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Thursday, 11/07/2013, 08:00 am

Ronda Rousey ‘Believes’ She Can Beat Cain Velasquez

A very confident female bantamweight champion, ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey, is about as outspoken as they come.

Which is why it should come as no surprise to anyone that the UFC’s leading lady came out publicly to the Latin media and said that she believes she has a shot at taking out Cain Velasquez, the UFC’s current heavyweight champion.

Before you guys start going crazy over her comments, just remember, context is everything.

Her words:

“In any given moment, under the right circumstance, I think it is possible (to beat Cain Velasquez). You cannot tell me that it is physically impossible. It is possible that in any given moment, if I could find a way, I will beat him. I simply believe in my possibilities.”


16 Responses to “Ronda Rousey ‘Believes’ She Can Beat Cain Velasquez”

  1. andy says:

    she cant defeat veleasquez. however, she would absolutely destroy some average random guy in free fight

  2. Magoo says:

    Fukn hailed out wench cunt!

  3. mean170 says:

    I can beat Cain as well. Him and JDS, at the same time. I just believe in my possibilities.

  4. slip slap says:

    It’s official – the girl is delusional

  5. Drew says:

    If u tried to armbar cain, he would just pick u up, then u either let go or get slammed

  6. Chino says:

    All these people react like stupids.
    Ronda Only means, that she will beat somewhere, somehow..
    And that will be in bed !!100% for sure

  7. Sawedoff says:

    Watch her arm bar his ass… Lol

  8. Mike G says:

    I envision Cain doing Rousey arm curls.

  9. jason says:

    I can just see her trying to throw him into an armbar him picking her up over his head with one arm and start eating her pussy! That’s how I see that fight going down.

  10. Nicole says:

    I can’t stand her. She is so cocky and arrogant! This statement is ludicrous. I can’t wait to see someone beat the crap out of her.

  11. Silly says:

    Oh you guys are so silly. She could beat him, with a gun.

  12. Josh says:

    Guys… She said “In any given moment, under the right circumstance…” Obviously, the right circumstance means she has a gun.

  13. paul brace says:

    As much as like rhonda surely she didn’t really say that… and joe rogan have you ever fought anyone besides that contestant on fear factor…your not even a has been your a never was….just shut up…danas little yes man!!

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