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Thursday, 09/15/2011, 09:06 am

Roger Gracie: 'I made a fatal mistake' against King Mo

“I couldn’t do what I have trained to do … I believed in my jab and he (King Mo) wasn’t bringing much danger. When I heard Renzo saying there was a minute and a half left for the end of the first round, I relaxed. I didn’t have enough time to submit him nor take him down, he wasn’t punching me, so I thought I would keep it that way until the second round. That was the first mistake. The second was that he accidentally hit his head against mine, and I got dizzy. I moved backwards, he punched me and I felt. That head was practically an accidental knockout. When I tried to grab him, clinch, his head hit my face and I backed off.”

“I was supposed to work on the clinch, because I wouldn’t risk trying to grab his legs and take him down because it wasn’t the beginning of the fight, so I wasn’t using much energy with no purpose. I was supposed to work on the clinch and take him down. And during the first round I didn’t try to do that, and suddenly I realized the danger he was putting me in.

“Losing is terrible. Nobody likes losing, especially being knocked out. But what can I do? I’ll train so it won’t happen again”.

“The lesson is that in MMA you must be more aggressive and you can’t blink. When I let it go when I heard Renzo saying there was a minute and a half left, it was a fatal mistake. In Jiu-Jitsu you can be taken down, lose a point, but in MMA you can be knocked out”.

The previously undefeated Roger Gracie, talks to about his first career loss last weekend at the Strikeforce event in Cincinnati Ohio to King Mo.

Typically fighters learn from their losses and in the interview, Gracie states that he will put BJJ competition on the side to dedicate 100% to his MMA career.

Can the Jiu Jitsu whiz come back stronger than ever or did Mo expose the phenom’s biggest weakness?


26 Responses to “Roger Gracie: 'I made a fatal mistake' against King Mo”

  1. Will says:

    What was exposed? That King Mo has a hard head? Gracie was winning the bout up until that point and it’s unfortunate..

    • Jmad says:

      I really wouldn’t say he was winning, neither one of them was really doing anything

    • Josh says:

      I’ve watched the fight a few times now but I don’t really see the headbutt. With like a minute and 22 seconds left into the fight I can see where Gracie clinched and supposedly got headbutted but I didn’t really see a collision. Gracie didn’t really react as if there was a collision either

      • Eli says:

        The headbut lands right before the KO punches lands…everyone i was watching it with was screaming BS because the headbut rocked roger really badly…watch right before the punch lands and they colid forhead to chin and gracie stumbles back and then gets ko’d

    • Fortyb4five says:

      are you serious? Neither of them were doing anything until the ko punch landed.

  2. Loser says:

    Now he is blaming Renzo for the losee..what a loseeer

  3. Xaninho says:

    Yeah I was wondering if I was the only one that saw the heads collide. Cause noone spoke about it during the fight and after….

    I don’t like Lawal at all, but it was obviously an accidental head collision.Fact remains however, Lawal did gain advantage from it.

    I think a rematch is in place.

  4. River City Zombie says:

    I had the privelage of being in the audience on Saturday cheering for Roger. Things might not have gone his/(our) way, but hey thats life. He’ll train hard and I can’t wait to see his next fight.

  5. JohnnyB says:

    I didn’t see a headbutt. I saw a sloppy standup game from Roger. He repeatedly dropped his left before and after throwing that jab (all 7 of them lol). And lawal made him pay. Simple as that. I wouldn’t be so quick to call for a rematch.. Perhaps let roger try a different opponent. Maybe a redux down the road if both are doing well.

    • seccc says:

      there was a headbutt. it rocked him good. made him dizzy and wobbly and then mo went for the ko. i freeze-framed and saved images of the collision, and in one replay, you can see it bad. even frank shamrock pointed it out, but the ref didn’t notice i guess. roger got the bad end of the stick there and got screwed a bit. it’s too bad the ref didn’t catch it.

      • keola says:

        I saw the head butt. It was accidental but it sure did rock him. then the following shots just added to it. if you didnt see the head butt im not sure what fight u were watching. It was crystal clear

  6. josh says:

    Stop making excuses, you lost get over it.

  7. Lex w says:

    I never been a king mo fan until that fight I been waiten to c a gracie get ktfo and king mo made it happen

  8. Duane says:

    Roger you had no business in that fight dog lol. And for the kook that said you were winning before that KO, LOL sure buddy. King Mo said himself you guys didnt headbutt (mmajunkie radio interview this past monday) so you can scratch that excuse. You got cracked so hard and was out so bad how you know what happen, or did you wake up and think you were actually in the fight at some point? Everyone i talked to about your fight all said the samething, “wtf was gracie doing” Your strategy was to do what exactly? I usually don’t go in on fighters, cuz like Hendo said we are behind a screen name while they are putting it on the line but when i hear excuses like this, i gotta do it! LOL

    And all these clowns didn’t give Mo a shot in hell in this match up lol. Do your MMA homework before posting cuz you guys make BJ site look like it’s filled with uneducated swingers….


    • Xaninho says:

      Mo Lawal is a liar if he says they didn’t collide heads. You need to get some fucking glasses if you didn’t notice it too, you’re either blind as a bat or just another moron.

      • DUANE says:

        A rematch lol, and I’m a moron now, okay! Grow the fuck up man, there’s to many of you shit talkers on here, all you do is ruin this site with your b/s name calling childish remarks. Now as for your rematch that no one heard about beside you, come on you really think Mo gives a shit to revisit someone he KO’d lol. And what exactly does he gain from that? Your respect, lol gtfoh

    • Peleke says:

      Watch King Mo’s post fight interview, he even said there was a headbutt. It was an unfortunate scenario, it all happens in seconds time. But if King Mo’ did say that there wasn’t a headbutt on the radio then he is just contradicting himself.

  9. You got caught big guy shitt happens don’t let it happen again!

  10. jason N says:

    Yea you should’nt have taken a nap while the fight was still going on.

  11. Dave says:

    Mo showed once again that guys like Gracie with world class BJJ can’t figure out a way to get the fight to the ground. If there was a headbutt, which I didn’t see, it was accidental and no ref would have stopped the action during a sequence that fast. Gracie should make some money choking out guys stupid enough to engage him on the ground and avoid wrestlers with great clinch and takedown defense – such as Mo -because they can often knock someone out like that highlight.

  12. Amy says:

    no one should say Gracie is making excuses. He clearly said HE made mistakes. He did not put Mo down or make excuses. He still needs to work on his standup but neither one of them was doing much in the first round to begin with.

  13. jacob lee says:

    yo maybe u just suck…just stop

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