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Tuesday, 10/18/2011, 02:24 pm

GSP Injured: UFC 137 Gets Penn vs. Diaz in Main Event Slot

Bad news for GSP fans…

In a recent development, welterweight champion, Georges St Pierre has been forced to withdraw from his scheduled appearance in the UFC 137 main event against Carlos Condit.

A knee injury suffered in training is the culprit for the removal.

UFC President Dana White took to twitter with the announcement moments ago.

“I just landed in NYC and what do I always says”
, read the message from White. “I have to deal with bad shit everyday!! GSP is out with an injury.”

He continued…

“It’s GSP’s knee. We will sit Carlos to wait for GSP. It’s looking so far like he could be ready in a couple months. Still too early to tell”

The main event slot will now be filled by a three-round affair between BJ Penn and Nick Diaz. The two welterweights will battle it out for what is expected to be a one-off fight for a title shot of their own. However the injury of GSP will delay the division’s title picture for the next few months according to UFC president Dana White.

“UFC 137: Penn vs. Diaz” is set to take place on October 29th from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas. The pay-per-view event was set to feature a welterweight championship bout between George St Pierre and Carlos Condit. However GSP was forced to withdraw from a knee injury and in his place will come BJ Penn vs. Nick Diaz.

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113 Responses to “GSP Injured: UFC 137 Gets Penn vs. Diaz in Main Event Slot”

  1. Tony says:

    Wow, did not see this happening. I wonder what Dana will do now? I wouldn’t mind seeing them put BJ v. Condit, and then have Nick fight Thiago Alves who is scheduled to fight on 138.

  2. King Gareth says:

    Poor Condit. He’s the only real victim of this.

  3. P R O D I G Y says:

    GSP must have genital warts.

  4. sup says:

    guess they need to have an intrium blet just like they did with serra.

    • Edd says:

      Bahahahaha. Nice. I agree, maybe a 4 man tourney for the intrium belt then have the two champs square off in Cowboy stadium to unify the belts and settle the score once and for all.

  5. Sneaks says:

    Can’t believe this and fuck off Tony thiago alves is coming to the uk!

  6. King Gareth says:

    I guess it depends how injured… It could just be delayed.

  7. Jack says:

    Wow. Sucks for both fighters. I’d luv to see BJ and Carlos. And Diaz vs an unemployment check

  8. cole knight says:

    Haha gsp finally has to fight someone who’s skillset matches well to his and he suddenly is injured what a pussy

  9. red one says:

    gsp knew he woulnt handle condits stand up game….wat a sissy…he and anderson silva are the biggest escape artists ever..if u want to really fight youll fight no matter what…injured,sick,sad,mad, watever…man this sucks…was really lookin to this card…damit….first nick gets pulled to fight pierre, then condits got a spot to fight pierre, then diaz fights penn, now no one fights no one…this card is falling apaprt big time…dana must be fed up with the welterweight division frauds….who is bj going to fight, who is diaz gonna fight…..this is a turn down…why should the fans be punished, this is the kinda stuff that pushes fans away from certain sports….false advertisings…!@#$#@!!!

    • spiritsplice says:

      Who has Anderson ever ducked?

    • Allan says:

      Omg get over yourself! GSP can handle anyone and isn’t scared of anyone! Your just a Bi*tch, its called an injury and everyone gets them! I love how you say if ur injured keep fighting eh, well if they still fought and it got more serious the Commission’s wouldn’t allow UFC to keep putting on Fight cards! YOUR THE TURN DOWN AND YOUR PUSHING FIGHT FANS AWAY!!!! if you dont like it GO WATCH GOLF!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE GETS INJURED GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!

      • James Tetrick says:

        It IS called an injury but alot of fighters actually fight hurt. I am sure I have seen interim belts when the fighter wouldnt fight. I doubt Dana will do that though because GSP sells more tickets, period. That is what the UFC is really about, ticket sales. GSP has supposedly fought injured before and other fighters have to do it. I like GSP alot guys but you HAVE to see that popular fighters are protected in this organization and it doesnt matter if your the best or not you will get the title or the title shot as long as you draw a crowd.

    • Ricardo says:

      champs dont fight injured retard. they take care of their championship. they have to be 100%..


