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Thursday, 04/26/2012, 04:17 pm

Report | Dana White Spent 75 Minutes Convincing Silva To Fight In Vegas

By Jamie McAllister:
It took Dana White 75 minutes to convince Anderson Silva to fight Chael Sonnen in Las Vegas oppose to Rio de Janeiro and this was the reason for the press conference delay.This was reported by Gustavo Noblat on .

The talk between Dana White and Silva was heated initially and Anderson had refused to change the venue for the rematch. The bout was scheduled to take place in Stadium Engenhao and would have been the UFC’s biggest show to date with 80,000 tickets being sold.

“There wouldn’t have been enough hotel rooms,” White said as the date clashed with international events in the city.

Anderson was reported to have said “He deserves to taught a lesson here, I owe this to my people” to which Dana replied “If there is no way how to make the event in a stadium, it has to be in Las Vegas,”

Dana went on to explain that Las Vegas has the structure to promote the UFC from one day to the next. He also stated to Silva the appeal the bout would have in the US & how it takes place in the same week of the celebrations for independence day.

He also commented on the effect pay per view sales would have with the event and guaranteed a good percentage of the pay per view sales to Anderson.

After lots of discussion Anderson asked what was required of him to which Dana replied “I want you go to Las Vegas and perform well, make it a great fight.” it was then Anderson went on to accept and said “If it has to be like this, I will beat this guy wherever. He deserves a lesson.”

Dana was delighted with Anderson and went on to say he was the “Perfect UFC ambassador in Brazil” and referred to him as “The best fighter ever made in MMA – today everybody talks about Jon Jones but for me you are the best by far,”

Anderson now blames UFC’s Brazilian investment partner Eike Batista & his company IMX for the failure to organise efficiently (IMX is UFC partner and promotes the fights of the UFC in Brazil) Anderson thinks they did not understand the size of the event & did not have sufficient competence to make it.

Andersons managers are frustrated by the bout being moved to the US but recognise it as a good deal.

“Anderson knows this partnership with UFC is for life,” Jorge Guimaraes told Noblat. “There are no motives to get into friction with the event, so we accepted to fight in Vegas. We don’t go against the UFC, we go on the same side – after all, Anderson is its employee.”

“A fight of this magnitude has to be at a grand place and Las Vegas is a good venue,” Guimaraes went on to say.


67 Responses to “Report | Dana White Spent 75 Minutes Convincing Silva To Fight In Vegas”

  1. Leo I AM BRAZILIAN says:


    • Gerald says:

      yo i hope silva rips sonnen a new asshole. WAR Silva!

    • Fedor says:

      Now you’re just as bad as him.

    • GWarren says:

      Chill out and learn how to spell fool, im predicting pretty much the same fight without the submission

      • Xaninho says:

        The dude is Brazilian, English isn’t his native language fool. How many languages do you speak and write flawless?

        And it won’t be the same fight at all, Silva will school this bitchass eunuch. His mother won’t recognize him once Silva had his way with him.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          A. Silva is going to put a beating on Sonnen like we haven’t seen since GSP’s beating on Fitch

        • Dinglenuts Magee says:

          hopefully it will be a much worse beating, resulting in brutal stoppage.

          (and oh what the hell… injury. Not normally something I hope for, but talking shit about a man’s wife… that’s going too far)

      • james says:

        well you predict wrong cock sucker


      you really sound like your from the 3rd world with that kind of comment. If your a piece of trash already, typing like one justifies the criticism. Respect is not given, it is earned… U S AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    • Sweet pea says:

      What you just said is worse than anything sonnen has even said to your people. So how’s about you shut your dirty brizilian mouth and go get your fat black wife to make me a steak (medium rare) just how I like it. Stupid black dirty brizilian get ready to see silva get pummelled again by yours truly chael p. Sonnen

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        Sweat pea you sound like you are just as much of a piece of shit as Sonnen. Hopefully after this fight and sonnen gets destroyed you will crawl back in your hole. You can sure tell someones true charactor when they defend scumbag FELON-CHEAT like CHEAT Sonnen. Sonnen is not only a discrace to american people but a discrace to all MMA. This sport would be far better more respectable without him

      • Xaninho says:

        It’s BrAzilian and not Brizilian.

        But that’s ok, lowlife redneck trailertrash Americans like you can’t even point out their own country on a map. They always think it’s Brazil cause it’s bigger…

      • Xaninho says:

        And I forgot to add. Fat black wife? You do realize the USA has the most obese fat fucks in the world right?

