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Thursday, 10/20/2011, 09:25 am

REPORT: UFC 136 PPV Sales Bring Edgars Drawing Power Into Question

“UFC 136: Edgar vs. Maynard III” was a highly anticipated fight card, that showcased not one, but two UFC title fights.

Hardcore fans had been chomping at the bit to see both Edgar and Aldo defend their respective titles, but apparently the hardcore’s aren’t enough. The general population tunes in more for the super stars of the sport, the GSP’s, Brock Lesnars and Rampage Jacksons and Edgar apparently falls short in this category yet again.

According to Dave Meltzer, who is the go to guy for all things pay-per-view related, he says that early estimates for UFC 136 show it did around 250,000 buys. That is way below the norm for a pay-per-view featuring a title fight, yet alone two. The number yet again brings Edgar’s drawing power into question and the event could mark the very last time we see him headline a PPV.

Here is a clip from his report:

The early estimate for UFC 136 on 10/8 from Houston is about 250,000 buys.

This would be the lowest number on PPV for a title match dating back to probably 2005, and this was a show with two title matches and Chael Sonnen’s return against Brian Stann. Two weeks between shows, and coming off a show with what to the public was a far stronger main event (the 9/24 show did almost double this one) also didn’t help.

Frankie Edgar is a phenomenal talent, he avenged his only career loss at UFC 136 but he quietly rose through the lightweight rankings and was ushered into a title fight before the general public really got a chance to know who he was. He was able to upset BJ Penn and has held onto the strap ever since, but the general audience hasn’t been given the chance to grow their relationship as fans with him and it reflects in his buy rates (When he is not fighting Penn).

Will the UFC be forced to put their 155 champ in the co-main event slot from here going forward or will they give him the bantamweight treatment and put him up in main events on free TV?


66 Responses to “REPORT: UFC 136 PPV Sales Bring Edgars Drawing Power Into Question”

  1. MichaeL says:

    First of all, people didn’t want to watch the third go-a-round with these guys. Secondly, Sonnen V. Stann was a foregone conclusion and everybody knows that. Also, Aldo isn’t going to bring in jack right now if you’re talking outside of the “hardcore” fans. He is a no-name at this point as far as the general population sees it.

    • Matt says:

      No one wanted to see Maynard vs Edgar III? Are you completely retarded? I don’t know a single person who didn’t want to see it.

      • Will says:

        i could of cared less for their rematch so much i didnt even bother going out to a bar to catch the fight and i usually rarely miss a single event

        • The Brave Reply says:

          Matt- are YOU serious? Your arguing that everyone wanted to see the fight, yet the very thread you are on is posting that this UFC was the least selling since 2005. READ before you create a debate.

        • dontworryaboutit says:

          I think you mean you could not care less. Since “could care less” means you have some degree of caring. Not trying to be a prick.. just sayin

    • Squirrel says:

      Michael – you nailed it.
      1) Some guys just are not that marketable in the MMA world. Maynard and Edgar are two of them.
      2) D White is overwealming the public with PPV shows and people are having to pick and choose now.
      3) the undercard was VERY pedestrian.

      • GP says:

        2) D White is overwealming the public with PPV shows and people are having to pick and choose now.

        Excellent point.

        At ~$50 per ppv, twice a month is too much for people now-days.

        • Jess says:

          totally agreed….the UFC absorbing Strikeforce up and adding to the roster doesn’t really mean that people are going to buy every ppv….I actually bought UFC 136 but I didn’t like the main event, didn’t care for Edgar vs Maynard…really wanted to see Aldo whoopass, what Stan can do against a great wrestler and Lauzon vs Gulliard

          take a look at the next 4 weekends starting with Oct 29….there’s 4 straight cards and thank god UFC on Fox is free….people have to pick a choose

        • bob says:

          yo and you can watch that shit for free offline, i know i did

    • Jujutsu Player says:

      Michael – I agree with your comments and it dones’t help that it followed a card with Rampage who is still one of the big draws in MMA. I think Aldo is an exciting talent but he needs a big performance in his next outing to grow his fan base. Those who weren’t already familiar with his talents won’t pay $50 to see him. As for Maynard v Edgar 3 – I didn’t book the fight even though the first round of the next fight was sensational and overall a great fight. For me it actually goes a little deeper. IMO the vast majority of UFC fans (a lot who are very new to the sport of MMA) are not interested in watching a the lighter weight categories let alone 2 title bouts on the same ticket. If Maynard v Edgar had been paired with a decent MW/LHW/HW bout you would have seen far better numbers.

    • : ^ ) says:

      135 was HYPED so much more—compare how many appearances Jones/Rampage made prior to their fight (tons!) with how many Edgar/Maynard did (pretty much none). Plus Rampage is a veteran with so much personality and a huge international fan base, 135 was a hard act to follow in that sense. But 136, as a total package, was way better than 135 because it had everything: the battle and KO during the main event, the technical battle with Aldo and Florian, Chael (need I say more on that fight?), the sloppy but entertaining fighter they call Garcia, and the perceived underdog (Lauzon) taking it to the brash head case (Guillard). Not to mention the undercard.

