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Monday, 11/07/2011, 06:00 am

Report: Leben Almost Pulled From UFC 138 By Medical Staff

According to a report coming out of the UK based, Fighters Only Magazine, sources within the Leben camp disclosed that the Hawaiian based fighter suffered through a terrible weight cut to which he had to lose 21 pounds in 24 hours.

Observers could see a fatigued Leben in the cage this past Saturday, and this leak of information could give us a solid explanation as to why he gassed so easily. However, this is just a “non-disclosed” source and we have been unable to validate its authenticity through sources of our own.

The Fighters Only Report reads as follows:

A source close to Leben told Fighters Only on Friday that Leben had been left “shattered” by the amount of weight he had to cut on weigh-in day.

He was in the hotel sauna from Friday morning hooded up and wearing layers of clothing as he sweated water out of his body.

His dehydration and general condition was such that one of the medical team backstage said Leben would be pulled from the fight if thing deteriorated any further.


32 Responses to “Report: Leben Almost Pulled From UFC 138 By Medical Staff”

  1. ThaGreenBandit says:

    WTF?! If that’s true, you’d think Leben would know better by this point in his career…

    • jacob lee says:

      yea i had leben winning and i was wondering why he couldn’t continue……it wasn’t because he wasn’t tough or his cut it was his exhaustion…come on leben we need guys to get in ther and get silva out of ther and u go and pull that

      • han solo says:

        get silva out of there?
        do you even remember the leben x silva fight?
        leben couldn’t do nothing with silva.
        we neet to get GSP out of there, cause he can’t finish fights in incredible fashion.
        i don’t get this silva hate

        • MMFT says:

          I like silva, his fights are pretty awesome. I just wish people could actually hang with him though, that’s why I wish he’d move to 205. He never seems challenged, accept for chael.

        • Brandon Wheaton says:

          His fights are “pretty awesome” because he’s fighting chumps like Okami.

          I love Leben, but he doesn’t stand a chance against Silva BECAUSE of his style. SLoppy sluggers are easily countered by silva’s technique.

  2. How do u lose 21 lbs in 24 hours.. Did a dr cut off a limb? Sounds like a CROCK of CRAP to me! Leben performed better then I thought he wud, but took some huge shots but got the cut. Exciting fight..Leben is a beast! Munoz est top5 rankings..

    • Quazzi says:

      Yea leben did perform better than i thought he would. Makes u think if this is true wat would have happened if he would have cut the weight properly. That at least explains why he keep pushing mark up against the cage. I couldnt figure wat the hell he was thinking clinching with him but that explains it

    • C91 says:

      Believe it or not cutting large amounts of weight in a 24 our period is more than possible. Most of what you cut in a sauna is water weight. The less water your body has the more dehydrated you become. Not to mention it’ll take a huge toll on your performance which is what happened with Leben. Seventy five percent of your body is made up of water. Now imagine cutting twenty percent in 24 hours and gaining it back by fight night. Your body needs time to adjust, to adapt, and if your going up and down that way in a two day period it’s extremely unhealthy(for most but some have pulled it off before, all depends on your body and if you’re used to it). Nevertheless what happened, happened but Leben will back banging soon enough.

    • Aaron says:

      Bobby Southworth lost 31lbs in 24 hours for one of his fights on TUF. It can be done, and that is an example of being able to watch it go down.

    • adrian says:

      a large amount of your body contains water in it. go to school and get educated before you say its crockshit.

  3. sgt thai clone says:

    What an ass!!! if thats the case ,that he lost so many lbs in one day-has to be the most foolish fighter

  4. Joe says:

    seriously, leben get with the program or gtfo

  5. EffLay&PrayFighters says:

    EXCUSES EXCUSES EXCUSES! He’s been fighting for how long!!?? just like BJ & his cardio.. they know the routine!

  6. mike f says:

    Leban did look tired after round one. A bad weight cut can do that. To bad he got cut near his eye. Fight was exciting.

  7. hahaha says:

    hawaiian fighters.. always find an alibi… if it’s not cardio, it’s a weight issue… accept defeat and learn from it… fighting starts before you begin your training camp…

  8. Fortyb4five says:

    Leben has excuses every time. Munoz would’ve beat him down either way.

  9. Vaughany says:

    It’s no surprise, he had a blog out two days before weigh-ins where he said he was cutting over 20lbs.

  10. psyclone says:

    Doesn’t sound like he was the one making excuses.

  11. adam says:

    At least he made the weight. Thistle Elves has missed weight like 6 times in 15 fights or something like that, he can’t seem to cut weight but always manages to win when he didn’t make weight.

    Leben is a beast and is giving an explanation of his exhaustion. I am sure he will say that he could have done better if he had cut weight better, but he will tip his cap to Munoz and keep going from there.

    And anyone talking trash on BJ, GTFO if you don’t like the way he used to train.

  12. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    He put up a good fight for someone who was gassed the second he stepped in the cage. I wish we knew more of what was going on behind the scenes in the UFC.

  13. Zach says:

    Definitely makes sense. Watch the fight again, Munoz puts alot of focus on the body trying to wear him out, and theres a couple times where he is visibly very tired. At one point munoz takes his back and he kind of just sits up and doesnt defend himself at all and you can just see the look on his face. I think the cut was just away out, in the corner he says “im done, I cant see straight” and you can hear his corner say “your just tired man”

  14. John M says:

    I really don’t believe this, he was working with Mike Dolce during the camp. Dolce would not have allowed the events to take place for him to have to cut 21 pounds of water weight and lets face it he took down Munoz he could have given him a good run for his money if the fight had continued.

  15. Brett says:

    yep every time he loses theres an excuse. he was sick when he fought stann, and now he had to cut too much weight. why the hell would he come in that heavy anyways? thats amateur shit there man!

  16. aaxantonio says:

    i posted yesterday something looked wrong with leben, thats too bad he is a very good fighter, but he looked like shit saturday

  17. kushites says:

    i saw leben a few weeks before the fight and he looked really big. to the point where i was thinking, doesnʻt this guy have a fight coming up? heʻs gonna have to cut choke weight!

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