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Friday, 03/23/2012, 08:12 am

Report | Dan Henderson Turned Down Rematch With “Shogun”

“Yeah, I was trying to put together Dan Henderson vs. Shogun II and Henderson doesn’t want to do the fight. Henderson wants to wait for the winner of either Jonny “Bones” Jones or Anderson Silva. He wants Anderson Silva, if Silva wins, he will make that cut. Otherwise, he wants to fight the winner of Rashad and Jones.”

It was called one of the best fights in MMA history, Hendo vs. “Shogun” was an amazing fight.

Neither fighter has seen the inside of a cage since their first fight at UFC 139 last November.

According to comments made by Dana White following this week’s UFC 149 press-conference he was trying to make it happen again for the Calgary event.

In typical Dan Henderson fashion, it looks like he opted to take to the sidelines once again and instead of staying active, wait for his title shot.


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41 Responses to “Report | Dan Henderson Turned Down Rematch With “Shogun””

  1. Azuzsa says:

    If this guy keeps waiting for a fight, one day he’s gonna look up and be 75! #HBOMB

  2. Jake says:

    Yeah that’s true but I agree with his decision on waiting. He’s really old and this could be his last chance at a title shot ever. If he loses the rematch hell never climb back up the ladder. He probably wants to retire as champion something randy and chuck couldn’t do.

    • Khaos says:

      I agree with that, he’s worried that he only has so many more fights left in him and he wants a title shot. If he were ten years younger I’d be saying wtf he should do the rematch and win it again but I get it in Dan’s case. He’s a brilliant fighter with an impressive career and he owes it nothing, let him have his crack at gold one more time I reckon. Good luck Hendo.

    • Calvin says:

      randy could of but he came back and fought lesnar

  3. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Acting like a real prima donna, cherry picking what fights he will and won’t take. I love Hendo as a fighter, but this shit, I only wanna fight this or that fighter, title shots only, is getting old.

    • Mike says:

      I think hes earned the right you jackass.

    • Reality says:

      I hear what you’re saying here and in many fighters cases this is true. However, I’m not under the impression that Hendo even has to fight anymore(just my guess). He’s been fighting for a loooong time and each fight he has brings more risk to his health(especially at his age). Therefore, if it’s no longer about the money and he has accomplished everything but one thing(UFC Title)…why not wait for that title shot? I think it’s a smart move because a second Shogun fight could be dangerous in more ways than one. He got the W so now is not the time to play around. Of course fans(including myself) want to see Shogun vs. Hendo 2 but we’re not the ones taking the risk.

  4. well, he’s afraid of losing his title shot if he fights shogun again, because the last two rounds of that fight was all Shogun and if had just found the right shot, he might’ve put him away, but Hendo’s got a great chin, i think it’s the smart move because at his age, he afford to get sent to the back of the line if he loses No. 1 contender status, let the young bucks do that like Pettis

  5. repairman jack says:

    it makes sense at this stage of his career to wait and pick his fights why risk losing to shogun ,afterall how many title shots has he got left?

  6. ToThaGreenBandit says:

    He already fought Shogun so you’re comment is silly, whats the point in fighting him again? Shogun lost 3 of his last 5 fights, Dan has won 4 of his last 5 fights with a big KO over Fedor he knows exactly where he is at. What Dan is doing is not really cherry picking, he wants to fight Silva or Jones, two of the best fighters anyone has ever seen or probably ever will. Don’t be stupid.

    • Ly-er says:

      Well another way to look at it, would be that he can act as a “replacement-fighter” if either Rashad or Sonnen are injured for their upcoming title fight. Especially Rashad, how many times was he ‘suppose’ to fight Jones?? This way, no matter what, he can salvage either main event, if it comes down to it.

  7. Devilock says:

    I think Henderson has earned the right to pick fights. However, I think everyone would like to see Henderson vs Shogun II. Maybe if everyone starts bombing his twitter asking him to take that fight, it might help him in deciding to take it.

  8. Ryeboi says:

    We’re talking about Dan Henderson right?

    Dan fucking Henderson one of the original members of Team Quest with Matt Lindland and Randy Couture. Dan Henderson Rings Champion, Pride Champion, Strikeforce Champion?

    Wiki says he’s 42years old and has been fighting for 15 years since 1997…

    Who are these fucking retards that say Dan doesn’t have the right to wait for a title shot?

  9. Scott says:

    It’s Hendo’s decision anywho, and I agree with it as well. Get a title shot while he can. Its rightfully his anyway.

  10. Mario says:

    Hendo already beat him!!!!

    And the fight before that he served Fedor…..

    Give the man. his title shot, he deserves it…..