      True MMA fans had to have been interested in the Edgar/Maynard III fight, especially after what happened during the 2nd one. I don’t know if Edgar deserves to go to the free per view cards, but maybe co-main event on the PPV cards at the most.

    • Gabriel says:

      Dude I don’t care what you say you are so new to MMA after what you said.,…what a newbie.. but i understand why let all be honest.. i think is safe to say Kenny was not ready to fight aldo yet and as for my point of view why Aldo cant finish a fight in the UFC i think is the Octagon is a bit bigger then it use to be back in WEC but that’s just my point of view..

  2. AZA says:

    +1 to that guy, but i also don’t like Edgar …

  3. Fortyb4five says:

    137 will probably get double the buys 136 had based on Penn vs Diaz alone.

  4. Joe says:

    maybe there were a lot of get togethers/viewing parties?
    or maybe the population around our age wants to do other things on a saturday night?

  5. Dwight says:

    With more Pay Per Views not everybody can buy each one. Sometimes you have to pick and choose which ones to buy. Luckily I have a network of friends who take turns hosting fight nights. I went to Houston for the fan expo and the fights it was a great weekend

  6. Isaiah D says:

    I only bought it cause i wanted to see frankie get his ass kicked, ppl wanna see fighters who fight. Except in canada where they will take a local in tight shorts over anything else.

    • MolotovPlanCocktail says:

      Im a canadian : I shovel an average of 20 feet of snow per year (usually icy) make $40 a week and dealt drugs (pardoned) for 4 years before I turned 20. If you said this to my face you would be underground. even the gay guys up here would kick your head in.

  7. Jack H says:

    maybe being the forth straight weekend of ufc cards didn’t help…some people might have wanted a break

  8. Jack says:

    I believe they charge to much for certain cards. Drop the price skittle dana

  9. tim says:

    I didnt get the ppv because of Chael being on the card. Dont support criminals or juicers or people who make personal attacks on family members. Im not even an anderson fan.. so dont start

  10. MolotovPlanCocktail says:

    fo sho

  11. ya mums goto guy says:

    lol, we dont pay shit to watch ufc ppv’s in the uk, espn comes free with the tv package. get in.

  12. sgt thai clone says:

    Its true , Dana has saturated the market with ppvs I would rather see a Diaz fight then Edgars hummingbird approach,You know when Diaz fights hes going to engage, and stay in the pocket, Thats why I really like cowboy Cerrone too (no fear in the pocket=,entertaining fights

  13. steve says:

    it’s because people are figuring out you can just watch it free online

  14. Ninjaman says:

    Now you know why Dana said Edgar is number 2 P4P so he can draw more attention to his champion. Because Edgar is champion he will headline events.

  15. Noah says:

    People are getting smart and going to the bars that show the cards. Nobody can afford $50+/PPV, on top of the price of cable. The trend of PPV viewing is going to go down as MMA gets shown more on “free” TV. Cut the PPVs to 6-8/year and you’ll get your 750k+ buys (barring injuries and putting on marketable guys)

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Dude, that weekend it was such a pain in the ass to find a place that was showing the fight. I went to Big Wang’s and only 3 televisions out of 20 were showing the fight. The rest were televising football games.

  16. Gip2345 says:

    plain and simple….People don’t want to watch wrestlers fight…they want to see MMA purist in fighting. MMA is becoming TOO MUCH of an outlet for wrestlers more than the WWE. Look don’t get me wrong I love wrestling and believe in its art but the whole “let’s take a wrestler, add some boxing and out score the opponent is ruining MMA. Whether it’s MMA or even boxing no one wants to see a person 20-0 with 18 decisions. People pay to see things that they can’t do so they can be amazed such as the homerun, the slam dunk, the 60 yard touchdown, the knockout, the submission, the upside down 69 with legs behind the head.

  17. ya boy says:

    People don’t find smaller fighters as interesting, and Frankie Edgar isn’t particularly exciting to begin with. 3 stoppage wins in 11 UFC fights for a world champion? Come on, we want to see finishes, that’s the reason people love Rampage and (used to love) Wanderlei, their fights tend to end with a bang.

  18. dubmatic808 says:

    ufc 136 was the 1st card i didnt buy in a long long time

  19. MolotovPlanCocktail says:

    dana white has lowered the value of a ppv by flooding the market.. supply and demand dana! people dont want to pay $50 every week or two for ufc ppv its too much

  20. Devilock says:

    As much as pro-wrestling is poo-pooed, the aspects of the drama they stir up among their athletes are marketing gold. This card didn’t really have any drama to hype it up so maybe the buys were mainly hardcore fans. Dana always says that the UFC is nothing like pro-wrestling, but I believe he recognizes the marketing side of it. Not to say that they are going to intentionally start making shit up between fighters, but they probably don’t discourage it. Look at how The Ultimate Fighter show is setup.

