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Thursday, 02/07/2013, 01:13 pm

Riddle Says He, Not Uriah Hall, Has The Best KO In TUF History And I Have To Agree | UFC NEWS

“I think [Hall’s] knockout was definitely one of the flashiest and hard-hitting knockouts. Usually knockouts that happen that way aren’t as hard-hitting as that. It was a really impressive knockout and he did a lot of damage with that kick. That said, when I was on season seven, I broke that dude’s jaw in three places and gave him a level three concussion which means he had amnesia and he didn’t remember six months of his life. So that guy (Adam Cella) got his memory back in an hour, my guy didn’t get his memory back for six months AND he had his jaw wired for six months. So I think his knockout was definitely fancier and definitely way prettier, but medically and in long term damage, I still hold the record.”

– Matt Riddle via The Verbal Submission

TUF Knockout – Watch More Funny Videos

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3 Responses to “Riddle Says He, Not Uriah Hall, Has The Best KO In TUF History And I Have To Agree | UFC NEWS”

  1. Oz says:

    Yeah, not something I would be bragging about. The more you talk, the more of a jackass you make yourself seem.

  2. John says:

    SIX months? Seriously?! Holy SHIT!

  3. GS says:

    Stupids like you forget this is a sport and feel proud about that? I guess i can’t blaim you for having a pea sized brain.

  4. DamX says:

    I have to disagree as flash KO it was it took numerous hits and buddy was somewhat coherent and not completely out like in the Hall fight that end with such impact !

  5. Matt says:

    What a piece of crap Riddle is…taking pleasure in hurting someone MORE than someone else. Riddle, I hate to break it to you, you hit a defenseless man three time in the jaw AFTER he was already ko’d! The guy couldn’t defend himself! you are a fucked up loser and I won’t watch any of your fights. PS stop the roids, its obvious dude!

    • wtf says:

      dude riddle is awesome to watch fight. If you get butthurt that easily ove something like this you shouldnt be watching mma, too intense fo you. riddle is an aveage fighter but he makes fun fights and he goes afte it 100%, wtf is you problem hater?

      • Matt says:

        Listen here homophob. I participate in mma and am also ranked as a black belt 14 years of training. So while you sit and “watch” people compete, some of us actually get off our asses and DO compete! so ya, I think I can handle “watching” mma. However I don’t enjoy watching someone needlessly getting their face broken. That’s were you and I differ. Obviously you enjoy lawless violence. You are the problem of our world today, and you disgust me.

  6. Nart says:

    That’s nice that he is so proud at the fact that he damaged Simmler so much. Shows true professionalism. What a jacka$$.

  7. James Mason says:

    Yaayyyyy celebrating a bout of serious damage inflicted on an opponent 😀

    Matt Riddle was, is and always will be a top class ballbag.

    He dropped him, and followed with needless ground ‘n’ pound, classless if you ask me. It LOOKED terrible, and he’s a terrible striker; so no, it wasn’t the best KO in TUF history, you fucking pratt.

  8. Eddie says:

    I’d still go with Hall’s. He din’t need follow up punches on the ground to inflict damage. If he pounced on Cella for two unobstructed blows, Cella may be sucking his veggies through a straw for the next 10 months.

  9. Zach says:

    Ok he broke his jaw in 3 places and gave him a concussion, but Uriah only hit him with one shot. Matt hit his guy like 7 times, the one initial hit and like 6 punches after he was knocked out. So i think Uriah could have done some more damage with 6 more punches.

  10. Lucas Wonderz says:

    If Uriah had keep hitting Cella in the floor, i think maybe Riddle could say something like this…

  11. Brandon says:

    I have to disagree, that knock out is not even on par with spider and machidas front kick knockouts. That looks identical to the knock out Rampage did on Silva. Hall’s was done with much more skill, and it was more unique. Also, the way he was kicked was much more dangerous, he’s lucky he was not paralyzed. Peace

  12. Scotticus says:

    The classy thing to do would be abstaining from bragging about long term damage you inflicted on a fellow athlete.

    That being said, he got knocked the fuck out.

