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Thursday, 08/09/2012, 11:41 am

Report: UFC grosses $500 million/year in revenue | UFC News

By: Chris Taylor

Bloomberg recently ran a feature on the Fertittas and its ownership of the UFC. The feature provided details on the Fertittas as well as some interesting financial information.

The article states that the UFC brings in $500 million in annual sales. The Fertittas, according to Bloomberg, control a fortune worth at least $1 billion dollars.

Via Bloomberg:

In addition to their company stakes, they own real estate, art and four jet planes. The brothers hold their assets separately and through family trusts, they say. Las Vegas-based Fertitta Enterprises Inc., a single-family office that employs about 60 people, manages the Fertittas’ wealth. The office staff vets investment opportunities (it turned down a chance to buy stock in Facebook Inc. before its public offering), handles art transactions (each brother has a collection of art worth more than $100 million) and arranges for personal security.

One of the things that was not made clear in the report was whether the $500 million in sales is the companies revenue or total sales from its PPV business.  The feature is fair on the perceptions of its business despite the graphic opening describing the Cain Velasquez-Bigfoot Silva fight in May in which Cain bloodied Silva.  It also covered the Stations Casinos bankruptcy and details how the brothers reorganized the company.  One of the other interesting things that Bloomberg highlights is the possibility that its business could soar if online poker is permitted once again.


4 Responses to “Report: UFC grosses $500 million/year in revenue | UFC News”

  1. Frankie Edgar says:

    This article needs a rematch

  2. DC says:

    In before “fighters dont earn enough” comments as if Tony Romo wouldnt kill for Jerry Jones type money

  3. T.J. says:

    Fighters don’t earn enough money

    • Some Guy says:

      It depends on who we’re talking about here. Champions make big money. Not as big as boxers, sure, but still big money. GSP is a millionaire. But, fighters get paid more than you think. They have a base salary, which is usually 6 figures (contract). Then, they get paid for their fights, they get win bonuses, money from sponsors and they make money a lot of other ways too.

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