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Tuesday, 10/09/2012, 07:08 pm

EXCLUSIVE | Rich Franklin on Fighting Le, China, Movies, and More

Some have stated that the event is being held in an area where support for Le would far outweigh what Franklin will receive. Rich disagrees.

“I don’t think Cung has a home field advantage like some would think”, Franklin said. “He’s not Chinese first of all, he’s Vietnamese and this is in Macao, a district of China. I’ll leave for Singapore here in a few weeks and we’re all on the same time zone. Realistically, the destination of the fight is somewhat arbitrary. Even if he did have an advantage that stuff doesn’t seem to bother me if my last fight wasn’t a good judge of that. I don’t know what else would be a good indicator”.

Before Rich stepped in to face Wanderlei Silva at UFC 147 when Vitor Belfort was injured during training, he was preparing to fight Cung Le in Singapore. With the Le fight being rock solid he will again take the same route in preparations.

“This time I will do it in reverse order. I will spend the bulk of my camp here”, Rich said. “I’ll spend two weeks in Singapore and then a week in Macao. Then my wife Beth and I will hop on a plane with some of my corner men and see the great wall and I’ll be gone about a month. Spend two weeks in Macau and finish up there. We’ll be following pretty much the same game plan that we followed last time. I’ll be taking Neal my kickboxing coach with me down to Macao. Unfortunately Rob Radford has been in and out of town for a camp. He was in Bautista’s corner. We’ll go down there and work on kind of what we started working on at home. We’ll let Evolve put their spin on things. I’ll work with the same guys I worked with last time and kind of mix things up a little bit”.

Fighting has never been the only outlet for Franklin. He continues to appear in films when his schedule permits.

“I shot a film recently. I was basically on set for a day. It’s a small budget comedy called “Mantervention”, stated Franklin. “It’s about a guy who broke up with his girlfriend and basically he needs an intervention with his guy friends so it’s a “mantervention”. I play an MMA coach in the movie. Apparently the main character at one point in time, well not apparently I read the script, apparently he trained in an MMA gym and quit coming because of his girl. They broke up and his buddy brings him back to the gym and it’s a funny little scene. I shot this several weeks before I actually started this training camp”.

Something that is no secret to MMA fans is Rich’s passion for nutrition. He has even gone as far as to create a now popular website to be a public resource for health and nutrition information.

“Ace’s Way is one of my passions, Rich said. “In my free time I have been putting a lot of time in to this nutritional website. It’s and basically the proper mindset is losing weight. A lot of the articles are not geared for the athlete per say. I think it helps the average person looking to lose a little weight or a significant amount, too. I have gotten great reception on my Twitter (@RichFranklin). People tell me that they have been reading the articles and people have honestly been losing weight because of what they are reading and the advice I have been given. I’m having a lot of good success with this website”.

At the end of the day Rich’s fight with Cung Le is just that, a fight. Friendship aside they will engage in combat, but Franklin knows the eventual outcome already.

“Of course come November 10th we’re going to be throwing punches at each other’s faces, Franklin said. “Before the night’s over he and I are probably going to go grab some Krispy Kreme or something like that if we can find them in the casino”.


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  1. Mike b says:

    Damn..I wish I had fuel tv.

  2. The Truth says:

    Due to fairness and truth I try to stay away from any “Who’s Best” or “My favorite fighter is..” conversations. That said, Rich Franklin may just be my all time favorite. Hard to find anything negative at all about him. Hall of Famer Fo Sho! This should be a great contest!

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