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Friday, 10/11/2013, 10:35 am

Rick Story Helping GSP Prep For Showdown With Hendricks

UFC welterweight, Rick ‘The Horror’ Story is the only man to defeat the UFC’s number one welterweight contender, Johny Hendricks. He’s also a former training partner.

Story, is now helping the champ, GSP train for his UFC 167 showdown with Hendricks.

“It’s a plus for me,” St-Pierre told the French-Canadian media. “He’s a guy with a similar style to Johny Hendricks. He’s also the last person to beat him. He won by decision. It was a close fight. But he won. He has even trained with him. He can give me some tricks, tell me how he is.”

According to reports it was GSP’s coach, Firas Zahabi who approached Story with defecting to the try-star gym and helping GSP prepare.

“I wasn’t convinced at first.” Story said. “But I told myself it would be good for my career to work with a such a reputable camp. I am certain Johny [Hendricks] will understand my decision to come here. I have to do everything to succeed and he’ll understand that.”

Will this new pairing help the champ retain his crown?


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  1. drew says:

    fighters evolve, hendrix beating gsp is the inevitable, best part he inst thiago alves who mentally already thought he beat gsp before the fight happened. Hendrix is a humble man and doing everything he can to train and beat gsp…really hoping hendrix takes it

    • Nate and GSP "ROIDER TWINS" says:

      UFC needs a “REAL FIGHTER” like Hendricks who actually comes to fight and won’t take 2 years off between fights and milk a 6 month injury into 2+years and put on borefest title fights. Fans are so ready for a new UFC WW champ whether they admit it or not.

  2. D-rak says:

    Hendricks who lost to story and beat kos by split decision is not on the same level as gsp but then again gsp has beat the shit out of the entire division so the UFC has to throw somebody against gsp….lol

    • Brett says:

      Good I hope you still feel that way when GSP loses.

    • bjpennfan says:

      lol i think you have “beat the shit out of the entire division” mixed up with laid his 195 pound frame on 170 pounders for 25 mins in all of his fights except against 40 year old hughes… keep thinking he beats the shit out of people by laying on them because it will only work for so long.

  3. Magoo says:

    After that exciting fight Story put on against Maia…..why not! Lol…. Smh not quite sure how this is gonna benefit George other then he’s got another guy to sh!t kick during sparring.

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