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Thursday, 08/30/2012, 11:41 am

REPORT | Miguel Torres Was Released Due To Disciplinary Action Not Loss | UFC NEWS

In a recent newsletter coming out of The Wrestling Observer, the grand wizard of behind the scenes gossip, Mr. Dave Meltzer, made a shocking proclamation regarding the recent release of UFC bantamweight Miguel Torres.

Here is what he had to say.

[box_light]The cutting of Miguel Torres was disciplinary in nature although it was not said what the cause was, only that he was cut. His record wasn’t bad, with a knockout loss to Michael McDonald who is going to be a top star (provided his hands don’t keep betraying him as he’s already broken them a couple of times) and a close loss to Demetrious Johnson, both top guys. He made the rape joke on twitter and was fired, then brought back, and apparently he made some sort of a similar mistake.[/box_light]



18 Responses to “REPORT | Miguel Torres Was Released Due To Disciplinary Action Not Loss | UFC NEWS”

  1. Me says:

    That sucks, Miguel is a classy dude and is one of the best Bantamweight fightes of all time. Its a shame he had to be cut but I guess the UFC can’t let fighters get away with jokes like that on Twitter. Hopefully he will work his way back to the UFC again.

    • Gio says:

      Its kinda funny that some fighters cant get away with simple jokes while others (Chael Sonnen) can blast whoever he wishes and call him whatever kind of disaster as he sees fit. Dont get me wrong, I love Sonnen and he is truly one of the best for the reason. I just think, the other fighters should be treated in the same manner also.

      • Majestyk says:

        There’s a big difference between making personal attacks on a competitor and making light of a devastating crime like rape. From the UFC’s point of view, retaining a fighter who could potentially hurt their brand doesn’t make sense. He was given a second chance, but apparently blew it by not learning from his mistake.

        • Majestyk says:

          Of course there is a double standard where JBJ is concerned. The bottom line is money. My main point was that Sonnen’s JBJ jokes wouldn’t potentially spark a public outcry the way a rape joke would. The UFC doesn’t want to be seen as tolerant of someone who makes light of a crime against women. Being seen as tolerant of DWI is just as bad, but obviously the UFC knows that JBJ’s drawing power would offset any loss of revenue due to negative public opinion. Unfortunately for Torres, the scales were not tipped in his favor.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Torress was no longer a contender anyway so it really doesn’t matter

      Probably his pissy a’sshole attitude taht got him fired or that retarded mullet

  2. jesus korean says:

    i guess the ufc isnt too fond of his miguels jokes..

  3. Mike Luis says:

    what a tool im not a fan of his at all he sucks, i love seeing him get KTFO.

    • Koshchek Always Fights Fair says:

      Talk about a tool. Miguel had one of the longest unbeaten streaks. He is a very skilled and entertaining fighter as where you are a douchenozzle that can’t even get laid by your inbred sister. STFU!

  4. Gil says:

    Thats Steven Segal in the backdrop.
    Oh wait was there an article here?

  5. diaz bros take it in the butt says:

    Yeah you can only make controversial jokes if you make Dana money!

  6. Null says:

    So Torres makes a Rape joke and loses his job, a joke that would hurt no one, yet Jon Jones crashes a car into a pole wasted, which could have killed someone, but that’s all cool. Yeah, seems right.

    • hauts says:

      it doesnt matter… this is not ufc its show biz, if you aint bringing the top buck you aint worth keeping. jones could slaughter someone in front of camera’s and once he got out of jail he would be aloud to fight the next day. miguel has never been big. jones is pretty much the ufc.

  7. Matthew Kirk says:

    It is clear that you can’t be a comedian on twitter if you are a fighter. I personally love any type of humour, and Miguel is one of the funnier fighters out there, so that is what I have to say about Miguel Torres himself.

    This is what I what I think the real problems are. The problem is that the UFC is in a situation where they are attempting to become mainstream. Yes, MMA is a popular and profitable sport, but it is in no way mainstream. The UFC is clearly taking a conservative stance with regards to this because sponsor money is greatly determined by the sponsors opinion about brand integrity. If a fighter on the UFC roster is hurting brand integrity, then unless that fighter brings more of a positive effect to the company, he will become obsolete. The unfortunate thing for Miguel is that he is famous enough to have an impression on his fans, yet probably isn’t as valuable to the UFC as he is to his fans. This makes the impact of what he says far greater than his positive impact on the UFC.

    Another secondary problem is that I think Dana White does play favourites. If two people do the same ill, and Dana likes one and doesnt like the other, he is not going to hold the two to the same standard. I am not saying I wouldnt do the same, but it doesnt make it right.

  8. Null says:

    So Torres makes a Rape joke and loses his job, a joke that would hurt no one, yet Jon Jones crashes a car into a pole wasted, which could have killed someone, but that’s all cool. Yeah, seems right.

  9. Carlisle says:

    This is pure bullshit. Meltzer’s specialty is gossip. He is just picking up some unsubstantiated rumor from Twitter.

  10. Dee says:

    If Torres was still winning his fights, The UFC wouldn’t have cut him. The UFC is really smart. They know what they’re doing .

  11. Edger says:

    But yeah there is fighters in the UFC with a 4/5 fight losing streak
    And still in UFC don’t get it?? Torres should of went to bellator fc

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