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Friday, 03/30/2012, 08:08 am

Poll Results | Who is the better fighter, Cyborg or Rousey?

In this week’s polling here at BJPENN.COM we wanted to know who you thought was the better fighter, Ronda Rousey or Cris “Cyborg” Santos.

Both women have laid down a path of destruction in their careers. Rousey is the undefeated bantamweight champion of Strikeforce and Cyborg has just one-defeat on her record and it was in her professional debut 7-years ago.

These two are bound to meet in the cage sometime in the future, so what was the early prediction on this fight from our readers?

After 1,618 votes, the fan favorite is Rousey, by a close margin.

54.5% (882 Votes) of you picked Ronda Rousey as the better fighter while 45.5% (736 Votes) picked the recently stripped featherweight champ “Cyborg.”

Thank you to all who cast a vote; we will get another one out on Monday!

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38 Responses to “Poll Results | Who is the better fighter, Cyborg or Rousey?”

  1. Jason says:

    Roused the better fighter. Cyborg the better cheater.

    • Keith R. says:

      @Jason well said.

    • chillin says:

      Except what we’ve seen of Rousey’s fighting skills are pretty basic, if not really bad.
      She’s a damn good Judo player though, so maybe that levels the playing field a bit. But damn, her standup is awful.

      If you’re asking who the better fight is, it’s cyborg….by a long shot.

      • andy says:

        Her stand up is indeed atrocious but I think training with the Diaz brothers should change that in due time.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Rousey’s stand up > Mayhem’s stand up

      • Vince Vuong says:

        lol. you realize what you just said?

        you said her fighting skills are “pretty basic, if not really bad.” then you say “shes a damn good judo player though”, and note only her striking is bad.

        since when the hell did bad striking, and fucking Olympic judo mean your “pretty basic, if not really bad” what the hell are you talking about.

      • brett says:

        regardless of her striking ability… it comes down to one thing. can cyborg avoid a clinch? because its been proven before that rousey only needs one clinch to end a fight.

    • Jason says:

      Well said bud

  2. MMFT says:

    Obviously rousey. she handles men and is all natural. and still looks pretty good doing it. cyborg does roids, looks like she does roids, looks bad in fights, and should just do a rey mysterio and wear a mask in the ring.


    • Reality says:

      We’ll see when they fight if it’s all about the roids or not.

    • Popp24 says:

      Even without roids Cyborg is too much for Rousey IMO.

    • Tyrone says:

      are you sure about that all natural part?
      i saw her about 3 weeks before her last fight and she was really heavy and puffy looking. kinda fat, with no abs. suddenly 3 weeks later and she’s all cut up. maybe not entirely impossible, but it’s not something a normal woman can do in that short of time. she went from real soft, to real hard in a very short period of time. it’s a little suspect.
      plus the commission doesn’t test the female fighters the same way they test the male fighters. they don’t have the same baseline tests, so it’s hard to really know how clean she is. if the men are cheating, i bet a lot of the women are too.

  3. MMAnalyst says:

    Cyborg knocks her out, like she does every fight… IMO

  4. purdue says:

    rousey’s a good judoka, but she’s no fighter.
    and since the poll asked who the better fighter is, it has to be cyborg.

    anyone who doesn’t think cyborg would make her eat her teeth is just caught up in the flavor of the month hype. you’re probably chael sonnen fans too, i bet.

  5. Popp24 says:

    Don’t like either fighter but Rousey’s only chance is getting her down but Cyborg is really good on her feet and even without steroids I see her knocking Rousey out. I pick Cyborg.

  6. BiggoTrav says:

    Cyborg is definitely the better fighter at this point. Problem is, I believe cyborgs skills have peaked. Rousey has a ton of potential and I think in the long run, she will finish her career as a better fighter than cyborg ever was.

  7. andy says:

    Rousey made me a believer. She’s still an obnoxious bitch. The Diaz bros will help her stand up skills tremendously though.

  8. Danny says:


  9. Mike McMack says:

    Cyborg is a great female striker and a BJJ purple belt. She’s got a more well rounded game for sure but it all really comes down to whether or not Ronda could get a hold of Cyborg when they fight. Rousey will have to eat punches to get close enough or work really hard on her striking to get to a point where she can use her boxing to get close enough to grab her opponent. It takes time to develop an MMA game, but the truth is that nobody has been able to hang with Rousey in the clinch and on the ground so I think she wins when they fight. It’s really tough to call since roids or no roids Cyborg is a much more skilled fighter than anyone Rousey has fought to date.

  10. Lee says:

    Let Cyborg be Cyborg, and she’ll knock Ronda out cold.

  11. Chartmonster says:

    Cyborg..better standing

    Rousey.. Better on the ground and in the sack w me!

  12. kman says:

    Cyborg is a little more rounded as a fighter. but Rousey has a great judo game, and if she gets ahold of an arm it’s over. But one thing Rousey has in her favor, if Cyborg is truley off the roids witch we all know she has ben on. Considering she has all wase looked like a half man half woman gorillia thing or what ever you want to call it. She will start loosing power in her stand up. So that will give Rousey a pritty good chance.

  13. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    If Cyborg has good submission defense… Which she probably doesn’t because she pummels all of her opponents before it gets to the ground, she can win. But, I have never seen her ground game but then again I have only seen her fight three times.

  14. Judge_Dreadz says:

    Rousey beat cyborg? LOL yea rite Rousey imo is not a fighter shes a judoka thats it. Actually like Lesnar.

  15. Donnybrook says:

    Cyborg would rape Rousey.

  16. Boring says:

    What a point less thread.

  17. Chris says:

    Cyborg got taken down by Gina Carano(muay thai fighter) and Rousey has Olympic level judo, I think Cyborg has her hands full if they fight especially if she doesn’t juice. And I’m certainly not going to say Rousey has unreal striking, but if you knew what a punch is supposed to look like she throws good straight punches she just doesn’t have the confidence and/or experience to put power on them. Sorry to say it seems like the people who are ripping her striking sooo much are just upset that they know a pretty girl would kick there ass

  18. Lisbeth Salander says:

    I am a Cyborg fan despite her making women look like they have to cheat to win.

  19. dastuka says:

    Cyborg by far…..So she got caught juicing…how many Male MMA fighters have? Did it tarnish their records for EVER? I saw a video of Rousey backstage at one of the last few UFCs….seemed like she wanted to blow Dana out of his medium Tshirt.

  20. Cyborg has the record and the experience to prove it, she is already paying her dues for juicing that does not tarnish ALL OF HER VICTORIES. Juice does NOT improve anybody’s techniques, and she is technically superior to all of her contenders, including RONDA ROUSEY. Can’t use a victory over Miesha Tate as a reference, Cyborg is brutally better in all areas except for judo-based takedowns. SHE WILL DESTROY RONDA ROUSEY!

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