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Friday, 02/24/2012, 09:15 pm

Rich Franklin Responds to Rampage Call Out | Favors Bader Over Jackson

“I can understand when you start calling a fighter out like that obviously they are going to get a little upset. Not knowing the story you’re obviously going to wonder if this fighter took this fight seriously. Six pounds is a lot of weight, but he also addressed another issue being on a plane, holding water all that other stuff I had said before.

The interesting thing about this matchup now, looking at this if I was in Ryan Baders camp. I think prior to the weigh-in I think I probably advised him to take Quinton down, but now knowing that Rampage has missed weight he’s probably going back to his coaches. Does Ryan know that Quinton was injured and knowing so does that change the gameplan of this fight?
Does he go ‘Is my conditioning actually going to carry me through this fight or not’ and that’s what going to be interesting about this fight tomorrow. I think I have to go with Bader at this point.”

Former UFC middleweight champion, Rich Franklin, while on tonight’s FUEL TV post-weigh-in Panel addressed the statement made by Rampage Jackson about his comments.

But he did it with pure class. If you missed what Rampage said click HERE.


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16 Responses to “Rich Franklin Responds to Rampage Call Out | Favors Bader Over Jackson”

  1. Nick "Mount Everest" Diaz says:

    Rich Franklin … star of the move “The Forgotten”

  2. Nick says:

    Rich has valid points, I just think he shouldn’t be talking too much about Rampage. He is a bit sensitive and that could be a fight one day. A pissed Rampage isn’t a good one to fight.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Rich Franklin is one of the biggest and BEST weight cutters in history who ONLY fought because he usually had an enormous size and weight advantage over his opponents. Rampage would snap Franklin in 2 with one hand. WOW 5 whole pounds is the end of the world. I can if it was Rampages 3rd or 4 th time like Rumble but as far as know its his first time missing weight. GROW UP at least Rampage comes to fight and not bore us to death with some ellaberate gameplan that would be better suited for another sport like TRACK AND FIELD. Just fight already let best man win. now days its more the best PUSSY ass gameplan and weight cutters are deciding most fights before they even step in cage. They need to take word “FIGHTING” out of the UFC and replace it with “Ultimate GAMEPLANNING” Championships” or Ultimate “FITCHING” Championships”

  3. ricardo says:

    Rich Franklin the fuc**** man!

  4. Love Rich but I have NO idea why his comments are a big deal.

    • James Troy says:

      they arent really, rampage is just an emotional / sensative guy. and he tends to come off defensive when people bring up negative things about him, which is understandable. does anyone like it when your negatives are being pointed out. rampage also called out joe rogan too for similar stuff. rampage and rich are swell guys. and rogan is a swell guy too. its just drama to get headlines and hype and shit.

  5. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    When is Rich coming back?

  6. Leezy810 says:

    Rampage also cut more weight than he ever has. I’m sure he was very irritable. I think Rich understood his mindset.

  7. jbeamazing says:

    so when is Rich Franklin rematching ken shamrock is it just me or has he been reverent since the first Silva fight
    he knocked out chuck and chuck was good at 1 time but then he was glass joe like

  8. WillA says:

    yo fuck rich franklin old shit talkin ass needa shutup how he gon talk when he go in a fight and get KTFO like he did vs. Vitor this dude stupid as shit, rampage put this dude in intensive care. bum ass

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