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Thursday, 11/01/2012, 05:40 am

Report: Nike In Talks With UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior Dos Santos | UFC NEWS

UFC heavyweight champion, Junior dos Santos, is reportedly in negotiations withe popular sports apparel company Nike. reported:

If both sides come to an agreement, Dos Santos will become the third UFC fighter to be sponsored by popular shoe and apparel company, joining the ranks of UFC champions Jon Jones and middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

Sports giant Nike is currently in contract negotiations with UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos to sponsor the champion in his upcoming blockbuster rematch with former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez.

Dos Santos contract with his main sponsor, Pretorian, has expired, and after negotiations, both parties mutually agreed to move forward separately.

Nike quickly contacted the popular heavyweight and brought him in to headquarters for negotiations.

Dos Santos has been spotted wearing only Nike clothing.


6 Responses to “Report: Nike In Talks With UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior Dos Santos | UFC NEWS”

  1. maurice says:


  2. TheTude says:

    Fuck Nike, but congrats to JDS

  3. KIDD433 says:

    Well deserved.If Cigano gets it,il start buying Nikes again.I boycotted Nikes ever since they signed that scumbag Jones

  4. korean jesus says:

    you make no sense whatsoever brah

  5. KIDD433 says:

    What a jack ass.How the hell dont u comprehend that?

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