Wednesday, 12/19/2012, 11:37 am

Report: Eddie Alvarez Received A UFC Contract That Bellator May Match

Former Bellator lightweight champion, Eddie Alvarez, has been an official free agent for the past few months.

Up until this point the UFC had yet to make him an official offer to sign with the promotion despite UFC president Dana White showing an extreme amount of interest.

It appears as though the UFC has now made the top lightweight fighter an official offer, one that Bellator has the right to and may match in order to keep their biggest draw.


6 Responses to “Report: Eddie Alvarez Received A UFC Contract That Bellator May Match”

  1. dante080 says:

    Bellator can match it, but is Eddie gets to chose between them there is no contest

    • axeholes says:

      I’d like nothing more than to see Eddie step up to the UFC level of competition.
      However, Eddie does still have some unfinished business against Michael Chandler, so maybe he won’t go away from Bellator quite so fast. At least not until he gets that belt back from Chandler.

      Now, if they were to move both Alvarez and Chandler to the UFC…WOW!
      Bellator would go under water, then.

  2. Mat says:

    Hell yes. Eddie is the man! good for him to have choices now

  3. GetRidOfLayNPrayFightersForever says:

    Bellator is a great great FC, ide hate to see him leave. i love bellator and one that does not watch it is seriously missing out, there coming to spike next year and i cant wait.

  4. GetRidOfLayNPrayFightersForever says:

    any one*

  5. Sasquatch says:

    I hope Dana sharpens his pencil and signs him, I’ve been wanting to see Eddie fight top comp for a long time.

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