    • Natsdad says:

      Excuse me but who has GSP ever dodged before? Gimmie a break I think this is the first time GSP has pulled out of a fight, it happens people. GSP vs Condit will still be a good fight. We just have to wait for it. Seriously though, think before you type please.

      • BoyEtits says:

        he hasnt ducked anyone but he cheated. i guess he figured condit is a real threat and he figured he cant cheat to win in this one. He’s a greaser right? He’s putting other fighters career/lives in danger because he’s not fighting fair. Whether the injury is fake or not, he’s a cheater. Poor condit. He has fallen to the GSP show.

        • Yomama says:

          He cheated? Wtf? How and when did GSP cheat?

        • Nova Uniao Rules says:

          He cheated by greasing against BJ. Thats why there is the BJPenn rule against greasing. He is a cheat.

        • Live2Win says:

          Do you hate Anderson Silva for the same situation? I like how only on this site GSP gets talked about bout but not Anderson for the EXACT same thing. Complaining about a morsole of vasaline the got wiped on a fighter is pathetic. There is a limit to the amout that can be put on the face for a reason, because it gets tranfered fighting anyways.

        • 3ric says:

          He ducked Nick Diaz

      • spiritsplice says:

        Gsp ducked Anderson Silva

    • David says:

      Bro, MMA is a combat sport. Those guys train hard everyday of their lives. GSP got hurt before a fight, it happens… Condit is a threat to him, and GSP is not scared to say that. The man fights everyone he is asked to fight with respect. But it is really fucking ignorant to say if he really wants to fight he will do it injured. He would rather go in there 100% so there are no excuses. True fans of the sport will respect that. As for Silva, telling Sonnen he had his chance and blew it is not ducking a fight. Its simply letting the guys who worked hard to get a title shot have a chance. Sonnen will most likely earn a shot again, and Silva will show him you dont mess with brazil… and the main event for 139 is Penn vs Diaz.. read a little more before you speak next time.

    • Realist says:

      LOLOLOLOL if you say a fighter is injured/sick he should still fight? Are you fucking retarded? You dont want to ruin your career so if you’re injured, you dont fight, because it’ll fuck you in the ass someday. GOD DAMN stupid people -.-

    • fuck the haters says:

      Your an idiot, GSP did not back out because he has to fight Condit, and if you were able to read correctly you would see that GSP is still going to fight Condit. GSP has never backed down from any fighter, sure maybe Silva has done some shady things in the past, but GSP is a true champ and has shown that. He got caught by Serra and then came back and beat him, and he did the same with Hughes. And no if u really want to continue fighting you’ll be smart and give yourself ample time to heal, not completely fuck yourself for the future. Besides, if he didn’t pull out now there’s a chance he wouldn’t be medically cleared in time for the fight and then you and all the other haters will be whining the other way, “why didn’t he just pull out”, or maybe that’s what your grandma said about your father when she realized what fucking dumbass you are!

  10. michael says:

    oh well, it would have been a 5 round decision anyways, bj penn and nick diaz are the real main event anyways.

  11. Ricardo says:

    DAna White tweeted:Nick Diaz Vs Bj Penn is the ,main event
    It will be 3 rounds not 5

  12. Eric says:

    Bull Crap.. this is bull.

  13. He knew he would probably lose the belt, i doubt this sh*t…

  14. Ricardo says:

    Its GSPs knee.. Dana white tweeted
    condit will wait for opponent
    and BJ vs Diaz for main event 3 rounds not 5

    Your Welcome

  15. hen says:

    bullshit. they just realized that bj v diaz was enough to get sold out tickets…

  16. GP says:

    And Diaz is in the main after all.

    When Diaz wins, Dana White should put Diaz vs. GSP back on and bypass Condit.

  17. Jack says:

    I don’t why people talk so much about GSP. I’d love to see half of the tough guys get in a ring knowing you were gonna get hit. He’s whopped people before. Hughes? Ect…. I’m just saying really look at GSP, he’s never ducked a fight. Give anyone credit that’s defended as much as GSP. Not a huge fan I just know it takes balls to fight. I feel for condit tho

  18. King Gareth says:

    It would be nice to know exactly how bad the injury was. If it was just a sprain, he should fight.

