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Tuesday, 10/11/2011, 02:16 pm

Report: UFC Pay-Per-View Cards To Revert Back To 10PM E.T.

Sorry east coast MMA Fans, looks like you will be back to staying up until 1AM E.T. to catch UFC pay-per-view action.

In a report coming from MMA insider Dave Meltzer, the UFC has decided to revert back to starting their pay-per-view broadcasts at 10PM E.T. starting with UFC 141 on December 30th.

No reason was given for the sudden change of heart but common sense will tell you that the earlier timeslot must have alienated the west coast audience and caused a drop in revenue.

After 10-years of running pay-per-view cards at 10PM E.T. the UFC went against the grain and changed the time-slot earlier this year after an overwhelming outcry of east coast fans requested the change.

UFC officials were not immediately available for comment at the time of this report.


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