  13. vagerance says:

    Uriahs was prettier, and the long term damage is still unknown. Uriah was one roundhouse kick, and he walked away knowing what he had accomplished,a lot like Jones does…. Riddle knocked him out and continued to strike while his opponent was under. Lets just line Riddle with Uriah and see who does what to who..

  14. byanywear says:

    YAYYY for you you caused long term to damage and you’re braggin about it…may your karma loop be extremely short and you get your fckin head kicked off. You’re the total opposite of Urijah you could at least tell he was somewhat concerned about his opponent. Where you had to dig your mange ass out of existence to point out something that wasn’t even worth pointing out.

  15. MarkEffed says:

    Matt Riddle is a douche. Is he seriously saying his KO is better and bragging about the fact that he hurt a guy way more and that guy will probably never be the same person again? Matt Riddle is a A-Class douche. Fuck that guy.

  16. chad says:

    I disagree, that kick was more technical and solid than his punch/ cheap shots Riddle threw.

  17. bob says:

    disgusting… to rank a K.O. highly because of medical damage incurred… All i was thinking about is if the other guy was ok… they are profesionals not animals… to judge a knockout by how much damage was done post fight is the lowest of the low… and that goes for the writer of this article too…

  18. Sean says:

    Good for you Matt. Damaging someone’s physical health like that is definitely something to be proud of

  19. Rock Shizzle says:

    Uriah wins hands down, harder technique, and his guy looked like he was having a seizure for a few seconds

  20. Saxs says:

    Uhhhh NO. This guy cant be serious… He hit dude like 4 times. Hall one kick to the head clean as hell.

  21. Enzo says:

    Yep I agree, I still would go with Hall’s KO. It seems as if Riddle takes pride in breaking his jaw and the loss of memory his opponent suffered. I love to see finishes but I hate to see unnecessary damage done, like what Riddle did, I think it was awful.

  22. Enzo says:

    Seriously, “So I think his knockout was definitely fancier and definitely way prettier, but medically and in long term damage, I still hold the record.”” What a douche.

  23. ThumperECV says:

    Maybe its my phone but that video is lame and you can’t really see anything good.. A different angle would have been better..

  24. Lee Evenson says:

    I disagree, Hall’s was a one shot knock out, Riddle kept hitting the guy when he was already out.

  25. sam123 says:

    Well you have to notice something!! Riddle hit his apponent like 3 or 4 times after the initial blow and when when already knocked out, furthering the damage and making the concussion worse. Uriah hall hit him once and he was out!!!! for a bit longer on the gound aswell.

  26. Sean says:

    “TUF Knockout – Watch More Funny Videos”
    Are they calling this knockout video funny?

  27. D_stevens_pcbjj says:

    I also feel like Uriah Hall’s knock out was “better” cause he kicked him once and it was over, how many times did Matt Riddle hit Dan Simmler after he went down? A bunch, and I’m not doctor but I’m sure that had to do with a lot of his injuries…

  28. tERS09 says:

    What a moron, so next episode if someone gets KO’d and dies in the octagon does that make that the best KO ever? Why would a knock out be judged on the damage inflicted rather than the degree of difficulty and/or flashiness.

  29. Tony says:

    If it was due to ONE strike, then it’ll be more great, but this guy did FOUR strikes to the chin. Can’t say much of a shock unless it was just from a single strike.

  30. Cody says:

    Wow What a unprofessional douche. I hope Che Mills wrecks this asshole.

  31. miner says:

    Riddle, you are a piece of @#$% bragging about what you did to that guy, looks to me more like luck than anything, plus your not doing $%^& in the ufc anyways, what a great man you are!!!!

  32. Elmer says:

    Douche! Idiot!!

  33. Sasquatch says:

    Karma’s coming for you Riddle!

  34. Marcus R. says:

    Riddle is a douche! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Dan Simmler and training Jiu Jitsu under him & he is a stand up guy. Big fucking deal, you knocked someone out….pretty sure you didn’t win that season and I’m sure Hall would wipe the floor with Riddle!