  11. Adam says:

    He’s old. He wants another title shot. He’s on a killer win streak. I get it.

  12. Kingsforge says:

    Kinda get what people are saying, but hasn’t he just come over from strikeforce? Has he had a fight in the UFC since he came over?

    I know he’s been around for a long time, but still he should maybe have one fight before taking a championship fight. Reem was champion and he still had to take 1 fight before getting a title shot (yes I know he hadn’t had a UFC fight before, but my point still stands)

  13. Ronda shite says:

    dont be scared homie!!!

  14. Jake says:

    @ kingsforge he fought shogun to get the next shot just as overeem beat Brock to get the #1 shot at jr

  15. dusty says:

    yeah he know sho gun will take him in a rematch look what he did to machida in there remtach and forrest and coleman fight was a little lacklustre but he still knocked him out to agreed ??

  16. josh says:

    Good! I’m glad he turned down the rematch. He beat Shogun therefore shogun needs to start back at the bottom like everyone else. All these rematches are getting rediculous but we all know the ufc does anything for money..

  17. JoeR. says:

    There is absolutely NO point in rematching shogun. It was not close enough to warrant a rematch. Dan, wait for your title shot. You have earned it.

  18. dante040 says:

    He knows he doesn’t have. much left and wants a title shot. It’s not the age that breaks down fighters but the milage. That’s why Randy fought till he was 46 and wanderlai was “over the hill” at 34.

  19. mean170 says:

    Why would he think he deserves a title shot at 185?? He lost to Jake Shields at 185. Anderson will whip his TRT ass back to 205 again. And Jones or Evans will smash him at 205. Sorry. And to think i used to like Hendo….

    • Baby J - Hendo - Sonnen - Smooth says:

      If u don’t understand Hendo waiting and don’t like him anymore then u are dumber then rocks and was never a true fan. Band wagon noob

      • mean170 says:

        Oh i understand him waiting for sure, at 205. He might has well lose a title fight to Jones or Evans instead of a fight against Machida or go into another war with Shogun. But he has no business even thinking title shot at 185. If your such a longtime follower of MMA you’d know that Hendo isn’t nearly the same fighter at 185 that he is at 205, not to mention that Anderson demolished him in a quick two rounds when they previously fought.

  20. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I really don’t care if he turned this fight down. Hendo already beat up Shogun and I want my Hendo vs Jones match in 2012.

  21. Dave says:

    Seriously, what is wrong with you morons? Like the scene out of Gladiator where you’re in the crowd baying for blood, these guys are putting it all on the line, throwing crazy caution to the wind and these fat idiots that have never had a fight in their life, other than when their sister beat them up daily, are not satisfied with what they’ve just witnessed. “Are you not entertained?!” These guys are killing themselves out there, that last fight with Shogun that had you all cheering like the apes you are isn’t enough, no, never mind both these guys are still probably carrying the aches, pains and blurred vision, you want them to take on a Mack truck every other month. Wake up to yourselves because I’m damn sure of one thing, when they’re retired you won’t give a crap about their welfare. Their career is short and needs to be managed wisely by people who care about them, not complete and utter wankers like you lot. Now, your sister is pissed and waiting for you upstairs for you – go on and take your punishment like the little bitches you are.

  22. drew says:

    that fight wasnt even close, there is absolutley no need for a rematch…props for shogun being able to endure hendo for 5 rounds, but just cuz hendo was tired in the doesnt mean it was close, no need for a rematch i feel like the ufc doesnt even wanna deal with hendo and him fighting for a belt because they strongly believe he cant beat anderson, and feels bones would beat him, id like to see hendo vs rashad or bones…spider would be a waste of time

  23. Yarp says:

    Why not just give him an interim title and then he and Condit can both sit out for a year with a fake belt

  24. Hbomb says:

    “back in my days I screwed some hot ass ladies, now that I’m 80 I should still be able to screw hot ass young ladies”. But got raped by shields

  25. dusty says:

    people are stupid if you think that fight wasnt even close ?? like are you retarded ? there’s a reason they call it the best fight of all time what about sho gun coming back in the 4th and 5th smashing hendo the whole fight was close i wanna see a rematch who wouldnt that fight was fucking sick , jones and silva would just crush hendo im sorry but i think his days are numbered all he has is a punchers chance against both them but i guess thats just me ?

  26. true mma says:

    You can’t always believe what that greedy ass Dana white says. First Dana said hendo turned down a fight with the drangon and hendo said it was a lie. Hendo said this was a lie. Plus Dana said condit willing stepped aside so that GSP could fight Diaz. Not true, Dana had to pay condit.

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