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Thursday, 08/16/2012, 10:30 am

Report: UFC 150 draws 190,000 PPV buys | UFC News

By: Chris Taylor

This past weekends UFC 150 card proved that having a title fight as the main event for a pay-per-view card no longer guarantees a million dollar-plus gate. Infact, the gate for UFC 150 was the worst for a PPV event since 2007 and it would appear that the pay-per-view buys for the Edgar vs Henderson rematch did not fair much better.

Via Dave Meltzer:

After the show, White also noted that they were expecting to take a hit on PPV. He received word that DirecTV went down all night so people with that provider were unable to purchase the show. Since he was at the show, he was probably only getting sketchy details. I was able to get the show on DirecTV with no problem. But there was an issue. Apparently if you automatically ordered through your remote in much of the country, there was no issue. However, if you tried to order by phone or by computer, there was a problem with the system that made it impossible, although the issue was apparently fixed in time for the replay show. We received a lot of feedback from DirecTV subscribers, split almost 50-50 between those who were able to see the show, and those who couldn’t, and many wanted to see it and gave up, not buying the replay. It was significant enough that it cost them a fairly significant number of buys that they would have gotten. But probably not enough to change it from a low number to even close to an average number.

Very early numbers indicate about 190,000 North American buys (this is not a direct buy number or even a strong estimate but just a very preliminary figure). While nobody going in expected big numbers, that would still be below most expectations. As we always say, there is significant potential margin of error this early, but suffice to say this show probably did not do well. We’ll have a better read on this in two weeks. But other indicators were down. Google searches, which usually have a decent correlation to where buys are usually not far from double searches, fell from 1 million for UFC 148 (which makes that correlation look bad but half of those were searches related to watching Anderson Silva shoulder Chael Sonnen at the weigh-ins, and for the show itself it was 500,000, which comes close enough to the correlation) and 100,000 for UFC 149 while this show was just over 50,000. But that shows DirecTV issues or not, the interest level in this show was well below normal.

Overall the UFC 150 card was a good show. The main event did not have much in the way of fireworks but it was a decent fight that went down to the wire in terms of who would be victorious. The co-main event was one of the most exciting one minute performances in recent memory, as Guillard stunned “Cowboy” Cerrone early, but soon after Donald would land a headkick followed by a right hand that put the “Young Assassin” away. The other main attraction of the evening featured Jake Shields fighting hometown favorite Ed Herman in a fight that was slightly more entertaining than watching paint dry.

UFC 151 is set for September 1st and it is headlined by a light heavyweight title fight between Jon Jones and Dan Henderson. The co-main event of the evening features Jake Ellenberger taking on Jay Hieron. Ellenberger is coming off a loss to Martin Kampmann while Hieron returns to the UFC for the first time in 7 years. Will UFC 151 do better than this past weekends event in terms of gate and PPV buys? What are your thoughts Penn Nation?



21 Responses to “Report: UFC 150 draws 190,000 PPV buys | UFC News”

  1. A.James says:

    People have lost interest in this division with BJ leaving and All the rematches. Clay Guida’s last performance didn’t help either.

  2. Spice 1 says:

    Maybe people don’t wanna pay for fights anymore….as a guy who’s bought so many I’m sick of paying….Dana white always says his competition is nfl n MLB n nba n NHL….those are all free

  3. jdubx says:

    people are limiting their ppv buys to well known and cemented champions like GSP, silva, jones, and JDS. my family just doesn’t get a fight unless the headliners are well known. personally, i’m an mma addict and any card is good in my eyes, but most people aren’t willing to dish out $50 for people they’re not familiar with. i can only hope that the UFC, or mma in general, gets so big that every fight card is free on TV, like the other major sports in the world.

    one can dream!

  4. Kingron84 says:

    The problem is the Cable contract UFC has negotiate. Until they get a contract like the one all the major sports have they will have to be a PPV model to till rake in large amounts of money.

  5. tee says:

    I was at Buffalo wild wings for the fight and that is the least amount of people i have ever seen there for a ufc fight.

    • John Adams says:

      Same here.

      At first, I thought it was because I was at a BWW in Smyrna, TN (I was returning from vacation), but even when I called my buddy back in KC, he said it was the same there…dead.

