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Saturday, 01/11/2014, 01:58 pm

Ronda Rousey: Cheers don’t pay for my gas.

Ronda Rousey became one of the most hated mixed martial arts fighters in the UFC after her season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ aired on Fox Sports 1. In this situation, most public figures would release a statement saying that the tapes were manipulated in a way to make them look like the ‘bad guy’. She isn’t like most public figures, though.

Ronda Rousey is embracing the hate.

In a recent luncheon with the media, Ronda Rousey explained why she enjoys getting a chorus of “boos” from the crowd rather than encouraging cheers. BloodyElbow’s Trent Reinsmith transcribed the following: “I’ve never acted like a nice, sweet, young American girl. I always wanted to be the heel, and I’m sure people are still going to boo me. It’s not like they forgot about it and that’s fine. That’s the way it is. It’s like Saint McMann, they’re going to love her.”

The UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion continued, “I’m expecting a lot of boos for a while,” Rousey said. “Whatever, cheers don’t pay for my gas.”

At UFC 168, the crowd could have booed as loud as they wanted; The champion was not going to let anybody distract her from destroying challenger Miesha Tate who was standing across from her in the octagon. Ronda Rousey proved that night that her first victory over Tate was not luck and she was still the more dominant fighter of the two. “Cupcake” Tate submitted in the third round after getting locked up in another one of Ronda Rousey’s armbars.

Previously, Rousey had finished all of her fights in less than five minutes.

Despite being outclassed in multiple aspects of the fights, Miesha Tate proved to be the most resilient opponent Rousey had ever faced by escaping the first round. In an attempt to put an end to the rivalry, Miesha Tate extended her hand for a handshake. Ronda Rousey would have none of it, however, and walked back to her corner to celebrate with her team.

Rousey spoke about the criticism she has been receiving for turning down the handshake. “I had a couple people talking to me about the handshake thing, and you know what I think is the most iconic picture in all of sports? Ali standing over an unconscious Sonny Liston and taunting an unconscious opponent on the ground. How unsportsmanlike is that?” She continued, “If I knocked Miesha out and stood over her and I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s right you stupid f—ing b—h,’ you know what everyone would say to me? You know how much everyone would freak out and call me the worst person in the world? That is one of the most iconic images in all of sports, and it was an unsportsmanlike moment.”

While it is fun being that bad girl, or heel as she puts it, she still desires to be remembered for what she does during her fights more than after.

“Hopefully people remember my athletic accomplishments more than anything else.”


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  1. bubbagum says:

    Good for her, we live in a such a phony, back stabbing , whats in it for me world…its nice to see someone honest and transparent for a change.

    • eff that says:

      Being honest doesn’t mean being a prick that’s the bullshit lie that this generation has come to believe that being a complete asswhipe is “keeping it real” no that’s the lie right there for the fuckin cameras.Act like a goddamned human being and not someone with a silver spppn sutck up their ass and I guarantee you that your bills will be paid just back up your shit in the ring and I promise you that youll get that paycheck.People just forgot how to treat others with respect but everyone in history sooner or later gets humbles and then its the oh I was you g oh the pressure oh the belt blah blah blah

  2. LCM☝✊ says:

    Great fighter & champion. It’s nice to have someone real in light of the bullshit that Meisha Tate plays. Ronda is a badass and hot as hell.

  3. James Mitchell says:

    dana white should strip the bitch of the title if she can’t act like a professional and be a mentor. the UFC should be embarrassed of her immature unprofessional behavior and fire her!

    • PepperPatriot says:

      That is the silliest post I have read in a long time. One, because many fighters have done far worse, two she is paid to fight not curtsy, three she was a great mentor…unlike Tate, four Rhonda is right, she will be remembered for what she does in the ring, not that silly haters are judging her for. Truth is she has done more for Female MMA than anyone is likely to ever do…and you think she going to get fired(or should be) for not shaking hands? Really? Really? Wow!

    • Mappy Quintos says:

      she’s a fighter not a beauty pageant contestant

    • Xaninho says:

      No he should have cut Tate for antagonizing Rousey and her team with her unappropriate ‘jokes’ after she promised not to do that anymore. Tate has shown her word is worthless and that is something far worse than not accepting a fake peace offer.

    • Chris says:

      Absolute rubbish. She doesn’t need to conduct herself in any way, other than within the guidelines and laws of the sport and State. The title is for the best fighter, not the best role model. She just made a great example with the Ali reference. Tate was unsportsmanlike as well, she’s just more devious about it. They had an agreement on TUF and Tate stomped on it several times. Rhonda? Not once.

    • Don Gwinn says:

      Thank you for demonstrating the value of maturity and professionalism.

      Look, shaking hands with your opponent is sportsmanlike behavior and I like to see it happen, too. But it is *not* an official part of the sport. It is not a duty that a fighter owes to anyone, and if it were, it would be a meaningless gesture. Having someone like Rousey step back and say, “Nope, not this time, not for that person” every once in awhile is the only thing that preserves any meaning when a fighter (including Rousey) does extend a hand.

      • eff that says:

        Funny thing is all these kids who want to justify their own ass like behavior cheer her on and call her being real…..Its not real its fake for show and noo different from any reality tv you see with all the classless trash showing their behind for money.Shes a bitch period but oh yeah that’s ok shes a fighter,No its not ok mother fucker when you get told to fuck off if you ask for an autograph because shes been blown up by every damn kid who thinks its ok to treat others like shit.Feed that monster and I guaranty you itll get worse just like any actor in hollywood

        • Don Gwinn says:

          You do realize that you just called a stranger “motherfucker” in the midst of your rant about why someone you don’t know is a “bitch period” because she didn’t shake the hand of another person you don’t know, right? Thank you for again demonstrating the value of civility and professionalism.

  4. People dislike her for being straight up instead of caught up in the pleasant lies and bullshit people perpetuate to “stay civil”.

  5. TRUTH says:


  6. T.Daddy says:

    Why is everyone acting like Rousey is the first fighter to not shake hands??… Its ridiculous and Tate is fake.. Always trying to act like lil miss goodie goodie…

  7. pk9grrr says:

    like her or not she as immense talent and a great role model for keeping shit real imo id rather have her as a champion then fakeass meisha

  8. BK says:

    “You just tried to kill me for 3 rounds, and on top of that I hate you for what you have said about my family. You are fake. I don’t feel like shaking your hand. I arm barred you, again, deal with it.” As a martial artist, competitor, fighter, teacher, my whole life I personally do not see anything wrong with not shaking hands after a fight. People are only talking about it because it is a girl. Very sexist of you actually. Many men have done it, and many more men will do it again. Remember, it is the Ultimate FIGHTING Championship, in a cage. We lost the opportunity to babble about being civil and respectful when we decided to charge people to watch them tear each other limb from limb for 15-25 minutes, like barbarians. Now, the UFC has evolved, and it will continue to do so (Maybe too much, like the NFL). Instead of complaining about Ronda not shaking her hand after the fight, why not talk about how impressive it is that you know what is coming but you can’t stop it, that last time they fought Ronda looked like a lost puppy on her feet and now she looks like a seasoned striker, or that she has some of the most beautiful and effective Judo throws in the game. They are absolutely gorgeous. If you made Ronda Rousey a man, you would undoubtedly say that she was the Most Well Rounded Fighter. Good (Not great) striking (improving at exponential rates), the best Judo in the game, Perfect submissions and submission defense, good ground and pound…really, who cares if she didn’t shake Meishas hand. Get over it.

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