubted it. Gaining the respect of men who didn’t think women belong in a gym is something that I’ve become very good at over the years. He (White) wasn’t the first person to doubt me before he met me. I’m used to changing people’s minds. If you are a woman and you are training, every single time you go into a new environment you have to prove yourself all over again.”

The first ever UFC female champion of the world, Ronda Rousey, tells Southern California’s OC Register about her rise to the top and her determination to win over UFC president Dana White.

Whatever she did, it worked!


12 Responses to “Ronda Rousey Explains Her Determination To Win Over Dana White | UFC NEWS”

  1. dave says:

    I bet she had to suck some mean cock to convince him! 😉

  2. Trevor says:

    Right…that’s what I’ve been thinking the whole time. Especially now that she’s main event over Dan Henderson and Lyoto Machida. Like she’s relatively unknown, especially compared to those two, why else would she be main event.

  3. BD says:

    I guess if you bend over backwards for the boss (pun intended) you get whatever you want, like a ppv event no one Will buy!!!

  4. Diego "Dirty" Sanchez says:

    paper champion until she defends it

  5. confucius says:

    there ya go, win somebody over by annoyance. lord knows she has no luck by being impressed with your one trick fighting style. shes like the cody mckenzie of the UFC.

  6. marc says:

    look at the black guy in her back staring at her ass

  7. Armbars says:

    First round armbars are fucking sweet confucius tf is your problem, atleast she isn’t another fucking straight wrestler… Although in WMMA it may be alot better

  8. papi says:

    before I jumped to the comment section, I said to myself and “queue the cock sucking remarks”……Hendo has to be saying WTF!!??…Not buying this card, but then again haven’t bought a card since “Boiling Point”..not that Dana fucking cares!

  9. 11thhour says:

    i’ll watch up to Hendo and Machidas fight and thats it she’s be given a title for nothing and sorry ladies but you’re just not entertaining… I will never buy a PPV that she headlines.

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