  19. Brave Reply says:

    How much u guys wanna bet that Fitch comes out and says he’ll fight Condit lolz. Anything to get back in the spotlight of relativity.

  20. ragarcia says:

    this crap is sketchy! why not go back to the original fight of condit vs. penn????

  21. Allan says:


  22. Ricardo says:

    man and i had a feeling that GSP was going to bring it!
    I can see GSP taking down Condit and GnP him.
    well guess not..
    WAR BJ!!!

  23. Glenn says:

    Nice, this fight might not be worth droppin $45 on now. Why not have Kos take another short notice fight like he did w Hughes. I wouldnt mind seein him fight Condit.

    • Ricardo says:

      best idea ever dude.
      Kosheck Vs Condit!!! make it happen
      Condit wasn’t even #1 contender anyway..
      he got it because an irresponsible Diaz..

      • DeepSeaGod says:

        I like the match up but that would be really short notice. How did GSP get hurt this close to fight day anyway? One would think he would be taking it easy.

        • Brave Reply says:

          Kos tweeted Dana and said he would fight Condit but Dana said Condit is gonna WAIT for GSP.

        • 3ric says:

          Lame, Condit hasnt earned the opportunity to wait.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          kos needs to chill out just cuz he knocked out matt hughes, who btw was tagging the shitt out of koschecks orbital again, does not mean he can take out condit. if koscheck wants a fight let him fight his butt buddy fitch.

  24. King Gareth says:

    If training is part of the fight, and you get hurt training, you should fight injured. If you over train and hurt yourself, you shouldn’t be able to pull out. If you can’t show up for the 1st round, it should be like not showing up for the 2nd, 3rd and so on.

  25. Dick Paradise says:

    BJ fight is going to be much better anyways but wow GSP needs to lose again so he stop being so scared of it and actually fight.

    What a pussy, it can’t be that bad if he’s going to be ready to go in a few months. Sounds a lot like Jone’s hand injury.

  26. Allan says:

    If training is part of the fight, and you get hurt training, you should fight injured. I don’t why people talk so much about GSP. I’d love to see half of the tough guys get in a ring knowing you were gonna get hit. He’s whopped people before. Hughes? Ect…. I’m just saying really look at GSP, he’s never ducked a fight. Give anyone credit that’s defended as much as GSP. DUMB AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!

    • 3ric says:

      My eyes hurt from trying to read the above comments.

    • Nick says:

      Hey now, dont pin me with all these ignorant assholes. im american but i agree with u. i think every1 here just hates gsp cuz he got a win over bj. but back to topic, id like to see any1 of u get in a fight w/ a broken arm or leg. gsp’s job is to defend his title, idk abt all u idiots, but id want to walk in there 100% and b able to fight to the best of my ability. think abt it, if gsp walked in w/ a damaged knee, and condit knew abt it, wat do u think condit is gona do?… a hellofa lot of leg kicks, and then the injury becomes more severe… does that change any1s opinion? cuz ur an idiot if it doesnt.

  27. Fortyb4five says:

    I really don’t mind at all…I mean ya its a blow to the fans cause it could’ve been a good fight, but I’m just ordering this card solely to see BJ scrap.

  28. sweetpete says:

    glad they are having diaz vs penn still but they shouldnt have sat condit, he should fight fitch!

  29. red one says:

    man…if ur a true fighter no pain no gain…..wats a fight if u cant fight thru pain….i can see a broken arm,leg,dislocation of some sort, i train and i have faught in the cage b4, and if ur willing to bang u will get in there and jus 4get about it, im in here to fight not nag about an injury…maybe gsp thinks this fight is not big enuff for him???man bj fights sick, shogun fights injured, couture fought old, etc….this cards probably not makin nuff $$$…penn and diaz was really the main event anyway…really wanted 2 c diaz and pierre though…

  30. Michael says:

    Sad Panda…

  31. mike51 says:

    I heard Fitch is now healthy as fuck , perfect timming to put him against condit in main event so he can now shut up is mouth too….and if he win put him againt winner of bj/diaz for #1 contender , cause condit dont deserve to ”wait” he luck boxed the fight….and btw if you think gsp is ducking condit your an idiot..