  35. squid says:

    matt riddle is a douchebag

  36. Thom says:

    What a fking douchebag..

  37. 714 says:

    the only thing amazing about that knockout was the level of bitch in the dude he knocked out.

  38. mike says:

    Matthew Riddle you have got to be the biggest piece of shit I have ever seen .your bragging about giving a concusion and having a mans jaw wired shut for 6 months. Are you serious? I hope the next time you fight someone that is even credible that they beat you so badly that you have to piss and shit through a tube for 6 months. I have never been one to wish bad to anyone but your comments have showed your true colors.YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A LOW LIFE SCUM BAG WHO WILL NEVER EVER HAVE A CHANCE IN HELL OF BEING A CHAMPION IN THE UFC NEVER NEVER NEVER YOU NO CLASS PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!

  39. Diogo Mello says:

    He just say that his knockout was better than hall, and i agree with him.
    Thank you all, i’m gonna watch bellator and forget this, it’s useless to talk about this.

  40. jimmmmmmy says:

    Hall’s KO was way more epic to watch, but all in all, when you’re a pro athlete it shouldn’t be an honour to cause someone brain damage. Matt Riddle is a dick for even trying to compete in something like that after seeing that Hall was actually broken up for causing that amount of damage to someone. Shouldn’t be proud of that at all.

  41. K3vbot says:

    i am entirely sure this answer is in a context of a more serious interview than people believe and someone asked whether hall’s or his knockout was more “devastating” or something. It sounds like it from the way way the quote is structured. I’m sure
    Riddle isn’t trying to be as douchey as most are saying

    • Jeriel says:

      Listened to the full episode of The Verbal Submission, and it wasn’t out of context. Question starts at 7 min 33 sec of podcast and it is word for word up to the end of his answer. Nothing was cut out. Even if it was out of context, Riddle is still an asshole for punching a defenseless fighter 3 times.

  42. Dakota says:

    Yea but Riddle also hit his guy a extra 4 times in the jaw once he went down (which was why is jaw was broke so badly and why he had such a sevre concussion), where as Hall just kicked his guy in the face.

  43. Yobby says:

    yeah – I’ve seen plenty o fight’s where guys are stomped on after they’ve been knocked out – hooray for you bub – Uriah threw one clean reverse roundhouse kick to the jaw – & immediately apologised after he saw the damage done – much more class & professionalism than you douchebag!!

  44. wee says:

    i know this is about TUF but for me nothing can top the H-bomb landing on Bisping….

  45. Jujitsu Player says:

    What a fuck!ng d0uche bag! I fuck!ng hate Matt Riddle even more now. At least Hall showed some humility which seriously gained my respect. Riddle sounds like a kid in a playground bragging, breaking someones jaw and causing sever concussion and amnesia is nothing to be proud about. Think about that poor guys family and whether he’s going to be able to compete and put food on the table. You are a poor excuse for a human and a very mediocre UFC fighter….

  46. JayCee says:

    He’s bragging about this? It was a one punch KO then he’s gotta be acting like a non professional and hit a life less fighter 3 times whiles he’s out cold…No wonder his jaw was broke in three places.I’m sure Hall could have done the same thing while the fighter was on the ground and done even more damage. I would rather take the Riddle blow on the chin than the spinning wheel kick to the head…MINUS the effects of it of course!That man was STRUGGLING TO BREATH!!! That’s more devastating in my opinion.It looked like at any time without someone there to help him he could have just stopped breathing.

  47. David says:

    Halls was better and he showed he was a classier human being by genuinely showing concern for Cella. Bragging about damaging a defenceless opponent is just low.

  48. 123 says:

    how disrespectful.. urijah hall isnt bragging about it & his was alot better.. che mills is going to hurt you.

  49. Jeriel says:

    “…which means he had amnesia and he didn’t remember six months of his life….my guy didn’t get his memory back for six months…” – which is it, he didn’t remember six month’s of his life or didn’t get his memory back in six months? Although they are not mutually exclusive, I think the first one is the fact and the second one is misrepresentation from Riddle so he can compare it with Hall’s opponent getting his memory back in 1 hour.

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