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Monday, 10/28/2013, 12:10 pm

Report: Mayhem Miller Causes Scuffle With Uriah Hall Following Racial Slurs At Public Event

Shortly following the Bamma USA event on Friday, Oct. 25, Jason “Mayhem” Miller reportedly instigated an altercation with UFC fighter Uriah Hall. Mayhem is consistently known for trash talking, but he was reported to be throwing racial slurs out at the fighter. Jason Miller seems to continuously be coming apart at the hinges following his UFC release 18-months ago.

Assistant Editor at GRACIEMAG and eye-witness to the scuffle, Eick Fontanez, tweeted comments from Miller: “Mayhem called Hall ‘a bitch ass ni**a.’”

Jason Miller has found himself in a heap of controversy, prior to this ordeal at the Commerce Casino in Commerce, Calif. Since being released from the UFC, Miller has had several run-ins with authorities ranging from domestic disturbances to being found naked in a church—those charges were dropped. He has not fought professionally since May of 2012.

Though witnesses of the altercation say Miller instigated the scuffle between the two, Uriah Hall was said to have thrown the first punch and therefore escalating situation to an assault. Hall was shortly detained by hotel security to let the scuffle die down.

When reaching out to hotel security, they declined to comment on the situation from this past Friday night.
Though no legal action has happened as of yet, Uriah Hall is on a short leash with the UFC after a few lackluster fights including the split decision loss to John Howard on Aug. 17. According to Dana White, Hall is on his last chance when facing Chris Leben at UFC 168 in December.


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  1. UFC 84 Forever says:

    I would really like to see Mayhem get his act together. I fear for him these days, maybe he should start fighting again just to stop him from killing himself… Damn man…

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