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I am an American and i agree with Loe from Brazil. Sonnen is a racist pig and a piece of sh’t in general and he has no morals and he sia discrace to all americans and i wish the fightw ould have been in Brazil and Sonnen would not have made it out of there alive because he would have noone to blame but himself. Don’t worry Leo we american fans love the Brazillian fighters as they all come to fight and are respectful people.

      • yeah right says:

        fomr the US my ass you dont ever fucking agree with someone who wisahes bad thigns apon a child who has nothing to do with it you fucking asshole.yes americans love all fighers wherever they are fomr but NO i dont agree with this assfuck.and you shouldnt either or your jsut as bad as him.what he said is way worse than any hype talk thart chael has respecful was anderson in those fights where he almost got cut huh?………………….thats right shut the fuck up

      • KIDD433 says:

        GET RID OF n u agree on alot of shit bro

      • Dinglenuts Magee says:

        @ GET RID OF FITCH (forever)

        What the hell man? We AGREE on something? weird…

        I’m American, and yup, fuck Chael Sonnen. He is a clown. He is barely over .500 in the UFC and he is about to tie the record for most submission losses in UFC history.

    • Dustin says:

      lmao im a big chael sonnen fan… our father? we are just fans cause hes funny.. we dont support what he says about brazil and all that disrespect .. but we laugh really really hard at it.

      like really really reallllly hard at it.

    • E716 says:

      I cant wait 4 Anderson to destroy him so i dont gotta hear his piece of shit voice but he will still probably call himself champ after he gets beat again…

    • DBKlein69 says:

      leo, ur ppl are 3rd world animals. sorry to break that to u. if everything sonnen said about brazil wasn’t true, u and ur ppl wouldn’t get so upset over it. but as the saying goes …….. the truth hurts. now go back to ur mud hut and keep wishing u were born and raised in america :) usa baby!

    • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

      rofl, are you a brazilian version of taliban. wtf

    • evol one says:

      Why you gotta wish harm on somebodies kids? Just stick to hating other Brazilians that are darker than you.

    • Allen says:

      Leo, only brazilians care about brazilians. It goes to show you are a piece of trash reading your comments, and probably indicative of your whole “race”… I HATE chael sonnet, and think the spider will smash him this time, but after reading your comment, I’d say you’re worse… You have no personal identity, or any better life than to nut hug your idols… From what I’ve seen most brazilians are thug lowlife trash, you don’t deserve to host professional sporting events because you’d all just throw a riot and throw your beers on everyone. Learn to be civilized. All that talk about chaels family dying and shit… Dude, you’re a worthless pig, you aren’t Anderson silva, you have no right to act offended like that. Go kill yourself

    • Dinglenuts Magee says:

      and this is why I wanted this fight to be in Brasil….

      the fans are getting fucked here, as is Anderson and Brasil. This would have been huge for the country, huge for MMA down there, and possibly a perfect stage for Anderson to beat Chael and retire in front of his countrymen…

      instead another fuckin event in Vegas… whoopdy do

  2. Khanny says:

    An angry Spider! Can’t wait!!!

  3. banks says:

    Hahahaha it looks like luck is on cheals side this time.. I doubt it will matter when anderson smashes his face with sum knees but who knows

  4. riotman says:

    Sonnen is a showman. He belongs in the wwe. Hopefully Silva will send him there after this fight.

  5. aaron says:

    Leo you are an idiot of the highest order.

  6. lolziez says:

    Sonnens mom will buy Silva a steak dinner that night

  7. craig says:

    It will be a close fight this time if Chael stays off the roids!!! If he’s caught with roids again win or lose he should be fired like Nate Marquate

  8. B says:

    Not cool @sweetpea… not cool

  9. What happened to MMA? says:

    Sonnen is a freakin idiot, and his fans are twice as F’n retarded. You douches act like you are 12 and the NWO is coming out to put on a soap opera. If Sonnen is ever a champion that is the day I quit watching. Yall remember Royce Gracie, Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture? MMA before it was hijacked by Brock Lesnar and the casual fans he brought with him? Did Fedor act like a bafoon to promote a fight? What happened?

  10. Scott says:

    Silva stated before the fight he was gonna submit him. You know what his idea of a “lesson” is? knocking him the **** out haha.

  11. RFK says:

    Leo you sound like a crybaby so fuck you.USA all day

  12. Michael hamlin says:

    Silva is scared of jones!!!

  13. Jones is not God says:

    Fuck, leo you’re a racist too by saying those things. I mean damn this is just a sports event, ya’ll taking it way to seriously.. Chill!