  32. MikeyMikes says:

    Man he’s injured!! It’s not fake, champions don’t fight injured, they’ll fight at 80% & above maybe, but this must be legit injury for him to pull out!! I was really looking forward to this card & Condit’s chances of maybe pulling off an upset, but seems like the better fight was & is Penn vs Diaz, but fuuuuuuuuck I don’t feel like spending another $60 to watch it haha

  33. red one says:

    everyone in hilo knows who will win…lol….gsp did worse than diaz…diaz didnt show up for a press conference and gets punished….says diaz is not a true champion jus cause he aint showed up 4 a press conference to advertise there fight, and if diaz did???? pierre again would be comin up with excuses…atleast diaz still fights and its against a friend….id rather turn a fight down cause its my friend than a dam injury….

  34. MikeyMikes says:

    Seriously do people now a days don’t have logic or rationale? He’s injured, this shit happens!! The only thing GSP is ducking is moving up to middleweight, other then that he’ll fight anybody in the welterweight division, it’s just now we have to wait, I personally would have loved to see any of the proposed scheduled fights of GSP vs Diaz/Condit, but that’s going to be put on hold, so for now we’ll have to see Diaz & Penn just SCRAP it out!!

  35. GStP says:

    Carlos does not have what it takes to be Champion, my next opponent will be Sean Pierson. He will be my toughest opponent yet.

  36. Bob says:

    It must be nice to just set on the computer and diss guys that actually put their ass on the line.I was looking forward to the GSP/Condit fight too.But guys get hurt in training,it sucks,but it happens.I’ve had to pull guys out of fights several times over injuries,its part of the game.But what on earth would make anybody believe that the guy,most favored to win this fight,would fake an injury just so he’d still have to fight the same guy in a couple of months escapes me.Before making meaningless comments some people ought to grow a pair and step in the cage first.

    • Sam says:

      Agreed… All these keyboard warriors believe that someone should fight injured??? Come on they are probably the first one’s to call into work sick when the are really hung over. Most fighters are never 100% when they enter the cage but if you’re less than 80% risking your belt you should probably put the fight off. Which is what happened, read again people the fight will happen in a few months. PED’s? Greasing? WTF? Keyboard warrior’s, HA!!!

  37. sgt thai clone says:

    the big draw here is Diaz and BJ lets get some new contracts so that DIAZ and BJ can get PAID

  38. A. Chung says:

    If what Dana said is true that GSP might come back in two months, I think something is fishy. Who ever heard of coming back from a knee injury in two months? With a knee injury you can’t work out and you would get out of fight shape. I think the knee injury is a red herring. There has to be some other reason why GSP can make it to UFC137.

  39. Petis is a chicken says:

    It was planned.

    Diaz sell more PPV … GSPs so borring now he have more haters than fans.

  40. e says:

    wow wtf…….. only a lil over a week til the fight.. fuck it, ufc 137 got BJ Penn as MAIN EVENT.

  41. exit 8 says:

    Too much gymnastics. That lay n pray wears on your knees.

  42. Fortyb4five says:

    Yet you don’t know how to put capitalize the h in Henry.

  43. joop says:

    ellenberger vs condit rematch lets go

  44. Jujitsu Player says:

    So basically we have to pay the same PPV charge without the original main event…this sucks….

  45. mmaislandjunkie says:

    now gsp will only have fought once this year lmao yea that guys a real champion alright.

  46. Spoolz25 says:

    To all the people saying you cant fight injured, bullshit, just look at anderson silva when he fought chael sonnen, silva had a dislocated shoulder a matter of days before the fight, sonnen was on testosterone, and silva still pulled of a victory in the 5th will a triangle choke, thats a real champion, and everyone knows welterweight is the weakest division in the UFC……just for the record no fighter enters the octagon 100% dana says that himself..

  47. walleye says:

    How about a five round non title bout!……war BJ!!

  48. Mike says:

    Dana should be offering this PPV at half price if he wants to improve subscription. Last UFC figures weren’t so good and a lot of people will be avoiding this one now. GSP has a huge fan base.

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