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Saturday, 06/16/2012, 02:29 pm

Roger Gracie Talks About The Transition From Jiu-Jitsu To MMA

By Jamie McAllister
Roger Gracie in an interview with TATAME.

Gracie currently (4-1) in MMA comments on the transition between Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts.

“You have many good black belts, world champion who rely their game on the gi. You can have a good transition or not.”

“I can be wrong, but Romulo (Barral) is a phenomenal guy who has a dangerous guard and he relies on putting his feet on people’s biceps and dominating the arm. This is a strong position of his but it won’t work in MMA. I guess someone like him has to have other tools. The good things about you when you fight with the gi is your weakness when you’re fighting no gi”

Gracie’s next bout is on July 14th Strikeforce: Rockhold Vs. Kennedy at Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon. He is set to make his Middleweight debut facing Keith Jardine.

Jardine in his last bout fought for the Strikeforce Middleweight title losing to Luke Rockhold in the first round. A win over Jardine may put Gracie in the mix for a title shot.


13 Responses to “Roger Gracie Talks About The Transition From Jiu-Jitsu To MMA”

  1. WrestlingRules says:

    For all you bjj nerds…listen to a Gracie about jitz. It’s 5% of an mma fight!! Whereas wrestling is 55%…………RIP.bjj

  2. B-rad says:

    its not just 5% or 55% or whatever wrestlingrules.. ITS ALL ABOUT THE INDIVIDUAL

  3. B-rad says:

    @wrestlingrules look at guys like damein maia or from a strikers perspective a guy like JDS or the reem, if one guy is more skilled in jiu jitsu than the guy is in wrestling, the bjj guy will win. If the wrestler is a better grappler than the striker then wrestler wins. you get what im goin at? So you cant say wrestling beats bjj or striking beats wrestling it all depends on the skills of the wrestler and the bjj guy not just one style always beats the other

  4. B-rad says:

    but on that note every gracie in history have had the boxing skills of a middle schooler lolz

  5. stephen riddle says:

    Why doesnt he train out of the 209?????

  6. Thom says:

    WrestlingRules is a fkn idiot.

  7. Dee says:

    People are such idiots. The only reason wrestlers have experienced some sort of success in the MMA world is because 1. the rules are in their favor and 2. BJJ black belts have trained these guys to fight against a Jiu Jitsu practitioner. The Gracies have proved the superiority of Jiu Jitsu years ago, and the results of those battles have led many people to study Jiu Jitsu. Guys hire World Class Jiu Jitsu coaches to study tapes of their opponents and to prepare them for fights.

    I also don’t like the current MMA rules that favor the wrestler who takes an opponent down and does absolutely nothing. Why should you win a fight because you took someone down? Big deal. Did you do anything after you took him down?

    Bottom line put a Jiu Jitsu practitioner in the ring with someone who only knows wrestling and you will always come up with the same result: jiu jitsu wins.

  8. B-rad says:

    but of course 98% of wrestlers belive that only wrestling will win fights, the other 2% have trained in jiu jitjsu and kickboxing and know you have to be able to dot it ALL to win fights. not just take the top position

  9. Fuck You says:

    Just for the record, not all jiu jitsu is with a GI although most jiu jitsu academies focus mainly on GI bc they wanna win tournaments remote tournaments students win the more people think it works/the more people think the instructor is great and the more people think that the more students they get which means more money!!

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