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Saturday, 11/17/2012, 09:44 am

Report: Strikeforce Champ Melendez Backs Out Of Second Straight Healy Booking | MMA NEWS

Strikeforce lightweight champion, Gilbert Melendez, has reportedly fallen off the final Strikeforce event with the same nagging shoulder injury that forced him out of his last bout.

Melendez was originally scheduled to defend his title against Strikeforce number one contender Pat Healy in September; however, news of an injury and subsequent withdrawal from the bout forced the postponement of his return and subsequent cancellation of the entire event.

The Strikeforce January show was expected to be headlined by the lightweight title fight, but with news of this never ending ailment the headliner will likely shift to a welterweight or middleweight title bout.

Melendez coach, Cesar Gracie, revealed to that his athlete will now focus on a shift to the UFC and as a result will never defend his Strikeforce title again.


17 Responses to “Report: Strikeforce Champ Melendez Backs Out Of Second Straight Healy Booking | MMA NEWS”

  1. Me says:

    Damn i hope he is going to be okey from this injury, i look up to melendez for real he’s an awesome fighter n a real cool dude, much respect!

    • Mayor of Deviance says:

      What makes you think he’s a cool dude? Him jumping at the audience threatening to hit a guy last time? Or was it him and the rest of the Gracie neaderthals jumping Mayhem Miller in a Happy Gilmore style? You know he’s going to get destroyed in the UFC too. He’ll fade like Strikeforce into irrelevance, even more-so now that he’s ducking the last event ever.

  2. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    The fight with healy doesn’t mean anything anyway. Healy is a noboby in MMA world and did nothing for Melendez’s career. How does a top 10 fighter like Melendez get excited or up for a fight that has no upside for his career. Hopefully UFC will acquire Eddie Alervez and UFC will give the fans the fight they really want to see Alverez vs Melendez.

    I got to tell you it totally freaks me out to see the size of Pat Healy’s head. I mean its FREAKISHLY HUGE, kind like Rocky on mask. What makes it even look even larger is healy drops like 40 lbs to make lightweight. I got to give him credit he is the second best weight cutter in MMA behind Fitch. However Fitch is able to maintain his cardio throught fight even with dropping from 202lbs and Healy really starts lagging after 2 rounds. Lyman good is top 3 world cutting most weight but he doesn’t fight enough to be counted. Ben Saunders cuts huge amounst of weight also but he lags in later rounds to so thats how i qualify someone from being the best weight cutters in MMA. Its not just based on amount cut but you also consider how it affects them in fights (cardio) GSP use to be awesome weight cutter back in day but now his dropping from 195lbs is pretty much average now for 170lbers but GSP has zero cardio issues ( which can be fixed in an instant with EPO’s)

    • RonJhun says:

      Pat is a stand up braddah. He in hilo right not helping BJ prepare for his fight. One of the hardest workers in the sport. For you to call him a nobody shows your lack of knowledge for mixed martial arts. Why dont you educate yourself before you disrespect a pioneer.

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        NOONE in UFC cares one pidly bit aabout Pat healy. Wow he beat Lyle Beerbom a guy he outweighed by an easy 30lbs. Too bad Healey is afraid to fight anyone even close to his own size. Healy is boring as hell. I would rather watch Fitch hump a leg for 15 minutes than watch Healy for 2 minutes. Yeah right Pioneer of the sport. Noone cares about pat healy and I doubt he will even be picked up by UFC. Healy has been in minor leagues most of his career because he is BORING and uses his size to wallor allover his opponents. without healys size advantage he wouldn’t beat anyone

      • rippa 808 says:


  3. drew says:

    ya i mean theres no need training for somebody that will do nothing for your career and an organization that is on life support. time for gilbert to unleash hell on the ufc 155 division haha throw him the winner of benson diaz even tho diaz and melendez wont want to fight each other but what r u gonna do u guys gotta fight or does nate go to 145 and try out aldo? or does gilbert go to welterweight and possibly fight nick? all i know is its lookn like gilbert will have to face a teammate

  4. Jimmy says:

    GSP has no business fighting Anderson. It is just a dumb fight. Anderson and Bones Jones is where it’s at guys.

  5. Hector says:

    Melendez is scared to join UFC and face real Lightweights. Ben Henderson and Frankie Edgar would wipe the floor with him and he knows it so as long as he stays in Strikeforce and still hides from mediocre fighters please stop covering this guy. Wr really don’t care about him.

    • jbroce says:

      actually alot of us do care abut seeing this guy. And I’m pretty sure he’s ducking this fight because he would rather fight people in the UFC. Like everyone said above, fighting Healy in an organization you know is dying after the next show when you have a guaranteed contract with UFC after that is not worth it when you’re the champ. There’s not a single advantage to that fight for him. He wants the title shot or at least fight the best in the UFC, and this fight isn’t going to help him get that.

  6. Hurricane511 says:

    How did this turn into GSP vs. Anderson again…. Fuck dude… If that fight happens… Enjoy it for what it is… Two of the best pound for pound fighters EVER… Against each other… If you don’t like it… Don’t watch it. Simple as that.

  7. Dick Diaz says:

    not news at all lmao

  8. Rob says:

    Won’t matter, judging from Melendez’s last 2 fights… he will be destroyed by any top 15 LW in UFC. I don’t buy into his hype. Flame me all you want. If he ever begs his way into the UFC, you will see what I mean.

  9. Dana Is Greedy says:

    I would like to see El Nino fight in the UFC just to see how he stacks up.His last rematch was unimpressive but it was attributed a bit to over familiarity between both fighters. I believe Frankie and Gilbert would be intresting …

  10. The natural says:

    Please keep Melendez from joining UFC
    Sign here

  11. Xaninho says:

    It seems likely that Melendez wants to make sure he joins the UFC as the reigning Strikeforce champ.

  12. Idiots says:

    No it’s not smart or right he doesn’t take the Healy fight if he’s a champion he’ll fight anyone anywhere anytime I don’t get what’s with people thinking its alright for champs to pick and choose fights and not step up when they should

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