      Usually we have to get there about 2 hrs to the PPV card to get seats. For 150, we could have walked right in at fight time and got seated at either one of them.

      I also noticed that by the main event, most of the people had cleared out and the only loud cheering I’d heard was when there was a score from the pre-season football game that was on.

  6. Mike b says:

    The UFC has been struggling with a shitload of injures this year,I never seen it that bad.they had to almost change up every card this year,I mean shit ufc149,every single fight on the main card got scrapped due to injures.another thing also is that people just can’t simply afford to buy ppv’s anymore.i think those two things played a big part in the ppv buys this year.

  7. Reg says:

    All the recent PPVs have been mediocre at best. 147 was shit, 149 was horrid, 150 garbage and this 151 doesn’t look like much, other than the main event

  8. stephen riddle says:

    The next one will probly do bad too. Too many results are posted too many places for people who only care about the main event. If every card was stacked then there would be buys but thats nearly impossible.

  9. some dude says:

    The ufc isnt doing much to really permote there ppvs.

  10. Nick says:

    Not really sure what the big mystery is here.. The main event sucked just like their first fight, and everyone saw it coming. Shitty card = shitty gate. None of the bars in boston showed it that normally do, it was like they didn’t even know it was on

  11. ElToucan says:

    Nobody with eyes looks forward to watching Frankie the Gnat Edgar. Numb nuts over on Sherdog can act like he’s the most exciting fighter in the world, but in truth he’s one of the most shameless point fighters in the sport. That guy couldn’t sell a burrito to starving millionaires. Add that to the weak undercard, and this doesn’t surprise me at all.

  12. MMA FAN says:

    This isn’t a mystery. The UFC wants to make more money by spreading its PPV’s out thinly. Look at the Jones Hendo card..It blows..why? because they know jones will attract more viewers so they don’t need to put other good fights on. The best card is the free FOX one coming up. This just sucks because now instead of watching good ppv’s at home, I have to go to bars to watch the one fight that i wanted to see. I think this is a common problem across the board, wish they would put on better cards. No one is going to pay 60 bucks to watch frankie and bendo play with each other.

  13. Nando says:

    I was out of town for this card & planned on skipping it anyway to protest the last shitty card. I think people are going to sports bar more often now to watch the fights. That’s what I do, & it’s always full. It’s cheaper that way & more exciting. Also, the ppv quality has gone down.

  14. gouldx87 says:

    Too many cards these days the PPV’s dont have the star power that they used to…1 big name cant sell a whole card

  15. Loose Cannon says:

    UFC is slowly going the way of Boxing……..One Big Fight and then half ass fights…..Not 152……but a few for sure. Nobody wants to drop 50 bucks for 1 Marquee fight. There should be 3 BIG fights each card…..and when I say Big…..I mean Upper Tier……not unknown names to the average fan. Look at 151…….Really??? Thats the rest of the card????? wow

  16. MMACRAVER says:

    How can anyone justify spending 69$(Canadian) on 1 fucking pay per view? That’s a borderline disgusting price point…for 3 fucking hours of entertainment.

    AND it’s not even guaranteed to be entertaining.. You are gambling hoping that the card doesn’t suck balls.

    No thanks. Have fun watching the numbers steadily drop as people enjoy their free fox cards and decide to wait 1 day, avoid spoilers and just torrent your overpriced pay per views.

  17. InternetToughGuy says:

    The UFC has over-saturated itself by constantly putting on these weak cards. It’s amazing that they’ve never tried to experiment with the cards with the poor numbers really starting to trickle in. Why not have a weight class tournament? Have the high ranked guys seeded deeper into the event and allow some up and comers to try and make their mark?

  18. jbroce says:

    If i wasnt a huge Bendo fan, i wouldnt have gotten this card. I didnt care at all about the other fights. And I probably wont get the next one, because besides the Jones Henderson mismatch the card is horrible. Henderson will be able to do NOTHING to jon jones. I Really hope im wrong and i miss the greatest upset in UFC history, but I really feel theres no way Henderson can even reach Jones to put hands on him. To much reach and height. I havent bought 3 in the last year and thats pretty bad for me. At most ill miss one usually. The last UFC on FOX was the best card theyve put on in recent memory.

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