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Thursday, 11/03/2011, 01:05 pm

Report: Early Estimates Show PPV buy rate for UFC 137 at 280,000

While we will never know the truth of the matter, the lone source for UFC pay-per-view figures has and always will be, Mr. Dave Meltzer.

When people talk of buys, stating this PPV did this amount and this one did that, it is all based on his industry intelligence. The UFC never confirms figures, nor do the broadcasters, however, Meltzer’s time in the PPV business has gone on way before the UFC existed and therefore his estimates and contacts are widely considered as valid and on point.

With that being said, here is what he said via his subscription based newsletter about last weekend’s UFC137 event.

“I’ve heard anything from 255k to 300k buys, but let’s say 280k is right about where it’s gonna fit in at this point. It is early, obviously, so in a couple of weeks we’ll have a better handle on it. It’s a little lower than what you’d want from Penn/Diaz, but they had too many shows. Their problems have already hit, you know, we talked about it a year ago. The people who are denying it now, these problems are there and this was another example of it. It’s down, and everything is, everything has been down.”

UFC 137: Penn vs. Diaz” took place this past Saturday from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas. The pay-per-view event was a stacked affair that put two of the most popular fighters in MMA against each other for a welterweight showdown that was nothing short of spectacular.

In one of the best and most technical MMA fights in history, Nick Diaz returned to the UFC in emphatic fashion to best multiple time champion, BJ Penn.

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20 Responses to “Report: Early Estimates Show PPV buy rate for UFC 137 at 280,000”

  1. stix says:

    who knew having an event the same night as 4 million halloween parties was a bad idea?


  2. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    This is surprising considering this was the fight people were most excited for when the card switch to Condit vs GSP. If numbers are down, maybe the UFC is spreading itself too thin.

  3. Joe says:

    or maybe having 18 ufc events a yr with most fights going to decisions makes for less buys, should i buy a ufc when a week later there will be two free ones????

  4. Arctic says:

    Maybe the UFC should try lowering the cost to buy a ppv $50 gtfo i can go watch it at a bar and spent $20-$30 why would i pay $50 to sit at home and watch it i wont buy one till they cut it down to $20 they would sell 10x as many and fighters dont get paid enough its bs

  5. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    You and Joe are right on point. Movie industry sales are down, Video game sales are down and naturally sales are going to drop for PPV events. I would like to see the PPV comparison events for Boxing vs UFC, because there is no way that Boxing has more PPV buys. Not during this era in the sport.

    Now that all main events are 5 rounds starting on Saturday, we likely won’t see too many decision victories. Albeit a good decision for fans, I wonder if this will hurt the fighter’s careers in the long run.

    • Calvin says:

      well ufc is on fox now and theyve been saying things about broadcasting on all their stations so maybe more free fights will come and they will make money off advertisements that way ppvs really dont hurt the company and also it would be nice if they could drop ppv prices 15 bucks

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        That would be nice. I think they have something like 5-8 free events on Fox next year but idk remember… I hope this Fox partnership is fruitful because Dana wants the UFC to be as ubiquitous and popular as football. If that were possible then advertisers could carry the burden of the cost just like you said.

  6. Michael says:

    I agree with the majority here. I used to buy all of the cards, now I only buy when BJ, or Machida fight. There are just too many, I can’t be shelling out $150 a month on UFC cards. I go to the bar, pay $5 to get in, grab a beer or two and I’m out like $15 versus $50.

  7. momo says:

    the amount you see them make comes from the gate what fighters really get paid is after the PPV dw can promise them 5mil and then the PPV doesn’t sel.l all you see is what is promised then after the PPV he writes the real check randy couture made millions for one of his old fights other then that we don’t ever know what they really make. the only reason we ever even found out was because it was when he was having contract problems with them and left the ufc.

  8. jonBONERjones says:

    another disappointment. UFC needs to stop all this damn 2 ppv shows in one month stuff, i havent bought a card since UFC 128. Too many shows and too many crapfested main events. Bad year for the UFC

  9. RCS says:

    (don’t hate) i’d like to see wwe model free monday and thrusday matchs with a pay perview once a month.

    everyone could fight 3 or 4 times a year. see a lot of TUF guys fight and could bring in local talent for weekly fight nights, with big names or top contenders for the main events during the week.

    guys would make less per fight more per year

  10. MMA Scholar says:

    well said. It’s likely just as many people watched the fights though, but more at pubs or their buddies sharing the cost. Everyone is still fuckin’ broke from that ‘kick in the balls’ circa 2008.

  11. Donnybrook says:

    @ mmaislandjunky… So much for your theory about GSP not being able to sell PPV’s… had he been on this card the numbers would have more than doubled. You have to remember just because you hate Georges doesn’t mean everyone does.

  12. Ninjaman says:

    The UFC has its stars getting older and no real entertaining young blood stepping up. Look at the first 5 seasons TUF and the stars that shinned and look at the last 4 seasons and nothing. MMA is in trouble if the UFC remains its flag barer.

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