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Tuesday, 03/19/2013, 07:40 pm

Rick Story asks for Jake Ellenberger rematch, ‘pissed’ he’s getting all the accolades when he already ‘beat his ass’| UFC NEWS

Jake Ellenberger notched a huge win Saturday night at UFC 158, with his impressive KO of former Strikeforce Welterweight champion Nate Marquardt. The win catapulted him up the UFC Welterweight rankings, earning him consideration as the next contender to Georges St. Pierre’s throne. Next to Johny Hendricks, of course.

That praise has not set well with another Welterweight, who was also impressive Saturday night; Rick Story. Story has already defeated Ellenberger and “Horror” wants to be in “The Juggernaut’s” position. He’s ready to “beat his ass” to get there too, something he already did five years ago when the two 170-pound fighters were competing on the local circuit.

Rick expressed his desire for a rematch and vented his frustrations via his Facebook page:

“I want to fight Jake Ellenberger! It pisses me off that he’s getting all of the accolades when I already beat him. It’s annoying that people keep making the excuse for Jake “well that was earlier in your guy’s career”.

OK, even back then he had 3 times the amount of fights that I had.

Also, let’s look at more recent times, he got Ko’d by Martin Kampmann in the 2nd round where as I went the distance with Kampmann with 1 leg.

The bottom line is I want to be in the position he is in right now and if I have to beat his ass again to get there…… Then Let’s do it!”

Needless to say Story is none too pleased with all the attention Ellenberger is receiving and is eager to prove once again he is superior in the cage. The only question would be, does it make sense for the UFC to put together the fight? Story has lost 3 of his last 9 fights, with Ellenberger losing only once in the same number of fights, the fight would be very intriguing, but does it make sense?


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  1. johnnypotsmoker says:

    shut up story, go get neck cranked by maia some more cuz last i checked ellenberger wins fights

  2. ryan cook says:

    Johny you sould have more respect for someone who works harder in a day than you do in a month. go smoke some pot.

  3. Ddddddd says:

    Well it seems like this would be a good candidate for one of those double knockouts I’ve been seeing because I don’t give a shit about either of these bitchers.

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