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Monday, 06/03/2013, 11:56 am

Report: Chael Sonnen Replaces Injured Nogueira; Set To Face Shogun Rua At UFC 161

Following the confirmation of a back injury that will force Antonio Rogerio Nogueira out of his UFC 161 appearance against Mauricio “Shogun” Rua later this month in Winnipeg, the rush to find a replacement for “Lil’ Nog” began. Less than 24 hours later, we have a replacement, none other than the infamous Chael P. Sonnen. Sonnen took to Twitter last night following the announcement of Nogueira’s injury, and began to lobby for the fight with Rua.

Ivan Rupp, one of the lead reporters at Globo, broke the news yesterday of Nogueira’s injury, which was later confirmed. Rupp again broke the news today that Chael Sonnen would step in to face “Shogun” Rua on short notice. This must come as good news for the UFC as the original headliner for UFC 161, Renan Barao, was also removed from the card due to injury. Rua on the other hand may not be very pleased with the drastic difference in styles from his original opponent.

Sonnen is among the elite of decorated wrestlers in UFC, and Nogueira is an olympic level boxer with great jujitsu skills. Rua was training with legendary boxing coach Freddie Roach in preparation for the boxing prowess of “Lil’ Nog,” and will now have to work on a sprawling and getting back to his feet for the next 12 days. Rua does tout a position in the light-heavyweight divisions top 10, and if Sonnen was to defeat Rua, it would propel the Oregon gangster back into the mix for a title shot yet again. Of course, Sonnen was destroyed by light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones in April, but a win over Rua coupled with Sonnen’s PPV drawing power, would make a rematch with Jones a real possibility.

What does Penn Nation think? Will Chael Sonnen get the victory over “Shogun” on such short notice? Will Rua use his refined boxing to take out Sonnen?

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68 Responses to “Report: Chael Sonnen Replaces Injured Nogueira; Set To Face Shogun Rua At UFC 161”

  1. squid says:

    big respect to chael for stepping up

  2. SinCe_2004 says:

    Way more interesting fight, Chael is the man, cant think of any other fighter who has ever stepped up like Chael has constantly…

  3. Kingsforge says:

    You just know even if he loses they wont cut him for losing 3 fights. This guy plays a smart game, he must be rolling in the money. Just bored of seeing him run his mouth then get beat.

  4. WWE sonnen says:

    Can someone tell sonnen that this is not WWE and that he will actually get hit in the face once again? this idiot doesn’t seem to understand he keeps asking for it.. then he sits down in the fetus position and prays for the ref to stop the fight with this dumb look on his face as if he is wondering what the hell just happened to him…
    Yes chael, this is UFC you clown, you can open your mouth as much as you want you will get beat up again and your only chance is if Rua breaks his toe before he has time to annihilate you…

    • K13 says:

      i fink that u all need to shut the hell up bad mouthing sonnen hes a get fighter n leaves it all in the octagon each and every fight and never dodges any opponent the UFC ask him to fight. and the only the last 2 fights you could say were against the best of all time silva and possibly 1 that could take that accolade from silva in the future in jones, this could be a bad fight for shogun on short notice a dont fink tht sonnen is daft enough to try stand and trade with shogun even tho his stand up is getting better he will take him down rough him up and win on points!!

  5. JJ says:

    Shogun needs to beat the crap out of Sonnen for stepping up and making the card suck even more.

    Now we got to hear is stupid mouth again. I just hope this time he gets KOed into retirement Chaep P Sonnen sucks!!

  6. Sonnen got beat by the two of the best fighters OF ALL TIME! says:

    He definitely can beat a Shogun, who is on the downside of a great MMA career. If you hate Chael, you hate MMA. That’s all there is to it.

    • WWE sonnen says:

      Another moron that believes in sonnen’s crap. And another one that will disappear from this forum once his beloved chael gets destroyed in the first round…

      • Ddddddd says:

        I’m still here and I still feel the same way and I have the balls to use the same name every time. Do you?

        • squid says:

          u have the balls to use the same name every time? ONLINE. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

        • Squid you're a piece of sht says:

          right to your mfer face, mfer! who you goin answer to??? hahahaahahahahaha!
          fckn WWE Sonnen also, you pu$$ie$ !!!!
          Sonnen lost to Silva and Jones and is still here! Even if he loses to Shogun, he’ll still be antagonizing your ass because you’re an ass! you hate sonnen. i hate you mfer. deal.

  7. WWE sonnen says:

    Actually it was just announced that the fight won’t happen. Another publicity stunt by our salesman sonnen. This loser is such a tool

  8. 757 says:

    This clown talks his way into another payday. Hey Dana how many chances does this guy get? The answer is no more. Shogun is handing this guy the last ass whipping to send him packing

  9. K2 says:

    Rua vs Sonnen scrapped from fight card cause Sonnen has VISA issues with Canada, or rather Canada has issues with the convicted felon Chael P. Sonnen.

  10. Yeah Sonnen that convicted felon!!! says:

    i’m so jealous of that convicted felon because he gets PAID: 1) as a commentator by the UFC, 2) as a fighter by the UFC, 3) by all his sponsors, 4) by the public at his restaurants, how does a convicted felon reach the pinnacle of his profession in the greatest MMA organization in the WORLD when I haven’t even reached drive-through cashier yet????? damn!
    reminds me when all the haters came out of the woodwork against Jones…..and the legacy of Bones continues to grow while these haters can’t even make it to dayshift stocker at Walmart. go figure!

  11. OBAMA says:

    Oh man! I hope Shogun channels his inner “pride” and headstomps Chael!! HFC nigga!!!! shogun gonna get that

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