  14. Edger says:


  15. Pijan says:

    You Xenophobes are annoying me, I hate sharing a country with people like you. This isn’t USA vs. Brazil, it’s the one of the greatest UFC champions of all time defending his belt against his hated rival. And if it is USA vs. Brazil, I’m sorry, but go Brazil. That racist fuck doesn’t represent me, no bigot ever will. I don’t care if it’s theatrics or not, if Sonnen can’t earn his title shot like everyone else, he doesn’t need one. If he can’t earn a title shot without being racist, he doesn’t need one. And by the way idiots, I know most Americans aren’t aware of foreign affairs, but Brazil isn’t a third world country. It has a very rich economy, it’s richer than most European nations, including France. It’s one of the top oil manufacturers, and will soon be home to the Olympics. Learn a little before you decide to talk shit.

  16. Nick says:

    Shit…… the hell is up with that? 75 minutes to convince him to get a better paycheck. I understand the patriotism and shit like that, but they’re offering you to fight a guy you hate for more money. That should be more than enough motivation. Maybe Anderson was planing a GSP like sabotage (like how the dude kissed BJ) on Chael. Or maybe Anderson was hoping someone would stab him before the bout. And the dude up top needs to chill out, people talk shit about America all the time and we don’t care. Chill bro. You went too far.

    • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

      tbh hes sponsored by nike and burgerking. hes got shitloads of money and lives near LA anyway

      he has the right to get revenge for his fans

    • Xaninho says:

      Somethings are more important to a true martial artist. This shit is personal, I wouldn’t be surprised if Silva would have accepted to fight Sonnen for free in Brazil.

  17. phfrixon says:

    Dana saved Sonnen from the lynchmob! So this fight will be just “tactical” with some WWE type “mindgames” from Sonnen, dec. victory for Silva. Trash talk after the fight -> Sonnen Silva part 3. Sonnen “injured” and retires as “comedy legend”. 😉

  18. Dana saying that there would not be enough hotel rooms is total bs.Dana is scared for Chael’s safety in Brazil thats why he changed the venue.Not that it makes a difference Anderson will kick Chaels ass if the fight took place in West Linn Oregan.

  19. The natural says:

    Ur fucked up if u think anything out of sonnen mouth is funny and just as big of a scumbag its not comic its dying words of a trash bag chael is a wwe fag want a be capt America love how stupid he looked in bisping fight can’t wait till Anderson ko’s. This piece of shit says alot about Dana being he’s protecting this ugly crater face mofo that would beat his mother if it could get him in the spot light ur all fags for liking or protecting him he didnt have to say one we’d to promote the fight it would have been just as big cheeseball

  20. upunk says:

    u brazilian n americans r all racist piece of shits just stfu n let them fight

  21. upunk says:

    stfu to u all chael haters n leon ur a evil ass bitch who cursed on chael’s kid, chael is just entertaining, so chill the fuck out !

  22. Xaninho says:

    Sonnen’s speeches are about as entertaining as Hitler’s speeches were….

  23. A Ukrainian says:

    You are all taking it too far making it USA vs Brasil. MMA is a sport between two fighter you all need to have some respect for both. All the trash talk by Sonnen is done to sell PPVs as he gets more money if there are more viewers. You know that you don’t care about the sport when you route for the guy that is from your country no matter what. It is about the fighter, not the country.

  24. Devon says:

    Im a South Africa living in America and its so easy to see that Sonnen is a Cheating, Fraudulent Racist bitch! Its also sad that the UFC lets him get away with so many racist comments! I know if any other fighter would make such comments to anther country or it people it would be overs for them! With that said even if Silva comes in %60 he will destroy Sonnen and then one more loss and its all over Sonnen. WWE bound i guess! Brazil is awesome, the women, beer, weed, beach and so much more! Alot of you guys would not last a week in Brazil with your big mouth! They deal with things a little diffident than here in America!

  25. dana black says:

    anderson silva is a NINJA! He will smash this wrestler. Anderson Silva has heavy and big bones and he will land his elbows and knees right in this wrestlers face and he will punch him with his very precise boxing. this wrestler guy couldnt take bisping down. Anderson Silva is a very strong man and will keep this fight standing and he will tko this wrestler and every fan of this wrestler will be down to earth again. this fight will not go the distance and there will be no submission. Anderson Silva is going to destroy this wrestler. mark my word guys. u think they call him p4p best without a reason? TKO WIN SILVA. The Ref will rescue the wrestler!

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