  21. seth says:

    Okay, IMO Frankie is gonna be a draw from here on out. Everybody who saw the fight knows they won’t be missing his next fight. He is the “Rocky” of the UFC period. Give the guy a break, 250000×50=12500000….uh, am I missing something? IMO the reason that the sales were down is what has already been mentioned, there was just to many good freebies, a huge PPV(Jones) and holidays are coming so nobody wanted to fork out the cash ( I bought Jones, then went to the casino for Edgar). UFC makes it’s money with the grind and not the “huge” one offs, those are what I consider “icing”. So… Big ups Frankie, you got a new fan in me, I’d say making your company $12500000 is a good days work…

  22. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I didn’t want to watch this card to be honest but I watched it to be up on current MMA events. I knew that Edgar was going to win and wanted to see if Florian could pull it off. Chael winning his bout with Stann was a no brainer.

    If there was a clear winner in Edgar vs Maynard 2 then this card would have sold much better. This fight almost looked exactly like the last one except Edgar knocked his block off in the third. There are a ton of fighters waiting in line to fight Edgar AKA Rocky Balboa and those card will eventually sell better. I want Aldo vs Hominick 2!

  23. P R O D I G Y says:

    Guess Dana is gonna have to keep calling him the #2 P4P fighter in the world LOL

  24. The natural says:

    Wow shocked I thought it was one of best cards of the year. Maybe cause there was a fight on just the sat before but wow but still it’s Lil over $10,000,000 so with that and gate proly around 3 mil and all the fighters put on card altogether salary. Was under 1 mill

  25. Ally says:

    I boycotted this fight and kept checking results online for the SOLE purpose of not buying any PPV that Chael Sonnen is in. It’s the first since UFC 102

  26. chris says:

    you guys are all right on this one , we are being force fed to many PPV’s. its only right some will get more buys than others because fans want to see certain fighters more than others. I use to buy 2 a month now i scrutinize which i buy because this card might be the best card ever but injuries and changes , then before you know it the next ppv is better than the last…

  27. Random Person says:

    I watched it on the internet for free. I won’t pay to watch Edgar on a main event card.

  28. DanielD says:

    Don’t really want to see my two favorite fighters face each other (Penn v Diaz), because I don’t want to see either lose. I liked the original plan before Diaz screwed up.

  29. KingGareth says:

    I want to ses B. Henderson vs Edgar.

  30. WarProdigy says:

    136 was one of the best cards of the year! I think the UFC is putting on too many shows per year and now people have to be picky about which ones they order.

  31. Fortyb4five says:

    I watch every ppv for free except when my favorite fighters fight. Then I have to have it on Dvr…like Penn, Shogun, Hendo or Cain. I’ll shell out 50 bucks to see just there fights.

  32. Donnybrook says:

    Well that sucks, hard to believe with 2 titles on the line that’s all they got. I hate to say it but with GSP out of 137 the PPV’s are going to suffer as well, but it’s not stopping me from buying, I was just as pumped to see BJ vs. Diaz as GSP vs. Condit. According to Dana GSP is the p4p biggest draw in the UFC (I bet that’s going to go over well on this site).

  33. Salvador says:

    It’s a shame Frankie can’t get more draws, he’s a great fighter and I enjoyed this card twice as much as 135. I thought after their last fight him and edgar would’ve got a lot more love this time around.

  34. zack says:

    Nobody wants to watch boring fights/point fighters. That’s what edgar is

  35. The natural says:

    Frankie Edgar the new Rocky Balboa
    He’s smaller then every guy in the division. He’s been an underdog in all his fights.
    He just knocked out the best guy in the div.. He will rain on top till he get lazy and
    A hungry Mr T shows up dwn the rd don’t see any body in div right now giving him a problem and I bet he will succeed just like balboa. Injury free hoping he will become one of the most loved athletes in the sport
    I dont think his fights will have a problem selling from here on out bj Edgar greatest lw you’ll ever here about for some time too come great respect

  36. Dude... says:

    What the hell is “paperview?” You must be “mentally challenged.”

  37. Ryan Hoskins says:

    I was more pumped for this PPV than UFC 130,131,132,133 and 134.
    And even a tad bit more pumped than seeing Koscheck and Rampage fight at UFC 135.

    I ordered this PPV and had a party. Edgar is a monster. Knocks out a guy who never lost. While avenging his only loss. Their 2nd fight was fight of the year probably. People who are not hardcore fans are useless. When they say they dont like watching smaller fighters I just laugh. That is what this is about. HATE THE NON hardcore fans that know nothing.

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