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Wednesday, 10/10/2012, 05:04 pm

Rickson Gracie To Start A New Promotion With New Rules | MMA NEWS

“We want to create a new paradigm and recover values from the fight that were lost over time. Today, MMA fighting means blood and money. We will honour the warrior spirit and the fighting art.”

Rickson Gracie is taking an adapted version of Mixed Martial Arts to Brazil on the 22nd of this month.

Called “Mestre do Combate, the most significant changes to the rules of traditional Mixed Martial Arts will be same day weigh-ins and no ref stoppages.

Sounds interesting… Thoughts?

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25 Responses to “Rickson Gracie To Start A New Promotion With New Rules | MMA NEWS”

  1. Pippen says:

    No ref stoppages? And he sais that current mma is all about blood, dont make sense, unless theres no striking on the ground or something.

  2. Brixalmighty says:

    No ref stoppage sounds great! That means no holding back for the attacker.

  3. Bryan Fury85 says:

    how do fights get stopped now ?

  4. If there is no ref stoppage, all the fights HAVE to go to decision. What happens when somebody gets put to sleep with a choke lol

  5. gzawilliam says:

    A great way to send people away from MMA again with the brutality. Rickson your living in the past. The ufc spent the last 20years trying to prove to the world its not a brutal cockfight and you want to bring that back.

    This isnt bloodsport.

  6. David S says:

    I like the same-day weigh-ins, being a skinny guy myself. It would keep me from fighting guys that walk around at 175+, cut to 155 for weigh-ins, then come into the cage the next day at 165 or more, when I struggle to get above 160 ever.

    That being said, the “no ref stoppage” thing confuses me… it puts a premium at getting the full KO (dangerous) or the advantage of extremely-high level BJJ practitioners. If he thinks blood is a problem now, not having ref stoppages will only make it worse…

  7. STAND says:

    So is it a death match of sorts?.
    Do the fighters decide when he or his opponent has has enough?
    Cant wait to see a break down of the rules

  8. 123 says:

    no ref stoppage, what’s the ref there for then?.. unless there’s no ref which is weird.

  9. Very nice says:

    No ref stoppages means No tko only KO and submissions

  10. Weight-ins on night of the fight.
    – Pride style rounds. First one being 10 minutes and the second 5.
    – No saved by the bell.
    – No wins on points. At the end of each fight, the judge, Rickson himself and the audience will decide which fighter really won (present or via facebook).
    Now the rules are slightly updated from the old Vale Tudo standard of absolutely no rules. There will be a time limit on matches due to the events airing on Brazilian TV Esporte Interativo.

    The Judging system seems quite interesting and it will be fun to see how it plays out. Encase of a draw (meaning no finish) there will be an extra round and if there is still no finish, Rickson, the referee and the audience will serve as the three judges and render a decision. Another rule of note is that if a fighter is caught in a submission or is badly hurt by strikes, the bell will not ring until the fighter loses or escapes from danger.

    this sounds way better that the way things are now, PRIDE WAS THE BEST.

  11. The RZA says:

    Obviously there’s gonna be corner stoppages…why has no one thought of this

  12. Sam says:

    love it! I liked the way mma used to be. Pride was always way better than ufc because of the level of brutality but this sounds amazing.

  13. Fern says:

    this web site explains a bit more on the rules…

  14. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    The only difference between pride rules, and standard rules are pride had soccer kicks, and knees to a downed fighter, and no elbows. 10min 1st round. And of course the yellow card which took 10% of a purse.

  15. STAND says:

    I still like the ufc..pride was ok…but some of the fights were very boring

  16. MMAnalyst says:

    Same day weigh-ins would be great – basically everyone moves up a weight class IMO, though the idea of a longer first round, or just no rounds – fight until there’s a winner seems more realistic, but you can still have a ref! Eye pokes, groin strikes, a fighter is unconscious from a choke – you need a third man in the ring to make sure people live to fight another day without gruesome injuries.

  17. Jizade says:

    you damn fools! he means the ref wont jump in and stop it untill (A) one is knocked out or (B) one taps!! use your heads! this dude writing the the article is simply given yous half assed information..

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